Tucker Carlson talks Ruling Class Incompetence 
 (back to strassel) 
 Federal Prosecutor DURHAM, Guardian of the RULE OF LAW 
Victor Davis Hanson
fbi coup Against GENERAL FLYNN Napolitano on EVIL fbi CULTURE Savior Generals The Coup Plot Against Trump youtube and facebook Against Free Speech
"The story of American decline is the story of
an incompetent ruling class. It's that simple...
For short-term profits, bigger vacation homes,
and cheaper household help,
they wrecked what they did not build.
They outsourced entire sectors of our economy to china.
They imported a serf class to drive down wages,
and they crippled the middle class while doing it.
They ran up trillions in unpayable debt.
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Victor Davis Hanson THE CASE FOR TRUMP
RARE AUDIO OF SERIOUS, SECRETIVE PROSECUTOR DURHAM The Deep State Spygate criminals MUST be prosecuted and imprisoned in orange jump suits
By that they mean the permanent bureaucracies
at the highest levels that have the levers of power,
the ability to do damage to you or me,
the IRS, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA,
some of the top cabinet officials.
They are people who transcend elections.
They're not elected...but the point about it all is
they have a particular loyalty ... "  
The Deep State is DOGMATIC,
(MINUTE 14:05) "ipse dixit" ("He, himself, said it")
Because I said so. That's just the way it is.
It's not debatable. 11:34 to 15:44
Victor Davis Hanson "CA at the crossroads" 
His mother a CA judge, His father an educator 
Uncluttered and Clear Mind of Dr Hanson, raised on a ranch
Hoover Institution Fellow since 2002 
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NOW THE NEW AND MOST IMPORTANT BATTLE IS BEGUN. WE MUST PROSECUTE SPYGATE. fbi/cia/etc clapper/brennan/comey/hillary/obama/etc

You might wonder from this collection whom I support, where I stand. I stand for TRUTH. There's scoundrels on both sides. In 2016 we wanted a disrupter in The Presidency and we elected Trump. Now Sanders is running and some of his disruptions are needed, but he's too tone-deaf to avoid the word "socialism." He should disregard and minimize that as just a word. It's the programs that matter, like guaranteed minimum income, etc.. We bailed Wall Street in 2008, now it's time to bail Main Street. Also, he needs to talk fiscal responsibility when he talks programs like universal healthcare, etc. For example, he needs to look around to Thought Leaders like Peter Thiel who suggest laying the burden for student loan relief on the universities that ripped off the students in the first place, etc. He must respect Bloomberg and attack biden. biden is part of the party of rot, as described by Tulsi Gabbard. This is important because we MUST prosecute the Spygate criminals, the heads of the cia/fbi etc. clapper/brennan/comey etc. obama and hillary are involved, criminally it seems. Prosecution of Spygate might not occur if biden and rot party wins.
SCROLL TO Tom Fitton, Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal, and Kimberley Strassel Top

We already have a disrupter in The Presidency. His work is not done. Kimberly Strassel, in her 5-part Wall Street Journal interview (below right frame, at minute 6:30) points out that many voters voted for Trump BECAUSE he is a disrupter.

SCROLL TO Kimberley Strassel
Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch 
Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal 
Kimberley Strassel, WSJ editorial board 
Starts speaking at SECOND 55, worth the wait MIN 6:30
(dumpster diving?, creative fiction?)
We should call it "opposition research"
because that's what it is, and
it's not even good opposition research, says Kim.
Examples of "good" opposition research are
digging up old dui's on the opposition,
or when they didn't file taxes 20 years ago
Calling it that fancy french name "dossier"
gives it an undeserved cachet (look it up)
and mystique.
Nobody says "dossier."
Nobody knows what it means without looking it up,
so it must be very significant and important. 
It's not. That "dossier" is essentially nonsense.
 TOP (you can PAUSE Tucker Carlson who starts on autoplay) 

(min 7:24) "Free Speech Is You Could Say What You Want
AS LONG AS I LIKE IT," according to
Kimberley Strassel's 5-year-old child and
campus liberal fascist brats the last 40 years,
including admins, profs, instructors, child activists,
and Republican pastors and their flocks,
flat-earth simpletons and bible thumping bullies.
(8:12 to 8:30) Kimberley Strassel,
"What we have experienced over the past decade
is a profound shift in our political culture
which has resulted in a significant portion
of our body politic holding

AND the the YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK definition, too.
 (min 24:17 to 24:55) TREASON Kim Strassel Gets It!
a Coup or Attempted Coup by a Nation's top security and/or
law enforcement and/or military IS TREASON!
Such are the coups of banana republics and the like.
Definition of "Gin Up." To stir something up, agitate
or make a little trouble, sometimes dishonestly.
(from Google Search of "definition gin up")
(38:12 to 38:47) Abuse of Examination Powers Definitions of "FISHING (EXPEDITIONS)" Sneakily examining all of a person's property (i.e., FISHING through all their stuff) including paperwork and electronic files in the hopes of finding something criminal or embarrassing (Common Sense Definition by David Scully.)
NOTE. A person or entity who has been fished by the highest level, sneaky, creepy fishing experts (FBI, DOD, NSA, many local police, etc. etc. etc.) is the most thoroughly vetted and examined person/entity. Coming up clean, despite their damned-est, most desperate and evil efforts makes such person/entity (i.e., me, David Scully) the most exemplary, blameless, and trustworthy citizen (as clean as a whistle and smelling like a Rose!) Definition of "As Clean As A Whistle." free of incriminating evidence. examples. 1. "the cops raided the warehouse but the place was clean as a whistle." 2. The cop illegally raided David Scully's UHaul home (violating his human rights by illegally taking his home away, leaving this Veteran homeless and on the street) but the place, the UHaul home, was clean as a whistle."

In other words/ they tried to destroy me by FISHING through MY EVERYTHING, but, because they came up empty-handed, they ELEVATED me to a level far, far above all those (including them) who have not been so examined.

The ONLY thing I am guilty of is admiring The Girl From Ipanema. That's not a crime. Indeed, many would consider it a crime NOT to admire The Girl From Ipanema. And the only thing I DID was say "Aaaaaaaaah" Again, no crime there - more or less an informal REQUIREMENT for each one she passes to say "Aaaaaaaaah" WHEN TATTLING BACKFIRES At the same time, and by the same token, the above fishing entities show themselves to be criminals. This is in accordance with the "TATTLER DOCTRINE," i.e., "When you tattle on someone, you're really tattling on yourself, and what you're saying is THAT YOU'RE A TATTLE!" In other words, the cops, the agents, are trying to rat out somebody else (me), fishing for some evidence of a crime of some sort - any sort (as they did with President Trump and General Flynn) like perhaps a letter or email I wrote to someone admitting that I speeded very fast on the highway, or jaywalked, or robo-signed and hit "AGREE" on my computer when I never really read it and didn't REALLY agree to anything. but they can't even come up with something like that. BUT, as McLuhan would say, "The Medium IS The Message!" What was REALLY FOUND was that THEY COMMITTED A CRIME by illegally snooping and invading MY CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT OF PRIVACY. There is nothing more humiliating or ignominious than such a failed TATTLING ATTEMPT wherein they TATTLE ON THEMSELVES. "YES, THEY ILLEGALLY SEARCHED DAVID SCULLY'S EVERYTHING, DAVID SCULLY'S EVERY IOTA OF HIS LIFE, EVERY ELECTRON, BIT, BITE and RECEIPT, EVERY UTTERANCE IN EVERY ONE OF HIS PRIVATE PHONE CONVERSATIONS, INDEED IN EVERY ONE OF HIS CONVERSATIONS OF ANY KIND, AND THEY CAME UP WITH NOTHING CRIMINAL AT ALL DESPITE THEIR HIGHEST HOPES AND EXPECTATIONS. Informed by their arrogance... ILLEGAL IS AS ILLEGAL DOES. Definition of ignominious. deserving or causing public disgrace or shame. COPS AND FBI WHO ILLEGALLY SNOOPED THROUGH MY STUFF, FBI/CIA ETC DEEP STATE WHO ALSO SNOOPED ON CANDIDATE AND PRESIDENT TRUMP, COMMITTING TREASON IN SO DOING.
Definition of "fishing expedition" (Dictionary.com) an inquiry carried on without any clearly defined plan or purpose in the hope of discovering useful information.
Definition of "unreasonable search and seizure" (Cornell Law School) An unreasonable search and seizure is a search and seizure by a law enforcement officer without a search warrant and without probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is present. It is unconstitutional as it violates the Fourth Amendment.
The Fourth Amendment of the U.S.Constitution provides that "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

"RESISTANCE AT ALL COSTS" = "WHATEVER IT TAKES" which has been the liberal-hysterical-sacramento-campus-feminist mantra against me since the 1980's, which has taken a life of its own generally IT'S THE SAME THING!

He must stay in to fully prosecute the Spygate criminals. His first two years were a nasty fight and often it seemed that he was the problem. But he had internal enemies in the Republican party at the beginning. This caused chaos like a street fight in The Presidency, best illustrated by when Scaramucci was brought in as an enforcer to clean house and clean out the old guard Republican spies like priebus. Then the "well-behaved" and appropriately-spoken generals and church ladies, as part of the theatre, clutched their pearls, said "tsk, tsk" and fired Scaramucci. But the drama and turmoil and presidency was real and only seemed to stabilize in the last year. The battle over the ridiculous Russia Hoax was won, and the Democrats showed themselves to be tantrum children even more with their nonsense impeachment over the ukrainian phone call.

NOW THE NEW AND MOST IMPORTANT BATTLE IS BEGUN. WE MUST PROSECUTE SPYGATE. fbi/cia/etc clapper/brennan/comey/hillary/obama/etc

biden = hillary/obama = comey/clapper/brennan/etc. and the coup.

I am committed to seeing The Spygate Criminals fully and thoroughly and completely prosecuted, wherever the Durham criminal investigation leads.

The Coup Attempt by the CIA and the FBI clapper, brennan, comey and dozens, scores, hundreds, thousands more need to be PUT AWAY in prison. They need to be "in orange jump suits," to use Kimberley Strassel's description, NOW! The national security agencies need an enema, at the very least, not a scalping, because it's a cultural problem endemic to the security professions, a culture of being smartass, arrogant brats, "we think we're the best, so whatever we do is ok we say."
Scroll To Next Table "AT ALL COSTS!" "WHATEVER IT TAKES!" IT IS NOT JUST A PROBLEM "AT THE TOP." We need to be a country of laws, but we're not. The pa civil service pa broke the law when it REQUIRED THEM to hire this Veteran. The state of new mexico is failing to enforce the PRIME LAW OF SCHOOLS AND SOCIETY not to use deadly weapons, failing so far to prosecute and imprison steven wargo and riley white, his henchman shop teacher goon. There appears to be no attempt to investigate and prosecute regarding the murder of Epstein in the nyc jail, protecting dershowitz, bill clinton, and who the hell knows else!?
Tucker Carlson on fbi abuse of General Flynn 
Jim Jordan rips fbi abuse of General Flynn
with The Fox News Team 
Trey Gowdy says time for a clampdown on fbi
"it's about time."
Durham's Investigation Proceeding. 
Scroll To Next Row fbi abuse of General Flynn Top
Andrew McCarthy on fbi abuse of General Flynn
with Martha McCallum 
The Big Question is WHY? Here, Andrew McCarthy Answers That.
The Fbi Set Up Flynn To Preserve the Trump - Russia Probe. 
WHY did Comey spring a perjury trap on General Flynn?
It was not for score-settling, says Andrew McCarthy.

"To investigate the president, it was a
practical necessity to sideline his
chosen national-security adviser.
Michel Flynn was not the objective.
He was the obstacle.
Trump was the Target.
That is why Flynn had to go.
President Trump was a political phenomenon but a novice...
The exception was Flynn.
He knew how the spy agencies worked.
He knew where and how they kept secrets.
He knew how the game was played."
Smooth comey might be able to trick Trump...
Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy on this
with Maria Bartiromo 
Scroll To Next Row Top Judge Napolitano Calls On DOJ To Denounce What fbi agents Did To Flynn (minute 2:57) BRIAN "You did not mention christopher wray who is now the new fbi chief. Jim Jordan, The President, others behind closed doors are very frustrated... he (wray) seems to be more siding towards the comey crew... what is holding him back?

It's not just a hi-jack from the top! It's THE CULTURE throught the fbi, bottom to top!

Scroll To Continue (minute 3:27) NAPOLITANO "I believe that chris wray... is part of the CULTURE in the fbi which has existed for generations, Brian, which believes that they could target political enemies and make out a crime against them... THE PROBLEM IS THE CULTURE AT THE FBI, THE IDEA (that the fbi agents have), THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH SO MUCH.
They have never had to have their records open to the public scrutiny the likes of which JIM JORDAN and hopefully Senator Graham will eventually put them through."
(min 4:12 to 6:12) Flynn-Kislyak Trancripts Released! Tom Fitton "No Wonder They've Been Hiding Them General Flynn Should Get Another Medal!"
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Scroll To Savior Generals Top
SAVIOR GENERALS Victor Davis Hanson 
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON on Uncommon Knowledge with
Peter Robinson, The Hoover Institution
"The Type of Men Who Become Savior Generals" 
 data 3
Scroll To The Coup Plot Against The President Top
Lee Smith, The Hudson Institute
from unsealed Flynn Documents 
Fred Fleitz says "Bombshells" are in
Unreleased House Intel Committee Report
and newly released documents
from General Flynn's Case
(Fred Fleitz, National Security Council 2018,
fmr CIA Analyst, news commentator)

Lee Smith, The Hudson Institute
on American Thought Leaders,
The Epoch Times 
Scroll To Next Row Tucker Carlson Top

Tucker Carlson explains OUR FAILING INSTITUTIONS (frame right, opening statement 00:01)

" You've heard a lot about our failing institutions on this program. Top We now know the FBI is riddled with incompetent, partisan hacks. The intelligence community seems to exist mostly to spy on you and leak information about politicians it dislikes. Your state and local governments are full of bureaucrats who are paid more to deliver less every year, and then retire with a fat pension in their 50's. Academia, meanwhile, is apparently dominated by lazy mediocrities more interested in political activism than in teaching. THERE IS A LOT OF ROT IN OUR HALLS OF POWER. But our federal courts may be the most decayed institution of all..." Scroll To Free Speech Censorship by youtube and facebook Top
 that harmful, inconvenient thing called SPEECH

 CENSORSHIP - Wikipedia 


Censorship is the suppression of speech,
public communication, or other information,
on the basis that such information is
considered harmful, sensitive,
or "inconvenient." 

to me, "Free Speech Is You Could Say What You Want
(says susan wojcicki, ceo of youtube)

THAT's the definition of Free Speech of a 5-year-old.
(4:40) youtube removes any free speech that is "problematic" like discussing Vitamin C and Turmeric, for example.
Freedom of Speech - Wikipedia 


(1948) Article 19 states that "Everyone has the right
to freedom of opinion and expression;
this right includes freedom to hold opinions
without interference
and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas
through ANY media 
and regardless of frontiers".


 TUCKER CARLSON exposes Big Tech censorship


(6:07) facebook, ALSO, is an ANTI-FREE SPEECH COMPANY.
facebook calls free speech "harmful misinformation"
and they take it down...

to me, "Free Speech Is You Could Say What You Want
(says mark zuckerberg, ceo of facebook)

THAT's the definition of Free Speech of a 5-year-old.

Beware The Deep State! They Fight In The Dark! They Fight Underground! They Fight Hidden In Plain Sight! They Fight Asymettrically! They Fight By Infiltrating! Beware The Seduced Traitors, Gone A Wray, Barr None! They Gaslight! They Talk Nonsense! They Act Crazy! They Disrupt! They Instill Fear! They Talk Sweet Talk. Top

BEWARE! comey's tweet below left that you're all laughing about as "ironic" (comey laments "the doj has lost its way!) IS, IN REALITY, A BUGLE CALL FOR THE DEEP STATE SWAMPERS TO STAY TRUE TO THE SWAMP AND STAY IN THE BATTLE! "career people: PLEASE STAY..."

Scroll There's nothing ironic about it. Wake up! It's cynical, It's mocking, It's chutzpah, It's gaslighting, (laugh at comey at your peril!) wray, judge sullivan, barr - they heard the deep state comey call wray is footdragging and slow-walking sullivan is taking extreme, illegal nonsensical, defiant, disruptive actions base on tribal loyalty and deep state loyalty and Democrat loyalty and barr is making a judgement without facts or a hearing, based on loyalty to the deep state legal "profession." He talks softly and weakly and carrie no stick. Laugh at comey if you want, fox news, but the swamp is listening to the comeys, and Fitton and Jordan are railing... and what is Trump going to do...ANYTHING?
5/08/2020 (sec 51 to min 1:01) Jim Jordan calls for
more investigations into comey
but the war rages still,
right in front of FOX's eyes;
indeed, right on FOX's screen.

While they may be justifiably mocking
comey's tweet, a sober reading of the tweet says
that comey is rallying the troops,
calling for his evil deep state cohorts
to stand fast.

comey tweet, "the DOJ has lost its way.
But, career people: PLEASE STAY..."

You may laugh at the "irony" of comey's tweet
that "the doj has lost its way,"
but the deep state gets the message.
comey's tweet is
a bugle call to the deep state (career people)
to dig in, stand fast, and fight ("PLEASE STAY")



It's been a heck of a year. Today is June 16, 2020 and it's going to be a heck of a 4 1/2 months and a few days to the Presidential Election on November 3. It's 2 months to the Dem and Rep conventions, back to back Democrat 8/17 to 8/20 Republican 8/24 to 8/27 The two-month buildup, the two-week conventions, and the 2 1/2 month final sprint - not for the faint of heart. Anything can happen. Everything can happen. To me, it matters. There are a lot of forces at play. I support Trump again. biden is just a re-run of the hillary/obama/deep state. I knew the Russia Hoax was a hoax the first time I heard it. It is sensible of Trump to pursue good diplomatic relations with Russia. It's been contemptible what the deep state and Dems and media have done to Trump since before and after his election and throughout his presidency, nonstop and hell bent. It is they who have been behaving crazy and irrational. It is they who are destroying our system and committing treason. Anti-Trump hysteria has been contemptable. Their level of discourse has been contemptable. media, Dems, deep state - all of them. generals accusing President Trump of Treason for engaging in a polite diplomatic overture. IT'S BEEN ABSOLUTE ENDLESS NONSENSE. Trump deserves another term for maintaining his sanity and composure through the endless, gaslighting onslaught. World events keep spinning faster and faster as we blaze into FUTURE SHOCK at light speed. I, personally, have experienced deep state harassment regularly for decades. My similarities to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, Covington Catholic School and General Flynn are remarkable. deep state/fbi/national security abuse is real. In 2016, as the 2016 presidential election approached, I was set up in an entrapment like General Flynn, a "hire to fire" scheme luring me from Chicago to gallup, only to experience immediate and severe abuse, and continued abuse. It was blatant and obvious like the abuses of the obamagate scandalous crimes. The first day, in the morning, the bratty principal had three teacher goons sit behind me and yell in my ear when it was my turn to introduce myself. An hour later, one of those goons put a 12" hunting knife to my belly. The abuse continued unabated for 2 1/2 months until this veteran was fired the day after Veterans Day weekend. Ms. Singh, a mature education professional who worked at that school since it was built and who was in my classroom every day, told me I needed to go to the district and report the principal's abuse, in order to get assistance. The district, in turn abused me further when I informed them of the abuse. OF COURSE IT WAS A TRAP FROM THE BEGINNING! Goodness Gracious! If they changed their minds, they could have just called me up or told me the day I arrived instead of screaming and yelling at me and putting a knife to my belly. But they didn't change their minds. Their minds were made up from the getgo and they stuck to their harassment/trap plan. Like the Covington Catholic School boy I was wrongly accused. Like Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, I was subjected to nonsense, unsubstantiated fables of sexual deviance. But they illegally vetted me thoroughly on a fishing expedition, examining for months every bit and bite and scrap of paper, every file, paper and electronic, every memento.
 data column 3 

 data column 1 
Bernie Sanders, an important voice,
but he's gotta drop the "S-word" and just talk programs 
 data column 3

Smiling Faces

james carville is a PUTIN STOOGE planted here
to make Democrats SO LOATHESOME
that we'll all vote for TRUMP!