the mental and emotional instability of trump's closest staff is troubling the hypocrisy and deceit of this morgenstern, trump's director, LOVING MOOCH right under trump's nose - that is very deceitful! it appears the white house runs rampant with deceptive people! was he honest and forthright with trump about this matter? Did he disclose this fully, Or is it only because morgenstern slipped up momentarily in a FOX interview that we even know of it? After Trump's Town Hall in Florida Thursday (the night he was SUPPOSED to debate Biden, with Steve Scully moderating), Vox wrote "Guthrie...PROBABLY MADE THE WHITE HOUSE WISH THEY HAD JUST DONE THE DEBATE [with STEVE SCULLY]." lol. Murtaugh, a Trump spokesman said, a debate "occurred anyway," (i.e., Guthrie behaved like an opposition debater to Trump.) "Guthrie grilled Trump" "Guthrie Pummels President Trump" (Washington Post) "Trump needed a factual dressing down. Guthrie obliged." (Op-Ed Eric Wemple) "You're the president. You're not like you're somebody's crazy uncle who can retweet anything," said Guthrie. MEOW! OUCH! Of course, all know that Steve Scully is sober and judicious and maintains proper protocols, not like the obnoxious, pushy wallaces (mike and chris). Some have said that Guthrie knows she can get away with unseemly aggressiveness BECAUSE SHE'S A GIRL. I rebuke that argument and those people. I condemn them, and I condemn white-supremacists and black-supremacists etc. Shoulda been debatin' Biden with Steve Scully moderating, Mr. President. the white house has built a reservoir of ill will. SCROLL DOWN
Scully interviews Donald Trump February 7, 2016
10 months before the 2016 election 


"During his 30 years at C-SPAN,
STEVE consistently demonstrated his FAIRNESS
AND PROFESSIONALISM as a journalist.
among those he has interviewed,
fellow journalists, our viewers,
and with us.

That's why, after some distance
we believe in his ability to continue
to contribute to C-SPAN."


STEVEN L. SCULLY, Senior Executive Producer
and Political Editor for C-SPAN television

Scully interviews President Trump in the Roosevelt Room
of The White House on July 30, 2019, 11 months ago,
2 1/2 years into his Presidency


Scaramucci Forgives Steve Scully For Tweeting Him "brutal outcome...non political tweet. nothing objectional. Cancel Culture gone too far." DAVID SCULLY TEACHES US. here is his word of the day peccadillo n. a very minor or slight offense. trifling. peccadilo USED IN SENTENCE. "I just mispelled a word, which is a small peccadillo. That's why C-SPAN rebuked at me."

STEVE SCULLY SHOWS CHARACTER AND PROFESSIONALISM by admitting small mistake RIGHT AWAY. NO COVERUP HERE! a small mistake under pressure. no big deal. THE 3-SECOND RULE! I AM RIGHT AGAIN! That's What I Like About Steve Scully! After Short Restful Retreat, His Service and Career To Flourish. Steve Is a Role Model For Me. TRUMP IS A LOSER! debate not rigged TRUMP LOST THE FIRST DEBATE TO A MENTAL RETARD! Then trump blindsided Steve Scully as an excuse to get out of second debate because trump knew he'd lose another debate to a mental retard. trump likely to lose the election to a mental retard. trump likely to be suspended soon from (at presidency), permanently. What a LOSER that trump is. TOTAL LOSER.

Steve Scully faced his mistake like a man, A WINNER! I'm proud of you, Steve but trump afraid to face his mentally retarded opponent. trump a LOSER! trump is ashamed and I'm ashamed of him and the country is ashamed of him! Steve got blindsided in a cheap shot political attack, made a small mistake in response, MANNED UP TO IT and RECOVERED! C-SPAN HOST Steve Scully explains why having no agenda is the best approach. To Top SCROLL DOWN THE MOST PATIENT MAN IN TELEVISION


You Are The 14th of 16 children Yeah. Five sets of twins. Being From Such A Large Family Make You A Better Listener? Come To A Scully Thanksgiving Dinner... Some Pretty Raucous Debates In My Family (Washington Post) On a lot of television news shows, hosts are required to be personalities. On C-SPAN, the hosts are sort of anti-personalities. It's not about you? (STEVE SCULLY) I think you're right. If you watch MSNBC or Fox or CNN, it's all about them. And that's what's different about C-SPAN. It's all about the person we're interviewing. Scully served nine years on the Executive Board of the White House Correspondents' Association, and was elected by his peers to serve as president from 2006 to 2007 According to POLITICO, Steve Scully is known in the industry for his EVENHANDEDNESS Also, Scully is the regular SUNDAY HOST of C-SPAN's morning call-in show, WASHINGTON JOURNAL


peccadillos (or peccadilloes) USED IN SENTENCE. hilary scrubbing server, cia wiping phones ARE NOT peccadilloes!

Morgenstern is the trump's deputy communications director

He doesn't just "like" The Mooche. He LIKE likes him. That's What Love Is.

OK, Here It Is. Pay Attention. The Explanation.

1. trump team knew all along that Steve Scully interned for a couple of months for biden and kennedy when Steve was a kid in college. 2. trump team knew that Steve Scully tweeted a link to David Brooks article in March 2016 that David Brooks titled "no not trump not ever." GOT IT? OK, NOW 3. UP ABOVE, the video on the top right is Steve Scully interviewing President Trump in The WhiteHouse in July 30, 2019, 14 months ago. The White House teams were fully aware by this time that Steve Scully, AS PART OF HIS JOB AS A PREMIER WASHINGTON, D.C. JOURNALIST, had read and tweeted the link to Brook's op-ed. 4. Indeed, linking to the page below shows that Steve Scully also interviewed President Trump last year, in 2019, on September 3 and October 7!
Steve Scully Interviews President Trump July 30/31, September 3, October 7, 2019

Pay Attention Now. This Is Simple.

1. All the "evidence" that "Steve was a never-trumper", i.e. interning when he was a kid, and tweeting to David Brooks' op-ed has been known by The White House now for 4 years and 7 months, yet President Trump gave Steve Scully several interviews during the 2016 campaign and even up last year in The White House with no complaints but rather with compliments about Steve's fairness to him (The President). WHY, THEN, DID THE PRESIDENT'S CAMPAIGN TEAM SUDDENLY, LAST WEEK TURN ON STEVE SCULLY, RECITING AS EVIDENCE THE MAILROOM INTERNSHIPS WHEN HE WAS A KID AND THE TWEET TOO DAVID BROOK'S NYT OP-ED (I.E. DOING HIS JOB), SAYING THAT STEVE SCULLY WAS ALL OF A SUDDEN, OUT OF THE BLUE, PRESTO ALAKAZAM, NOW SUDDENLY A NEVER-TRUMPER? IT'S VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SIMPLE. TRUMP LOST THE FIRST DEBATE WITH HIS NONSTOP RUDE INTERRUPTIONS WHILE BIDEN (PROBABLY DRUGGED WITH STIMULANTS) HELD HIS OWN AND DIDN'T GO CATATONIC AND NON COMPUS MENTUS. TRUMP LOST THE FIRST DEBATE AND NEEDED AN EXCUSE TO AVOID THE SECOND DEBATE. THE EXCUSE? STEVE SCULLY. IN TODAY'S GASLIGHTING, CHUTZPAH AGE OF FAKE EVERYTHING IT'S NO BIG DEAL TO TRASH YOUR FORMERLY FAVORITE, HIGHLY RESPECTED JOURNALIST. TA DA! QED. So, Steve, stunned, surprised and disappointed (I know, because of an enthusiastic LinkedIn message reply he sent me) must have been shocked and wondering what the hell was up. Why not just talk to President Trump and explain to him everything I just explained above. But, caution and prudence and his deliberate and careful habits of 40 years led him to proceed with care, and this care included seeking the opinion (NOT the permission) of Scaramucci WHO KNOWS TRUMP WELL. BETTER, AT LEAST, THAN STEVE AND THE C-SPAN CREW DO. As evidence of Scaramucci's psychological insights into Trump I recommend these two videos Now, I've watched these videos, mostly, and I stil intend to vote for Trump because I look at the whole person, and I look at the opponents and the Democrats and I look at Scaramucci as a man and a professiona who is rebuilding himself who made a mistake (by his own admission) by mouthing off to an old friend who turned out to be untrustworthy. And, understandably, Scaramucci went on this (supposedly private) rant in the heat of battle, having just been hired by Trump to be his hatchet man to get rid of some of the dead wood Republicans like Priebus who was apparently a Republican Party obstructionist and a spy. See, I'm a bit of a psychologist myself, just like The Mooch. But Steve Scully, in my opinion, was like "WTF? "I had a great relationship with President Trump and suddenly they turn on me. Should I just talk to The President and ask him why?" And the whole "hacked" thing. That's NOTHING. That's just the C-SPAN legal team going into legal defense mode now that a collegial relationship turned into a war because of the devious attack by The Republicans and Trump's campaign staff to give Trump and excuse to avoid the second debate.
Sub sources say that Steve Scully likes The Mooche, but that Steve Scully does not LIKE like The Mooche. He just likes him. He's keeping it professional. I, too, am a Scully. I was a Scully before Steve was (and I also sounded the alarm on campus liberal fascists before limbaugh, Peter Thiel, Dinesh D'Souza, Diane Ravitch et al.) and I like The Mooche too, but I, like Steve (whom I also like) do not LIKE like The Mooche. I just like him, like Steve Scully does. I, too, am controlling my passions and I'm keeping it professional. I know that The Mooche has become a Trump critic ("wild-eyed," gushes the admiring Morgenstern) but I intend to vote for Trump despite The Mooche's criticisms of him. You see, people, especially some of us Scullys, are capable of listening to others' opinions, evaluating those opinions in context, and then making up our own minds. That's called maturity, and intellectual humility, and professionalism - taking into consideration other peoples' opinions to help evaluate the quality of our own thoughts and opinions. (one moron on the internet bizarrely interpreted the tweet as a request for Scaramucci's permission to respond to Trump "@Scaramucci should I respond to trump" The sheer stupidity and malice of it all makes it not funny. Otherwise, it would be absurdly funny.) You see, IF Steve Scully did ask The Mooche for his opinion regarding whether he (Steve) should respond to The President's allegations that he (Steve) might be a never-Trumper, Steve was reasonably and professionally gathering data regarding other peoples' opinions (that is, Mooch's opinion) so he could evaluate those opinions in making his final decision. It doesn't matter an iota if Scully tweeted it or not. I wouldn't blame C-SPAN and/or Scully for gaslighting and denying it even if he did. So effing what? Trump's campaign is going to try to make a mountain of a mole hill and derail the esteemed Steve Scully. Like effing hell you will, you MOTHERF@#$ERS.) His grandmother did it. I know her. She could kick trump's ass. (from Steve Scully, Wikipedia, today, October 14, 2020) "served as a mail room intern for Sen. Joe Biden from September to October 1978 (that's 2 months duration AND 42 years ago) and in Sen. Ted Kennedy's media affairs office in early 1979, for college credits (that's 41 years ago). On March 16, 2016 David Brooks of the New York Times wrote an op-ed titled "no, not Trump, not ever." That was 3 and 4 months before June and July, 2016 when Trump would get the votes for, and the Republican nomination. This was an article written by David Brooks during the Republican nomination contest, and David Brooks titled it, "no, not Trump, not ever."' 3 years, 4 months, and 14 days later SCROLL DOWN Steve Scully Interviews President Trump July 30/31, September 3, October 7, 2019

20 Days To Presidential Election Trump Needs To Walk Back His Mistake Like A Man And Call In To Steve Scully YOU STUPID MOTHER@#$KERS WANT THE IRISH-AMERICAN VOTE? OR NOT?

It's been burnout time for quite a while. We're all burnt out (certainly I am) with the insane politics. I didn't blog in September and haven't posted for about 2 months. Too busy tending to my own affairs. We bloggers aren't getting paid to try and keep you politicians honest. There's just too much craziness, and too much nothingness. We keep hearing about blockbuster, bombshell disclosures that are just being released about the obamagate scandal, and I have to check the date and see whether these are the same news items that came out six months ago, because it's all just more of the same. "Devastating disclosures. The worst scandal in American history!" Well then, effing PROSECUTE THEM for CHR234@##$ sake! I know that I, and other poor people, would have been prosecuted LONG ago for MUCH LESS. I know because I HAVE been. And THEY have been, too, and ARE every day. But nothing changes. Same old B.S. Not even a coherent plan from anybody. Just screaming and yelling from all sides. I know I have nothing to be ashamed of. I don't go around bragging about grabbing womens' vaginas. What's to brag about in doing that? That's just disgusting. I have an older brother who brags about seeing girls'/womens' "twats" (sic). Faces, lips, hair, necks, backs, legs, arms, hands - girls have a lot of pretty aspects worth seeing and touching - but twats? vaginas? And bragging about it as a grown man? You have a LOT to be ashamed of. Me? I say "Ahhhhhhhhh" when the Girl From Ipanema walks by. That's nothing to be ashamed of. That's what you're supposed to do. That's what the song says. "And when she passes, each one she passes says, "Ahhhhhhhhh." At least, that's what they're SUPPOSED to do. But I suppose Trump and my brother would say, "Boy! I sure would like to grab her TWAT! I'd like to see her TWAT!" We know they should be ashamed. The problem is THEY don't know they should be ashamed. So Trump says Steve Scully is or should be ashamed? For what? For deliberately and carefully proceeding before acting? For asking for the opinion of a colleague before acting? duh. I don't think so. That's called MATURITY. Being humble enough, in a good sense, to realize that one doesn't know it all and is well-advised to do reality checks by evaluating the opinions of others. The absurdity of the crap Trump has just said and that others write on the internet! Steve Scully ashamed?! He's as close to perfection as a journalist as anyone is or can be! Checking in with a collegue for his opinion before acting? THAT's something to be ashamed of? (and if Steve Scully and C-SPAN are gaslighting the Trump campaign, spitting back a little contempt at them, mocking them by saying it was a hack? So what! Absurd and offensive insults deserve contempt. Steve Scully doesn't have to apologize for or hide his tweet. Nobody has to "explain away" being an intern for someone for a couple of months while in college. Where the hell else is a poor Irish kid gonna get a start? From a northeastern Democratic politician, that's where. That was 40 years ago. Hell, I was a confused weekend hippie, myself, 50 years ago. But a decade or so later I wrote the limbaugh script and showed the hapless, stupid, mean-spirited Republicans the way forward against the bratty, fascist liberal Democrats. Steve Scully should be honored and praised as a role model for proceeding carefully and thoughtfully by consulting with a colleague, getting a second opinion. He deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor and a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and all the highest honors this country can bestow! One fool wrote that Steve Scully WAS ASKING PERMISSION from Scaramucci to respond to Trump. So this is the weakness of the internet bulletin board. Any perverted fool can sit on the throne in a bathroom stall and write with it, or with a black marker, on the stall door, "for a good time call donald trump or rush limbaugh. We suck each others' dicks." That's the kind of thing my pervert brother-in-law, charles weldon, used to snicker about, and my brother mark snickers about seeing "twats" and trump brags about grabbing "twats" or vaginas or whatever the hell he calls those things. We know they're ashamed. OR SHOULD BE. WE KNOW EVERYONE AROUND THEM IS ASHAMED BY IT. But that's the problem with campaign teams. They're assholes, shitheads, punks, brats. They effed up this time. Big Time. Steve Scully is no willi horton. Steve Scully is no dukakis. Steve Scully is one of THE MOST RESPECTED JOURNALISTS in this country. Forget your effing campaign team, President Trump. You need to walk back your position and comments on Mr. Scully. I'm sure he'll be gracious and understanding. He seems to be a forgiving and understanding man. Me? I admit openly to saying "Ahhhhhhhhh" when I the Girl From Ipanema walks by. I'm just doin' what I'm supposed to do, what our culture says we should do, what the song says we should do. I'm just doin' my job. And Steve? Checking with a colleague for advice before deciding what action to take? Do I have to effing EXPLAIN this stuff to you?!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, getting back to the repetitive obamagate conspiracy news, we're told that they're guilty as can be of a conspiracy all the way to the top to obama and biden, and I believe that's true. But Barr soft talks it with his baby-talk manner of speech, Durham hasn't prosecuted, and we don't know if he ever will, and we have to put up with more Andrew McCarthy posts (He's come out of hiding after making a fool of himself on the judge sullivan extreme misbehavior) reminding us again (digging his heels in) that ABUSE OF POWER IS NOT NECESSARILY A CRIME. It sure as hell should be, dude, and I believe it IS. This guy McCarthy is TOTALLY deep state judicial system, totally committed to the high paying careers it provides boring legal writers. His articles are really, really long and will put you to sleep. He can't just get to the point, and THAT is what our legal system is all about. It's all just endless, befuddling talk that goes nowhere but keeps the game going, keeps the ball in the air. It's all moot. It's all bullshit. It ain't gonna change nobody's mind. But it will keep the McCarthys and the National Reviews and all the liberal counterparts well employed writing and writing and writing and talking in circles, chewing up time and consuming LOTS of our money. IF ABUSE OF POWER ISN'T TECHNICALY, STATUTORILY, A CRIME, MCCARTHY, IT SURE AS HELL SHOULD BE. I just love his attitude (sarcasm) Oh, it's just abuse of power at the highest levels. So what. Nothing wrong with that. Why, we should just be used to it by now. Standard Operating Procedure. It's not a crime to abuse power at the highest levels. lol. give us a break, dude. you had a jesuit education, didn't you?
But I didn't mean to start out on McCarthy. He's not a major issue, but he is emblematic of the malaise. He's just like that "Coyote And Sheepdog" cartoon. clock in. playfight. clock out. Say "have a good night. see you tomorrow." Meanwhile the 99% of us watch this farce and we remain unemployed and powerless and furious.

The Big Issue Here Is SCULLY

Well, I was going to try to be clever here, like all the paid writers do, and make it confusing by conflating SCULLY (Steve) and SCULLY (me), but that would be me playing the Andrew McCarthy game by writing as if you have nothing to do in the world but read what I write so I might as well make it long and confusing and meandering and (clever if possible). The whole "clever" thing is about emphasizing and showcasing. one's intelligence. So I won't do that. It's against my DNA. We're surrounded by bullshit, swim in a sea, an ocean of it. Should I succumb and join it? Or should I remain an island of sanity, though the oceans are rising?

Steve Scully Is Civilized

Victor Davis Hanson Says This Election Is About Civilization. He says a lot of good stuff. He's remarkable, really. There are other good people out there, too many to name. I'll mention Tucker Carlson, Tom Fitton, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes etc. This obamagate scandal (which I believe is a bunch of conspiracy crimes) is HUGE. It's basically what the last 4 years has been all about. The other part of the last 4 years has been Trump shortcomings. So here we are, and it all comes down to a coin toss. It's like last election. Who's worse? Trump won over hillary in a squeaker because she was worse. But he's floundered in a media drama circus for 4 years. I guess that's his thing, right? media circus. When I saw Ivanka at the Republican Convention walking down that long, long, long, long runway with her long legs, all glitzy, one hip at a time, I thought "He just doesn't get it yet." It's the presidency. It's the fate of the planet. It's whether our grandchildren get to live, and how well. We need a sober and judicious temperament in the white house, as Victor Davis Hanson would put it. We need a sense of gravitas. A paper tiger saying "fuck Iran" just ain't gonna cut it. We need competence. Biden's not competent. Trump is unstable when he's under extreme stress, like when he's about to lose an election and the rats are scattering (McCarthy, Barr, Durham etc.) (to be fair, it's possible Barr and Durham are playing nice with the Dems to placate them into a false sense of safe security. In other words, if they saw prison sentences coming and a complete disintegration of The Party they might fight like crazy to get out the vote and win. Drugging them with false complacency might enable The Republicans to sneak over the line first by a nose. But that thought is just speculation. It's what occurred to me ever since the "bombshell Flynn disclosures" came out in May. And that's about when the craziness in the streets began. What's stunning, astonishing, is that it hasn't ended. What's stunning is the behavior of Democratic governors who seem to prefer America to fail, just to get Trump. When that notion was first brought up, I scoffed at it. I didn't think ANY governors, let alone a whole Party of them would behave that irresponsibly. But it looks as if they have, to Trump's benefit politically. Who's behind this? Bloomberg? Soros? I don't know. It really makes Trump look good by comparison and he's got a lot of sensible, solid support (like ALL the police and law enforcement in the country. Don't get wrong, I see a need for reducing police abuse and prison abuse and many other things, but almost nobody is going about these things is a systematic, wholistic way with a sensible plan.3 So we have to take sides.

I Side With Trump

I see merit in what his critics say, but I've watched him carefully this summer and he's sharp. For example, when they said he had Parkinson's because he used 2 hands to hold the water cup he was drinking from... and when he was careful walking down the ramp at West Point... gimme a fuckin' break! No wonder he rants and rails! I watched his sarcastic retort, and he was as sharp as a tack, and right on, and right. What a bunch of scum the lamestream media has become. So, he's gotten to a point where's he's hypersensitive about the media. Actually, he's been at that point for quite a while. But I remember when the media mocked him during his divorce from Ivana (Ivanka's mother). IT WAS CRUEL. I remember watching the "Donohue" talk show back then and there would be many shows making fun of Trump and his divorce. I was appalled that Dr Joyce Brothers, a respected and admired "psychologist, television personality, advice columnist and writer," took part in it, laughing with them at Trump. Oh sure, she nodded to how hurtful the insane media mockery of his father must be to his children, but she couldn't or wouldn't be sober and judicious, but rather laughed along at them, mocking Trump. To me, there is no wonder that he loathes the media. I understand. And I think that is why his bond with his daughter, Ivana, is so close. She and all his children stuck loyal with him, but she above all. At least, that's what I've read in the checkout lines at the supermarket.
So anyway, I stand with Trump (but I'm not donating any more til they pass stimulus), as he grasps for another elusive victory. He might win. Victor Davis Hanson has explained it, but he talks so much that he needs to organize his videos and podcasts like a textbook (like I should this website). Biden's incompetent, obviously drugged up with stimulants for the debate. We know if we elect him, we're electing his influencers, whoever they will be. Then it comes down to Pence and Harris. Pence is sober, judicious and boring - perhaps just what we need right now. I never thought highly of him for 3 1/2 years, but that was a superficial judgement. Another boring, stupid Republican, I thought. But anyone who could withstand the chaos of Trump's first term with dignity and composure, as Pence has done, has earned my respect. Harris? Well, ask Tulsi Gabbard. I'm sure Tulsi supports Harris and hillary now and tows The Democratic Party line, but go back and see how she demolished Harris in the debate. So, if we look to the future, to the next four or twelve years, hopefully we can see an unstressed President Trump who has just won the election, and who is well managed and supported with a more mature circle around him this time. And Pence is there for backup, and the next eight years. Harris seems immature and full of hostility and resentment. A Democrat victory is unpredictable and scary, and a Trump/Pence victory is, ironically, predictable. So, I HAVE TO support Trump, even though I don't like his childish, unprofessional behavior towards Steve Scully.

Steve Scully Is The Walking, Talking Embodiment of Civility and Civilization.

Calling Steve Scully a fraud Was The Biggest Mistake Trump Ever Made In His Entire Life.

Now I saw headlines that said Trump was considering reaching out to Putin for a nuclear disarmament deal, and Trump flip-flopped dramatically on The Stimulus, wisely. Now Trump owes it to Steve Scully to flip-flop and walk it back. Every respectable person in media and politics and in this country believes

Steve Scully Is A Stable Genius.

Steve Scully will ALWAYS be EVENHANDED with Trump. He's too tough and professional to let this nonsense ruffle him. Steve Scully is basically 40 years of EVENHANDEDNESS and PATIENCE. This doesn't even amount to a speed bump in the road for him. I think it's odd, and perhaps telling, that trump runs to limbaugh in fear of a SCULLY. I am a SCULLY. I maintain that I "wrote the limbaugh script" in 1982, starting the media revolution that limbaugh then led. Limbaugh, with some failings like Trump, has never manned-up and acknowledged it. It may be that it was the kfbk radio management that was directly influenced by me, and that they hired Limbaugh to do on air what I did with my sac state publications that shook sacramento and even some in D.C., but even in that scenario it's laughable that limbaugh doesn't know of me by now and how I preceded him with an immediate proximity in location and time, right there in sacramento, right down the street from kfbk. Did Trump take his SCULLY problem to Limbaugh with me, David Scully, in mind? The liberal Democratic psychologists would say that's delusional wishful thinking, but I have a lot of evidence and live history to back up the fact that I'm known at the highest levels. They just don't want to acknowledge me. They just don't want to help me. They'd rather crush me.
So as far as the "Steve Scully Affair," it's much ado about nothing. He interned for a couple of months for Biden and Kennedy 40 years ago? duh. Where they hell else does an Irish kid from Erie PA get a start? He linked to a David Brooks 2016 op-ed which David Brooks titled, "no. never Trump" during the Republican primaries, I think. So? That doesn't make him a never-trumper. He's a journalist. It's HIS JOB TO READ ALL THE RELEVANT ARTICLES. He probably thought Brooks' article was relevant. All Irish have started out as Democrats. I did. My grandfather was an Irish Catholic N.J. State Assemblyman, part of Boss Hague's machine. I heard my mother talk about it a lot. My parents were both Irish Catholic Kennedy Democrats. I outgrew it after the crazy, bratty sixties and went conservatives. Besides writing, in 1982, what became the limbaugh script in 1984 (and what more than THAT would I EVER have to do to be deserving unending obeisance and honor and glory from the stupid, hapless, mean-spirited Republican Party?). When the sacramento area Republican Party called me to help them meet Dan Quayle during Bush's Victory '88 Presidential Campaign, I led the stupid, hapless, mean-spirited Republicans in repulsing Democratic instigators. I was pro-Reagan, pro-Bush and Bush, and I raised hell in the streets for Bush in 2000 when The Democrats tried to steal that election. I'm pro-Trump and I'm delighted he beat hillary. THANK YOU FOR THAT, PRESIDENT TRUMP! The absurdity around the tweet is ridiculous. I don't care if Steve Scully wrote it or not, whether he's sarcastically gaslighting with the "hacked" story or not. Maybe it was hacked. Maybe it was hacked by Trump's campaign team. Maybe it was hacked by someone in Steve's office trying to get Mooch's opinion. It doesn't matter. They're trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. One nitwit wrote that the tweet was a request for the Mooch's permission. That's all you need to know about the level of discourse here. It was clearly phrased as a request for an OPINION. That's what intelligent people do. They ask people they respect for their opinion before they make a decision. Trump's campaign team started it by unfairly attacking Steve as a never trumper. What an idiot! stupid, or biased, or both. Steve Scully a never trumper? no. never. STEVE SCULLY IS THE MOST EVENHANDED, MOST PATIENT JOURNALIST. Let's see. A blue collar Irish kid from Erie, youngest of 14 (I'm the youngest of 4 and I know the youngest learn the most) trying to get a start, interns for politicians. Where the hell does a blue collar kid from a Democrat family start? With northeastern Democrats like Biden and Kennedy, about 2 months internship with each I think. What a joke! Then, tweeting a link to David Brooks op-ed in 2016? during the Republican primary? Steve Scully is a journalist. THAT IS HIS JOB to read all relevant articles. David Brooks is relevant. David Brooks wrote "no not trump not ever" Steve just linked to it, indicating what David Brooks wrote. David Scully, October 17, 2020 915 228-8932 650 559-4345