Political Harassment

By Senator Barbara Boxer

And My Attorney

Steele Lanphier, Attorney
2817 'I' Strreet, Suite 3
Sacramento, CA 95816

Dear Attorney Lanphier,

     This letter addresses the issues of
fraudulent representation, or at the very least,
incompetent representation by your office,
and possible political harassment and retaliation...

     What has me most concerned is that you said
they were alleging fraud
and that you couldn't understand that
and that it was nothing to worry about.
Fraud is a serious matter...

     ...The first error was that you did not list
my 1.25 acres in the real estate section...

     ...The second error by your office was not reporting
the September 12, 2005 truck accident I was involved in
and for which I have retained (an attorney)...

     I find this to be quite irregular.
I also found it quite irregular
that we were waiting outside of
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's office
on the day of our second hearing,
while you lectured me on
the goodness of liberal politics.

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