GLENN GREENWALD presents it with a CLEAR MIND!

He's the journalist Edward Snowden contacted.
 Privacy, Surveillance, Secret Government
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How They Destroyed My Reputation

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON Classic Definition of DEEP STATE is A STATE WITHIN A STATE KIMBERLEY STRASSEL. Treason. Fishing. Intimidation. Free Speech. Patrick Byrne's Deep State fbi disclosures! deep state examples Ron Paul On Deep State Mike Lofgren On Deep State
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David Scully 2018

Doctor of Education (hon)
Doctor Risk, Sacramento Bee (2003)


USS Enterprise Engineering Department Man Of The Month April, 1976

  What Is Wrong With Those gallup administrators!?           THE. ONE. RULE. IN. SCHOOLS. 

Gallup Veterans! Gallup Veterans!

NEW MEXICO AUTHORITIES ARE ACCOUNTABLE for prosecuting steven wargo and riley white for assaulting this teacher, David Scully, with a 12" hunting knife endangering the safety and lives of the junior high school girls there.

David Scully for President 2020

 You are on DAVIDSCULLY.COM right now 

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davidscully.NET is permanently dedicated to prosecuting
to making gallup-mckinley schools safe and professional. 

The DavidScully Post

I am turning my life around. I am turning around and facing you until this resolves to my own, personal, self-satisfaction.
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The Glenn Greenwald video, Top Left, is an hour and a half (1:28:39).  ALL of it is good, if you have the time.
Glenn speaks for 50 minutes, from 4:40 to 54:30.
I recommend you listen to it, and re-listen to it often, to have a clear, uncluttered grasp of the issues.
It is a very, very clear talk about Privacy, Surveillance, and Secrecy (as in SECRET GOVERNMENT).
4:40 to 11:45 Friendly Warmup. He says this transcends left and right.
11:45 to 14:49 "COLLECT IT ALL" is their motto! ELIMINATE PRIVACY!
14:49 to 17:14 He says it Subverts Democracy
16:40 to 23:20 EXPOSURE OF EXISTENCE OF THE DEEP STATE, an unelected government within the government.
23:20 to 24:17 buildup to the next 35 seconds.
24:17 to 24:52 ONLY 35 SECONDS! IT COULD BE YOUR MAIN TAKEAWAY.  "We would be better off not knowing?!" LOL
24:52 to 26:37 buildup
29:24 to 33:40 people only worry when THE OTHER SIDE is secretive.
33:40 to 36:30 But Founding Fathers say ALL those in power will inevitably abuse power, and so need transparency, checks, and balances.
36:30 to 40:56 Free versus Tyrannical societies. Free = Public Officials are Transparent (open), Private Citizens have privacy (not subject to surveillance).
               Tyrannical Society is the opposite. Public officials are secretive, and citizens are watched.
40:56 to 42:37 hillary and politicians in denial, hypocritical.
42:37 to 43:53 Oh Yeah? Reality Check On That LOL!


49:29 to 54:27	Talks about working with Snowden. Don't give up and think you're powerless.
                Individuals can make a difference.
54:27 to 1:28:12     Good Question and Answer Session.                    Go To Top To Glen Greenwald Video           Scroll Down 

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 James Cagney, Regards To Broadway
James Cagney, Steel Man
Orson Welles On Cagney Lifetime Achievement Award

Deep State. simple definition. government employees and their cronies.
(During the 2003 Recall in CA) fmr ca gov. jerry brown said that anybody is qualified to be governor
because the state employees and cronies run the state, regardless of elected leaders.
civil service employees of the state of pennsylvania
lying under oath to skirt and violate the law (The PA Civil Service "Rule of 3" for Veterans),
is an example of Deep State malfeasance.
(I was in the top 3 rank on not only one, but three, Civil Service Lists, with Veterans' Preference.
Pennsylvania Civil Service Law therefore REQUIRED THEM to HIRE ME FIRST,
But, like everyone in the deep state, they just cheat and lie flat out in front of your face,
gaslight like crazy. CHUTZPAH.

gallup mckinley school district/stevie wartgo et al "hire to fire" conspiracies are Deep State criminal conspiracies.
It stretches the imagination to try to explain stevie wartgo's psycho-gaslighting behavior,
so it is not unreasonable to conjecture that he, like patrick byrne, was smitten with pleasing fbi "blackshirts,"
and what they did to band teacher Michael Johnson last year, in 2018,
suggests that this may be a pattern of conspiring with the fbi,
perhaps in public relations strategy to gaslight and distract from their own sex crimes,
the outrageous sex crimes of the administrators of gallup mckinley school district!

Attempted murder of my daughter by dod/cia/nsa whomever is a conspiritorial Deep State crime/malfeasance,
with the very, very evil air force of the united states as a conspiritor,
and likely master-minded by new york city brat staffer and then asst. secretary of def., richard perle.

Even ngo personnel (non-governmental organizations) can be Deep State troublemakers.
For example, I'm currently trying to get a plat map on my property, which should be routine.
But, people at that private company may be thwarting me because they don't like my website
or because of reports from the Deep State gossipers (cia/fbi etc.)
These are deep state cronies.
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6:15 is good. Then, RON PAUL comes on at 9:45 
RON PAUL says TULSI GABBARD faces challenge from THE DEEP STATE
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deep state sounds
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 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Votes Against
Surveillance of Americans’ Communications

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 William Dunkerley, Patrick Armstrong, Stephen F. Cohen are three DISCERNING Mainstay Contributors to
 Edward Lozansky's American University website, along with Gilbert Doctorow 

WILLIAM DUNKERLEY interesting article about AP News bias
"AP could learn a lot from the National Geographic Society.
While claims still abound that Crimea
remains subject to Ukrainian sovereignty,
the Society has drawn its maps to show
Crimea as an integral part of Russia.
The organization's director of editorial and research
for National Geographic Maps put it simply:
'We map the world as it is,
not as people would like it to be.' " 
The Democrat Party has found a new rake to step on." 

 PATRICK ARMSTRONG, great poets need few words 
  Tucker Carlson with STEPHEN F. COHEN 
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Stephen F. Cohen, "Trying To Talk Sense
Delancey Street, Thank You!
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Elise dominates this principal oddball
evil oddball principal
This was posted 11/19/2019
it made me suspect Vindman as the whistleblower
 click here if above video doesn't play 
 With Servants Like Nunes There Is Hope For Our Future
Rep. Nunes shows that the Republcans
don't ALWAYS have to be THE STUPID PARTY.
The Democrats want that role now.


former assistant secretary of defense richard perle, Putin-hating, Russia-hating new york city brat fanatical "RUTHLESS" neocon. In 2011 I was invited to, and attended, the annual World Russia Forum at the Senate Building in Washington, D.C. I had sent a copy of my ebook, www.davidscully.com/TheTruthOurGraduateStudent.htm networking with them because the Deep State anti-David-Scully hysteria was increasing like the anti-Putin/anti-Russia hysteria has been increasing over two decades. The Deep State tried to prevent me from attending by telling the boy behind the Enterprise Car Rental counter to be rude to me and not to rent to me. That was the night before, and I screamed and raised hell and got the car. Then, a bratty, deep state shill was gratuitously rude and insulting to the Russians the next day, embarassing me. After a couple of hours of reflection, I grabbed the mike and crushed the boy 1000 times over. Top Scroll Then richard perle, former assistant secretary of defense (just another bratty Manhattan-born boy of The Oldest Childrenation), whom Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice describes as "ruthless," took his turn at the mike and spit venom at The Russian forum participants and may have been the turning point in starting the current Cold War with Russia that we've been in for a while, as we live the lifestyle of always very possible nuclear armageddon, thanks to richard perle and the neocon brats. Shortly after that, my daughter, Captain Daun Vaswani, flew from Chicago to Travis afb near Fairfield/Vacaville ca, to do her drill weekend as a medical officer in the air force reserves, like Tulsi Gabbard does. Daun was practically bitten to death by bed bugs in the hotel room they assigned her. ONLY HER. I'M CONNECTING THE FUCKING DOTS FOR YOU! GET IT? So, how does this work? This is what we need to know. And now is the time for us to find out, with our awareness of the fucking deep state and the brats at the highest levels, and at ALL levels, (don't kid yourself, patrick byrne!) IN OTHER WORDS, WHOM DID richard perle TELL TO DO IT? WHAT WAS THE CHAIN OF COMMAND? (of course, there is no official chain of command because richard perle has NO POSITION whatsoever in the government or dod, but this is the evil of the deep state in that these retired motherfuckers who should be in rocking chairs, if not already shot to death by firing squad, keep causing trouble which is all they've ever known how to do.) Top Scroll
Tulsi Talks Breaking Up Big Tech
Because They Censor Free Speech 
Tulsi sues Google for Free Speech
google shut her down at critical, peak moment.
HOW MANY FUCKING LEVELS OF DENIABILITY WERE/ARE THERE? What are the mechanics of these operations? Should we give richard perle a medal for that? Or should we BURN HIM TO DEATH AND CHOP UP THE PIECES AND FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET. Who did the operation? fbi? cia? air force officers? sergeants?
Top Scroll I mean, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE THOUGHT PROCESSES OF AIR FORCE OFFICERS AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS. I mean, there's something wrong with the girls and doctors in surgery when the air force girl anesthesiologist pulls the plug on the oxygen the brain of the young airman, beginning his life, who was in for a routine operation, AND KILLED HIM! Whatsamatta? He reminded her of a boy who jilted her in high school!? Yeah! That happened at travis afb hospital in the 2000's. NO, I don't go to the v.a. any more either - nothing but deep state fucking punk national security agents harassing me, making not-so-veiled threats about my daughter's welfare. I realize now that they actually ACT ON IT. A POX ON THEM! MAY THEY DIE SLOW, NUCLEAR RADIATION DEATHS! As, I recall even Tucker Carlson agreed with Alexandria Cortez that it would be a good idea to eliminate the fbi because they think they are above the law. (they also agree that the financialization of the U.S. is harmful, Tucker agreeing that making heroes of hedge fund managers is ridiculous, so MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR A REVOLUTION THAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH AT THE BALLOT BOX!) Top Scroll so, a veteran dying of cancer was twice found covered with ants who were "FEASTING ON HIM" in the v.a. hospital bed, a month or so ago Veteran Bitten To Death By Ants In VA Hospital! Top CONTENTS


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What I Like About Steve Scully!

Trump Says "You're Fired!" to wray !

"And Yet It Moves," said Galileo. "And Yet I Wrote It," says David Scully. (in 1982, The limbaugh Script THAT BEGAN IT ALL !)

THIS Is Not About General Flynn. THIS Is About DAVID SCULLY!

Trust The Ones Who Aren't Smiling.

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Abuse of Veteran VA, aka The Veterans Administration gallup NM school district Abusing Veteran And Hiring Non Americans from Across The Oceans Its The G20 Stupid! The Subject-Centered Classroom Common Core Math Doesn't Add Up peter fonda FINALLY DEAD yay! Let Us PRAISE DAVID SCULLY, TEACHER!

What Is Wrong With Those gallup administrators!? Former Spouse, Siblings, Girls, Religion, Sex (because agents and interviewers keep inappropriately asking)

Things David Scully Has Famously Said

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October, 2018 Collection About His 1982 Newsletters That Led To Hannity Through Limbaugh
David Scully, Author of the 1982 sac state "kfbk radio limbaugh script" David Scully Paved The Way "The Truth, Our Graduate Student," The Newsletters that made Hannity et al. possible The Politics of Personal Destruction RAPE IS NEVER OK, David Scully Is Sorry For Two Lighthearted References To Rape He Wrote 36 Years Ago David Scully APOLOGIZES For Two Lighthearted References To Rape He Wrote 36 Years Ago David Scully Is Sorry For Writing The nword 36 Years Ago, Even When Just Quoting Someone David Scully Calls For An Apology And For Reparations Limbaugh's Ronald Reagan Moment

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Putin, Cohen, Tucker Carlson, Rojansky, Amb. Matlock Thought Leaders Stable Genius Cool He Tried To Warn Us Somehow Putin Responds To Friendship I Feel Pretty There's More Happiness In Juarez Than In The U.S. HIA Sings Cool Kids (Page 7)


EDUCATION TOPICS another rule is . . . When The Girl From Ipanema Is Your Student? . . . Well . . . You Just Say Ahhhhhhhhh . . . if video doesn't play, link above to Youtube Scroll down a bit The Subject-Centered Classroom Common Core Math Doesn't Add Up David Scully Teaching Recommendations David Scully Apocryphal Teaching Recommendations David Scully Teaching Resume Honorary Doctorate


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What Is Wrong With Those gallup administrators!?

Scroll Down To Tucker Carlson IS COLLEGE STILL WORTH IT?

Tucker Carlson Sees The Future of Education

(00:57) Meanwhile, and most critically, an entire nation has just been shown that it's possible to deliver higher education in an entirely different way. You don't have to drive to campus, buy textbooks, pay for room and board in order to get an education. You can do the whole thing on line ... (2:12) You might also begin to wonder what a college degree is worth these days ... a degree from a mid-tier liberal arts school? Totally and utterly worthless ... colleges know all this, of course. they know their value. they've been bleeding the middle class dry for decades and they're self-aware enough to realize it and that is why Washington is swarming with higher ed lobbyists ... (3:41) A lot of these places are likely to go under in coming years. There is not enough federal bailout money in the treasury to save every pointless university in a bad recession. They'll be gone for good. Closed - Repurposed, we can hope, into much-needed efficiency apartments with loads of appealing green space. COUNTLESS DEANS OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION WILL BE OUT OF WORK! They'll wail and moan and they'll write outraged editorials in the new york times about the "end of knowledge" and "the coming dark age." Yeah...ignore them. THESE PEOPLE NEVER DESERVED JOBS IN THE FIRST PLACE. The higher education establishment is hurting this country and has for a long time. Reform is essential. This is a good and needed thing. In fact, it's one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dark moment. Top Scroll Down To Peter Thiel on Education Tucker Carlson IS COLLEGE STILL WORTH IT?

don't miss 4:47 to 5:34 (47 seconds)

There is some repetition with the video two frames over,
(the "Uncommon Knowledge" interview with Peter Robinson).
This one here is a 14-minute clip on education.

The other is 45 minutes
and I picked out a 5-minute excerpt on education
which I hope you view
and I printed its dialog below.
Peter Thiel
U.S. College System
As Corrupt As Catholic Church was 500 years ago,

Scroll Down To Peter Thiel on Education, Row 2         Top

22:00 to 27:00 TOPIC IS EDUCATION (5 minutes)

22:14 ROBINSON "Education...in recent years
you have been SCATHING on the topic
of American education. And in fact
you founded the Thiel Fellowships
to entice bright kids to drop out of college
and start their own companies.
You've said that we're in an education bubble,
and a bubble means that there's unreality involved.
People are buying things that aren't real, somehow..."

(Dialog continued below, center)
THIEL "Well, we have a bubble in education, just like
we had a bubble in housing in the last decade
or in internet stocks in the nineties.
It's reflected in the fact that people are
spending more and more. The cost of colleges
have gone up by more that 400% after inflation since 1980.
We now have over a trillion dollars in student debt...
it is a somewhat parasitic system. It's like a
very, very expensive IQ test...
An IQ test would cost $25
and a harvard education costs $250,000...
It's an incredibly high tax that's being extracted...
what specifically are you learning?...
You could think economically -
is education an investment?
is it a 4-year party, is it a consumption decision?
is it an insurance policy people are buying?
or is it, as I claim, in many cases, just a tournament
where the value actually consists of the fact
that these colleges exclude people, primarily...
It's like a crazy nightclub. It's like Studio 54
something like that where you have a long line of people
getting in, and the more exclusive you make it
the more valuable it is.
It masquerades as something positive sum,
in reality it's very zero sum."

ROBINSON "I SAID scathing! That applies!
So, if it's a bubble, in what way will the bubble pop?"

THIEL "...What I think will happpen
is we will start to see more alternatives...
it should not be that you go to Yale or you go to jail...
The analogy that I have suggested is that in some ways
the universities face a crisis somewhat similar to
the Catholic Church in the early 16th Century,
500 years ago, where you basically have
a unitary system - you know, there's ONE WAY.
It's (college is) sort of a secular, atheistic version 
of the Catholic Church. It's like an atheist church
where your Salvation consists of getting a college diploma.
If you don't get a diploma, you will go to hell.
And there's no salvation outside this university system.
It's costing more and more -
the indulgences are getting more corrupt..." 
Scroll Down To Peter Thiel on Education, Row 2 Top
Peter Thiel
On Higher Education
As Insurance And Tournament
14:30 to 15:17 Peter Thiel
"Re-do the bankruptcy laws...
discharge the student debt and
it's the college that gave you the bad education
that gets stuck with the bill."
Peter Thiel. Are schools a jobs program
for former bank tellers
and daycare for parents who
don't want to raise their own kids? 
Top "The Girardian Critique of Schmidt," "The Singularity," "Thermidor." I, with a history degree from The University of California, with a year of law school at a very reputable law school, with teaching credentials in 2 very critical subjects and 1 other important subject, and a Honorary Doctorate in Education from Diane Ravitch, am sometimes pushed to, and beyond, my intellectual limit, watching Peter Thiel videos. I didn't know what those words or references meant, without looking them up. Look 'em up. I did (most of 'em). I will propose here a light-hearted critique of Mr. Thiel. He compares elite universities to "Studio 54." (From 1977 to 1986 Studio 54, at 254 West 54th St, Manhattan, was a world famous club with restrictive entry policies and celebrity guest lists.) Mr. Thiel very perceptively proposes several different purposes that such universites fulfill, and one major function is that they are exclusionary and elitist. Only a limited number are allowed into the club, and the red ropes are put up to keep out those who are on the street, clamoring to get in. IT IS THAT VERY EXCLUSIVITY THAT GIVES VALUE TO THE EXPERIENCE, JUST LIKE IN THE ELITE UNIVERSITIES. "I have a degree from IVY LEAGUE U. Few people can say THAT!" Well, as I listened to Mr. Thiel's videos, I wryly thought that Mr. Thel's abstruse discussions serve the very same purpose as the red ropes Only the elite, selected, special few can fully particpate in a full understanding of Mr. Thiel's discussons. Oh, sure, we can all say "Yes, I saw that video," but not that they really understood it all. That's like waiting on the street and not getting in. So, in a sense, Mr. Thiel's discussions, themselves, are elitist and exclusionary. Very few can say, "I WATCHED THAT PETER THEIL VIDEO AND JUST COULDN'T STOP. I WAS ABSOLUTELY ABSORBING EVERY WORD, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY NUANCE!" Many can apply (watch) but few are admitted (can understand). (By the way, abstruse means "difficult to understand, obscure." And, obscure means "not clear to the understanding; hard to perceive.) Ah! Despicable me, a working class fellow who was taught to talk plain and simple. For example, I wrote that julie gwynn, my cobol instructor, and the spouse of the computer department chair, in which department I was enrolled in a degree program, toyed with me for months (dating, dancing) and scolded me fiercely with her obnoxious finger to my nose, saying "White Men have it coming to them!" She also said, in a similarly offensive manner, "calling a white female a 'womens libber' IS JUST AS BAD AS calling a black man a 'nigger' ". (I AM JUST QUOTING EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID.) (I had not called anybody a women's libber, nor had I used the nword, but she decided to scold me thus, nonetheless.) Now, you don't have to look anything up to understand what I said and to understand that she (and THEY, because it was a group thing) was very, very wrong. Simply the power relationships between instructor and student, spouse of department chair and student, department chair and student, should have raised red flags and sounded bells and whistles and they should have been disciplined for their culpability (culpability means responsibility for a fault or wrong.) I remember driving passengers to Studio 54 when I drove a taxi in NYC for a while. They all smelled like a french bordello (not that I've ever been to a french bordello, you understand.

Maria Back Home!

"Some actions will need to be taken with regards to the outrage that happened to me," said Maria. (RIA News) "Ditto," says David Scully. Patrick Byrne knew he had to disclose, and so he also knew, or should have known, that Maria had to disclose, too. Being her lover, he should have insisted. It would have saved her trouble and drama. And, what about paul erickson, the "high level" Republican boyfriend of Maria (after Patrick Byrne) What did erickson know, and will he be forced by Durham to testify? Scroll To Top 1 CNN Chris Cuomo, Scaramucci, Patrick Byrne Was Byrne for connect to Buffet?, LOOKING FORWARD TO DURHAM'S INDICTMENTS OF comey, fbi and the rest of the deep state! Top
FOX Martha MacCallum interviews Patrick Byrne Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne talks to CNN's Chris Cuomo about being approached by the FBI to have contact with Russian national Maria Butina and the involvement of higher-ups in the bureau. Byrne predicted more whistleblowers will come forward and that then-FBI Director James Comey knew what was happening. Byrne continually referred to those involved with the conspiracy as "X, Y, and Z." Byrne revealed that Mr. Z is former FBI Director James Comey in his interview with Cuomo. In an interview with FNC's Martha MacCallum earlier on Thursday, Byrne said the FBI was "hijacked" by those at the top and THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY TO SET UP Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Ted Cruz. "I'm highly confident that Bill Barr, the Department of Justice, will be providing those names on an indictment someday in the not too distant," Byrne said of people involved in the higher-ups. same interview with body language analyst Maria Butina's Attorney, Robert Driscoll