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The Deep State

BAD DEEP STATE snooping perverts
 Glen Greenwald, Victor Davis Hanson (VDH)
Moments from Moyers/Lofgren "The Deep State"
 Kimberley Strassel  
 Tucker Carkson, Trey Gowdy 
 Sidney Powell 
 Patrick Byrne 
 Betraying General Flynn 
 Trey Gowdy Says "No!" to fbi 

GOOD DAVID SCULLY integrity honor Let Us Honor David Scully, Teacher! Vetted/Examined/Snooped! Comes Up Shining!
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 GLENN GREENWALD presents it with a CLEAR MIND!

He's the journalist Edward Snowden contacted.
 Privacy, Surveillance, Secret Government
Here's a Breakdown of This Video

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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Einstein wrote this oft-quoted observation in his open letter, dated March 19, 1940, supporting Bertrand Russell's appointment to City College of New York (CCNY)
9 Things You May Not Know About Albert Einstein 1. Einstein didn't fail math as a child. Einstein dismissed the story as a myth and said, "Before I was 15 I had mastered differential and integral calculus". 3. It took Einstein nine years to get a job in academia. Meanwhile, he settled for a menial gig in a patent office where, in 1905 - often called his "miracle year" - he published four revolutionary articles that introduced his famous equation E = mc2 and the theory of special relativity (E = m times c times c)

6. The fbi spied on Einstein for decades. Einstein fled Berlin before Hitler rose to power, and took a job at Princeton. The fbi launched a 22-year surveillance campaign. Agents listened to the physicist's phone calls, opened his mail, and rooted through his trash in the hope of unmasking him as a subversive or a Soviet spy... The project came up empty handed, but by the time Einstein died in 1955, his fbi file totaled a whopping 1,800 pages.

7. Einstein urged the building of the atomic bomb (in a joint letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging Roosevent to start what became The Manhattan Project) - and later (after WWII), Einstein became a proponent of nuclear disarmament.

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The Glenn Greenwald video, Above Left, is an hour and a half (1:28:39).  ALL of it is good, if you have the time.
Glenn speaks for 50 minutes, from 4:40 to 54:30.
I recommend you listen to it, and re-listen to it often, to have a clear, uncluttered grasp of the issues.
It is a very, very clear talk about Privacy, Surveillance, and Secrecy (as in SECRET GOVERNMENT).
4:40 to 11:45 Friendly Warmup. He says this transcends left and right.
11:45 to 14:49 "COLLECT IT ALL" is their motto! ELIMINATE PRIVACY!
14:49 to 17:14 He says it Subverts Democracy
16:40 to 23:20 EXPOSURE OF EXISTENCE OF THE DEEP STATE, an unelected government within the government.
23:20 to 24:17 buildup to the next 35 seconds.
24:17 to 24:52 ONLY 35 SECONDS! IT COULD BE YOUR MAIN TAKEAWAY.  "We would be better off not knowing?!" LOL
24:52 to 26:37 buildup
29:24 to 33:40 people only worry when THE OTHER SIDE is secretive.
33:40 to 36:30 But Founding Fathers say ALL those in power will inevitably abuse power, and so need transparency, checks, and balances.
36:30 to 40:56 Free versus Tyrannical societies. Free = Public Officials are Transparent (open), Private Citizens have privacy (not subject to surveillance).
               Tyrannical Society is the opposite. Public officials are secretive, and citizens are watched.
40:56 to 42:37 hillary and politicians in denial, hypocritical.
42:37 to 43:53 Oh Yeah? Reality Check On That LOL!


49:29 to 54:27	Talks about working with Snowden. Don't give up and think you're powerless.
                Individuals can make a difference.
54:27 to 1:28:12     Good Question and Answer Session.

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Is The Public Growing Wise
(30 seconds, 20:22 to 20:52) 
Summing Up The Deep State
(49 seconds, 18:58 to 19:47) 
(4 min, 38 secs, 11:54 to 16:32) 
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(min 7:24) "Free Speech Is You Could Say What You Want
AS LONG AS I LIKE IT," according to
Kimberley Strassel's 5-year-old child and
campus liberal fascist brats the last 40 years,
including admins, profs, instructors, child activists,
and Republican pastors and their flocks,
flat-earth simpletons and bible thumping bullies.

(8:12 to 8:30) Kimberley Strassel,
"What we have experienced over the past decade
is a profound shift in our political culture
which has resulted in a significant portion
of our body politic holding

They will censor your speech
and blacklist you and "McCarthy" you
if you do speak,
and it's the liberals who now do
with a vengeance
what used to be the conservatives' SOP,
Standard Operating Practice

(strassel jabs at the bogeyman socialism,
but she writes for WSJ so she has to,
she thinks, to keep her job.
It's not socialists that have the
mentality of a 5-year-old.
It's Republicans and Democrats!
(there are almost no socialists in U.S.,
so they're a safe group to attack)

(min 24:17 to 24:55)MUDDYING THE WATERS

One side submitted fake research to the fbi
and the fbi used the fake research
as an excuse and a justification to spy
on an opposition Presidential Campaign.
Abuse of power, fbi useful idiot patsies.

 TREASON Kim Strassel Gets It!
a Coup or Attempted Coup by a Nation's top security and/or
law enforcement and/or military is treason.

David Scully Completely VETTED by fbi (spied on and all his belongings confiscated and examined for 3 months, and the surveillance continues) and he's come up squeaky clean. The most trusted man in America, doing the right thing when nobody was looking, and still does, even now that he knows they're always looking, er, um ... spying, secretly surveilling.
(38:12 to 38:47) Abuse of Examination Powers
Sneakily examining all of a person's property


The Fourth Amendment

protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. Scroll Down To Top To Top

Tucker Carlson

(that would be me, Yours Truly)
and the fbi setting him (me) up.

And that gets to the point of all of this,
The Most Important Question of All

How many other lives have they destroyed
without the public knowing about it?

In other words, this isn't about General
Michael Flynn.
It's about you!

Trey Gowdy 

"It's About Time For Clamping Down
On The Power We've Given The fbi."
Trey Gowdy

"the world's premier law enforcement agency
Has Been Riddled With Bias And Incompetence."

peter strock, the fbi agent who
interviewed General Flynn to frame/entrap him,

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Sidney Powell (General Flynn's Attorney)

At The Cato Institute
Introduction by Tim Lynch,
Director of Cato's
Project On Criminal Justice

Sidney Powell (General Flynn's Attorney),

says the issues discussed in the book
are fundamental to the fairness
of our legal system.

The main premise underlying the book 
is that the prosecutors have an ethical
and legal and constitutional obligation
to disclose evidence that is
favorable to the defense.

It is a Constitutional Obligation
Fundamental To Due Process.
Sidney Powell (General Flynn's Attorney)

Sidney reads Robert H. Jackson's
1940 speech on the special role
of the federal prosecutor,
and how important it is
for the prosecutor to seek justice,
and NOT convictions.

At best, a prosecutor is
one of the most beneficent forces
in our society,
but at his worst,
he is one of the worst forces
in our society,
because of having
complete control and broad discretion.

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1. Harvey Silverglate wrote
"The average professional 
unaware that she or he has likely committed
several federal crimes that day..."

2. Sidney Powell wrote
"LICENSED TO LIE" at about the same time
(see the 3 videos in the row above)

3. Harvey started writing
and asked Sidney Powell to co-write it with him.
(see the 5 videos in this row)

2.  The Nature of the Problem
3. Discovery Of The Evidence
4.  Stacking Charges ... and more
Scroll Down To Top 5. How Did It Get This Way?
(1 min, 4 sec)
Patrick Byrne said he got involved
with DEEP STATE fbi
(1 min, 35 sec)
He helped the feds 3 times,
They came to him 2015 - 16 and
gave him "fishy orders" 
(3 min, 17 sec)
He went to speak to Warren Buffet
about it, so he's clearly a somebody
to be able to call Buffet for a chat. 

 Scroll Down My Thoughts on Patrick Byrne

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GO TO TOP TO STOP BILL MOYERS VIDEO WITH MIKE LOFGREN and return here BY CLICKING PATRICK BYRNE ON RIGHT MY THOUGHTS ON PATRICK BYRNE Patrick Byrne "does not seem comfortable within his own skin", as they say. He can't stop moving his head,hands and fingers in awkward, nervous, distracting, annoying gestures (contrast this with Martha McCallum's professional physical stability and thoughtful concentration), constantly moving and shaking his head, and often can't finish a sentence without interrupting himself and changing the subject. On the other hand, he has access to chat with Warren Buffet, as his guru or rabbi or imam or priest, or whatever. Warren Buffet is no slouch, and Patrick Byrne did have a big company, though apparently the connection to Buffet came through Byrne's father. The fact that Patrick Byrne describes himself as a "flag-waving hippie" does not elevate him in any way, nowadays (grow up, dude). He doesn't really make sense when he keeps saying "it's not the fbi" and then he starts rattling off fbi names (and calling them x, y, z LOL). Meanwhile, like little boy hippie, he's on national tv in a t-shirt, a "black shirt", his sycophant, toady name of honor for the fbi that's ordering him to commit TREASON and use a woman sexually and romantically Martha McCallum seemed to be struggling with this nonsense of his all along (this is the kind of stuff that strengthens feminism, when guys act like such stupid idiots, and the woman is wearing the pants, and he a black t-shirt lol). It's kind of like you'd like to slap him in the face and say, "just give me a straight answer, you jerk!" ON THE OTHER HAND, again, he does say (above right) "this is all political espionage". (so, he seems to be nervous and struggling with his soul, and more) So, one must admit, maybe he is just scared, and maybe rightfully so, that he's in a "situation", and that he's into stuff that's BIG, and WRONG. (ON THE OTHER HAND, WHY DIDN'T HE JUST "LAWYER UP". He has the money, and he's connected to Warren Buffet! Duh! Money can buy protection!) It's enough to make one freeze in thought (analysis freeze, one might say), as one steps back, shocked and awed and scared at the big picture. But the truth seems to have been buried, possibly forever, now, with the defeat of Trump, and the meltdown of the (mostly) incompetent Republicans in the face of the Big Money (Bloomberg, Bezos, Silicon Valley kids) (you know, the one's who believe in science and facts). They stole the election, but that's a fait accompli. Yes, it's an Orwellian world. It's all about power, trends, politics. BUT I AM PRESENTING THIS HERE AS PART OF MY SECTION ON THE DEEP STATE FBI AS AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE FACT THAT THE FBI DOES THIS KIND OF STUFF. (here's a sycophant toady the fbi got to do their bidding, and HE's no slouch, so how easy to enlist a punk like simpleton, religious fanatic, psychobrat stevie wartgo!) Tucker Carlson argues compellingly in the video above, left, that this is fbi SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). In the three clips below, we see that Martha and FOX and team vetted (verified the believability of) Patrick Byrne and we also see that the fbi ordered Patrick Byrne to have a romantic, sexual relationship with Maria Butina (while at the same time they adamantly professed to Patrick Byrne that "they never did that" lol. DUH, they were doing it then, so forget "never".) THIS ALL SUPPORTS MY EXAMPLE THAT, IF THE FBI COULD GET A POWERFULLY CONNECTED, RICH. INTELLIGENT GUY LIKE PATRICK BYRNE TO KISS THEIR ASSES, THAT A punkass, simple-minded, religious fanatic, psychobrat principal stevie wartgo, in a sex-perverted school district, would be an easy toadying, crawling, sycophantic, fawning servant.
Scroll Down To 2nd Row of Patrick Byrne Videos
(3 min, 37 sec)
This was all political espionage
conducted agains Hillary Clinton,
Rubio, Cruz, and Trump
(4 min, 37 sec)
Martha McCallum acknowledges that
she and FOX made inquiries
and they found this story
to be credible. 

(18 min, 29 sec)
Deep State fbi blackshirts ask Patrick Byrne
to conduct a romantic relationship
with Butina for national security,
even "though they never did that" LOL.

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"now that we've seen the documents,
it Looks Like Somebody at the fbi was
Out To get General Flynn Entrap him,
have him tell a lie, charge him on that,
prosecute him on that..." 
"The fbi exists to Investigate Crimes -
NOT CREATE THEM!" says Kim Strassel 
"What struck you from the documents?",
asked Maria Bartiromo.
"That there was absolutely no evidence.
fbi agent peter strock seemed interested
in entrapping General Flynn",
replied Trey Gowdy.

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Tell the fbi "NO!" The takeaway is the next time the fbi says "hey, we'd like to talk", tell 'em "NO!" Say, "When you clean up your act,

When you quit tryin' to get people fired

and see what you can get away with, we'll start treating you like a dispassionate law enforcement agency, but until then no thanks! We're done talkin' with ya." (Note on upcoming article. As you can clearly see, the section above is all about "the deep state", their practice of illegal surveillance and overreach (committing crimes or fabricating crimes instead of appropriately investigating them, which is their only job). There are a dozen or more national security agencies, but the one we usually assume is doing this is the fbi. In my case, I remember The Cold War days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when I was in elementary school and we had drills where we crawled under our desks. So, in the mid-eighties when all the news was about Gorbachev restructuring and opening Russia, and when Russia let the Berlin wall come down, it was great news and people who were for world peace were enthusiastic about good relations with Russia who, by the way, was primarily responsible for winning World War II, and we were their ally. I reached out to Russia in 2010/2011 because wherever I went in the United States I was harassed by police agencies and I felt (and still feel) that I may just need to leave this country. I felt the Russians would understand and that would be a place to seek refuge, or Mexico our friendly neighbor. They invited me to some Peace Forums in Washington, D.C. and I met their Ambassador Kislyak so I am very tuned in to the American "Russia Hysteria" madness and the abuse of General Flynn, but surveillance and harassment and blacklisting and ghosting have been realities that I have been enduring for a long time (since the early nineties or early eighties, at least). I don't know why. I can only speculate. Recently I speculate it's been my outreach to Russia to network, or to see refuge (think what they did to Flynn and Maria Butina). But it's been going on since at least the early nineties after I became high-profile on Republican radar for helping the hapless Republicans during the Victory 88 George Bush campaign, or perhaps since I "wrote the limbaugh script" at sac state in 1982. I don't really know why. Maybe it's just because they're compulsive serial snoops and harassers. Maybe the fbi etc are just useful idiots for the clever left who have been furious with me since I wrote the limbaugh script at sac state in 1982 (hell hath no fury). I don't know, but they've interfered in my employment and personal life for 40 years!
Scroll Down To Top the fbi was behind psychobrat stevie wartgo's EXTREME ABUSE of David Scully in gallup in 2016?

Mr. Scully Is A Model of Thoughtful, Respectful,
Kind, Friendly and Appropriate Behavior!

The first week of school,
a nice girl gave me a hug after class each day.
I thought about it and then wrote a note
in the top right corner of the board,

"NO HUGS Hi 5's OK!"


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I pointed it out to each class, and left it there for the duration. This way, the girl was not mentioned and embarassed, and we could continue to express good feeling with a Hi 5! ********* BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME
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Examined Inspected Snooped Vetted Comes Up Clean, and Shiny, and Sparkling, and Smelling Like The Proverbial Rose!

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