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The Truth Our Graduate Student

Copyright 2010 by David Scully All rights reserved. Introduction Ch 1. Why Ch 2. What Ch 3. The 1982 Newsletters Written Again Ch 4. Womens' Libbers Go Berserk ! Ch 5. Womens' Libbers and Minorities Ch 6. Beginnings As A Liberal Ch 7. More About His Family And Early Years Ch 8. An Organized Mother And Jesuits Ch 9. More About Mother Good Bad Background Ch 10. Racial Credentials Ch 11. Letter From Dr. King Ch 12. Where Is This All Leading Ch 13A. If I Was Black I'd Be Raisin' Hell Ch 13B. Pin A Medal On That Bitch Ch 14. Raising The Level Of Discourse Ch 15. The Eighties Ch 16. the "sla," Modern Terrorists Ch 17. scc Ch 18. finish scc Ch 19. sac state Ch 20. stockton traffic and credentialing school Ch 21. student teaching Ch 22. subbing Ch 23. subbing and rudin Ch 24. major and minor Ch 25. The Wonderfulness Of Our Graduate Student Ch 26. Naval Air Station Alameda, Central Texas College Ch 27. the striking children Ch 28. Who's Generation ? Ch 29. Illiberal Education Ch 30. Connectivity Rosa Parks Ch 31. I'm Hungry. Let's Eat! Per Se Ch 32. Red Devil Ch 33. Air Guard Article Ch 34. Elmendorf AFB Ch 35. subbing in Alaska Ch 36. the vastness Ch 37. rush limbaugh, judge judy Ch 38. scribbled notes Ch 39. limbaugh dinner Ch 40. fraud persecution Ch 41. ruport entrapment try, barbara boxer frame attempt Ch 42. final statement Ch 43. end of book test