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I'M THE ONE who stopped them from saying "the very holy city of..." when I mocked that nonsense and answered in a posting that I visited "The Very, Very Holy Base of Travis." Fact check it. I'M THE ONE who stopped them from saying "for his own personal self-gratification" when I blew the whistle on ca state senator jackie speier for using school children "for her own personal self-gratification" to seduce that weight-lifter governor. Fact check it.


Putting It All Together

Rush paved the way (3 min, 27 secs on Hannity)

David Limbaugh, Rush's brother, August 1, 2018 on "Hannity" discussing 30 years of "The Rush Limbaugh Show" (3 min, 27 sec) HANNITY "Right here with reaction to my mini-monologue tonight It's Rush's brother, author, columnist, David Limbaugh Mr. Limbaugh, sir, you were there for the whole time. Your brother took a lot of ... (deleted) ... along the way. It's not easy when you're ... I think he shocked the country when he first came on the air maybe similar to the iconoclastic nature of Trump in a way and the reaction, the feigned outrage, the daily 'Rush, Rush, Rush' It's not easy to take all those ... that incoming" DAVID "You know, Rush has been the tip of the spear and he's paved the way for conservatives.

David Scully Paved The Way For Rush Limbaugh

and then Rush paved the way for conservative voices

He mainstreamed, conservative thought in America and was finally the answer to the liberal medial monolith. And so what I think he did is validated millions of conservatives who were sitting out in America listening to their radios and tv shows and never having their opinions articulated. And they were so frustrated and wondering 'Are they odd?" They talk to people in the store. They talk to people in their walk of life Who are the same as they are but they don't hear any of these ideas being articulated in the national media. Finally Rush broke through and gave them a voice.

Rush Limbaugh is a David Scully dittohead.

And you mentioned ... You asked how America would have been different had he not burst on the scene. I shudder to think what would have happened by now with the avalanche of media propaganda liberal propaganda in the universities and in the culture. Rush has answered it back and he's given the voice to the rest of us. It's been a wonderful thing." HANNITY "You know, look, you would know more than I would, It had to be hard at times because I see it anyone in this business now me, Laura, Mark, Rush, anybody. There is an industry where millions of dollars are being spent monitoring all of us in the hopes that we say one word, one phrase, one sentence to get us fired and attack our advertisers, get us off the air. Whatever happened to the left believing in freedom of speech and expression and thought? Is that they're that intimidated?" DAVID "Well, they don't believe in it. They haven't ever believed in it and they mouth these ideas about tolerance and wanting us to get along and kumbaya harmony but the truth is when they hear someone disagreeing with them especially someone articulate and popular and has a sense of humor and has the audacity to lampoon them in the national media. They couldn't take it and so they want to shut him down. And they've funded these organizations dedicated to destroying him and making things up about him. And now these same kinds of outfits have gone after you." HANNITY "Millions of dollars" DAVID "Yes, and they make things up, they exaggerate, they take things out of context and Rush has had to single-handedly fight back these people as he has paved the way for thousands, literally thousands of other people who have been generated from his example. You are one of them, as you have said. He has shown a way, but in the beginning it was lonely. He was out there and he was on talk radio and no one was there to defend him. No one was there to fund his defense of himself. But he has truly inspired so many people to speak up and to get in this medium and it's really been a wonderful thing." HANNITY "Interesting side note, thank you, David, for joining us, when he started in '88 there were like 200 talk radio stations in the country. Now there are thousands, and it's the number one format in radio. Amazing. Thanks for being with us."

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