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David Scully

Who Am I?
I'M the Daddy of the political/cultural radio/tv talk shows in the U.S.

In 1982, in response to outrageous offenses at california state university sacramento
(basically, I was lured to "network" and then I endured sexual, racial and gender harassment for months from my cobol instructor, julie gwynn, and a cabal
in the computer science dept which included the department chair and his wife, john and julie gwynn.
I conjecture/speculate/guess their behavior was sparked by a hostile ex-brother-in-law,
charles weldon, a sex pervert and a computer science professor at city college in manhattan,
and/or by eugene lunn, a nutty, egotistical history professor at ucdavis.),
I established a student organization and wrote and distributed newsletters there
for about 7 weeks.
Basically, I discussed the new phenomenon of liberal fascism on campus,
before ANYBODY else did.
THAT'S why I did it, because NOBODY else was responding to them.

Then, after I was mocked, threatened and abused,
I, in turn, mocked and satirized the liberal fascists on campus.
Before rush limbaugh.  Before ANYBODY.
I experienced then the abuse that Ann Coulter and Richard Dawkins and Dinesh D'Souza and Condoleezza Rice
and a host of other conservatives have experienced in the decades since.

limbaugh came to sacramento about a year later,
and what limbaugh did on the radio
was so similar in theme, tone and content to my newsletters
that it is obvious that he was influenced by my newsletters
to the extent that my newsletters read like the script for his program.

******* SIMILARITY ALERT! *******
Let's compare this to Markopolos blowing the whistle on Madoff.
He (Markopolos) took a parting shot at the SEC at the end of his testimony, saying,
"If you flew the entire S.E.C. staff to Fenway Park,
they wouldn't be able to find first base."

Let me explain it to you.  Here's the similarity.
Markopolos is a financial analyst who determined
that it was obvious, clear and certain
that Madoff was running a Ponzi Scheme.
The SEC and Wall Street Journal feared Madoff as "too powerful"
and refused to investigate.

David Scully is a thought leader who wrote Newsletters in Sacramento in 1982
and it is obvious, clear and certain
that limbaugh followed them like Scully's Newsletters were his script.
No one is willing to investigate Scully's oft-repeated,
consistently repeated allegations that
his 1982 Sacramento Newsletters inspired the beginning
of "The Rush Limbaugh Program" in Sacramento.

It would be quite feasible to investigate this matter
as they were written under the auspices of an official
organization of the State of California.
That is, David Scully properly established a student organization
at sac state which is part of the university system
that is part of the government of California.
Many people can be interviewed who were there and involved.
This was an ACTUAL event, unlike the perhaps false memories
or made-up story against Kavanaugh.
And yet, even in that case, many people from 36 years ago
are being interviewed and are testifying.
******* Markopolos Article *******

kfbk radio, where Rush started The Rush Limbaugh Show in 1984,
is a short walk from cal state university sacramento
where I, David Scully, wrote and distributed a weekly newsletter in 1982
that shook sac state and the city of sacramento 
(evidenced by the fact that I was harassed and threatened
by U.S. Senator barbara boxer and sacramento mayor anne rudin)
and was even heard as far away as Washington D.C. and New York City,
evidenced by the fact that the high profile U.S. Representative Bella Abzug
rushed to sac state because I incidentally mentioned her name
in my newsletter.

Limbaugh used the "Hun" metaphor
(an uncommon metaphor which I used in my newsletter in self-deprecating humor and satire).
He used the metaphor in his daily sign-on for decades, and perhaps still does
("The Great El Rushbo in the Attila The Hun Chair Behind The Golden EIB Microphone").
It is clearly no coincidence, and he clearly got the idea
by reading my newsletters
or from colleagues and advisors in sacramento who read my newsletters.
Even the fact that he established "a limbaugh newsletter"
and called it a newsletter rather than something else is evidence of imitation.
Why didn't he call it a report or a bulletin or a journal or a magazine
or a weekly or a monthly or a review, or something else
other than what I happened to call mine?  Just more supporting evidence
for the pretty obvious fact that rush followed the path that I blazed.

In 1987, 5 years after my newsletters,
Peter Thiel established "The Stanford Review" at Stanford University,
basically doing the same thing I had done,
challenging political correctness on campuses.

Then Dinesh D'Souza came along and did it around 1992 or 1993
with "Illiberal Education."

Then Tammy Bruce did it around the millenium with "The Thought Police,"

and then the scholarly Diane Ravitch did it in 2003
with "The Language Police."

But, of course, most impactful over the decades
has been conservative talk radio and talk tv
which Hannity and David Limbaugh agree
all followed down the road that Limbaugh paved, and
I'm the one who planned and cleared the road before Limbaugh paved it.
Indeed, it would also include left-leaning tv/radio talk which rose in response to conservative talk.


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