Morality Matters! 
Sexual Morality Matters!
Purchasing Sex Illegally Is Rape!
Rape Is NEVER ok!

I have been thoroughly vetted and examined in this regard, and
 As Mayor, I will never patronize any sex club,
for my own honor and dignity, and that of the office.

But, what about that other mayoral candidate?

NO OCTOBER SURPRISES 9/2021 I hereby affirm that I HAVE BEEN INFORMED BY MIDDLETOWN COUNCILOR SCOTT SITES THAT THERE IS A SEX TAPE OF THE OTHER MAYORAL CANDIDATE, the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid, WHILE HE WAS FREQUENTING SAVANNAH'S "GENTLEMEN'S CLUB". The SEX TAPE is held by your State Representative Tom Mehaffie, says Sites. They've been "holding on to it", discussing "when to use it". I SAY THE PEOPLE OF MIDDLETOWN NEED TO SEE AND DECIDE. NOW! Give the married family man, the alleged sex pervert criminal who frequents Savannah's Gentlemen's Club, time to explain. Show the tape to the Citizens of Middletown this week. THEY have a right to know!
To Top Scroll Down Give the alleged sex pervert kid time to respond and The Citizens of Middletown time to consider it. It's your job to do so! WITHHOLDING IT, OR CHICKENING OUT, for ANY reason, IS A COVERUP!
No cronyism on this one, pals! (buying sex is a crime, a sex crime, a crime against women, in Pennsylvania) the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid cried about not running when he announced he wouldn't run again (position of Mayor is not a jobs/career advancement program for sleazy, slick kid lawyers. IT's ABOUT SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF MIDDLETOWN!) and then he ran anyway, after he promised to the People of Middletown that he wouldn't! can you believe anything he says?
To Top is he a Democrat? or is he a Republican? or is he a Dino? or is he a Rino!? Scroll Down


To Top Scroll Down To sleazy
can you believe ANYTHING he says? (I guess you better ... or he'll CRY boo hoo!) and his whole write-in "campaign" was a NEGATIVE ad hominem character attack, scrounging the internet with his sleazy law firm cronies for a DISCREDITED nonsense HIT PIECE! Doesn't he have anything positive or constructive to say? Or, is it just ... "thanks for electing me again, you suckers!" Dino or Rino? "oops, I was D, but I think I'm R now that Trump got elected! oops, I don't wanna run now that Trump got beat. oops, I didn't mean it! I so DO wanna keep bein' mayor! I think I'll attack Mr. Scully's character and roll the dice!" Is this really the kind of mayor you want to keep!? slick, sleazy, and unethical. CURRentlY (no pun intended) "there's one born every minute. a whole town full of 'em here! have a slice of pizza. HA! HA! HA!" Is he a Democrat or a Republican, a Dino or a Rino!? Puts his finger in the air, and changes with the wind. switched from D to R to ride on Trump's coattails and then afraid to run when Trump lost and he thought he'd be beat by a girl from my Ward! Will he come up clean, after examination? Or is he guilty? Is he guilty of trafficking, of purchasing sex illegally? Shouldn't we know, if we have to risk him being the face and voice of Middletown? I've heard that he announced, last year, that he wouldn't run again (because he didn't want to be beat by a woman Counselor), and that he cried about it boo hoo. How humiliating! It's not about you, dude. It's about the People of Middletown! Then, when he found out she wasn't running and he couldn't bear the thought of not enjoying the perks and adulation of being mayor any more, he came up with the scheme (with the help of his law firm buddies, no doubt) of attacking my character by muckraking up some old discredited hit piece. That's what I've been told, and that's the way it seems. OF COURSE I didn't rape or try to rape the Girl From Ipanema, nor Marsha Brady! (That's more ridiculous hysteria ... or, more precisely, trash-talkin' people's compulsive need ... to be ENRAGED about something - anything - imaginary or real!) (hooked on rage and anger! and talkin' tough!) (Marsha Brady had a normal 6th grade
schoolgirl crush on her math teacher, me. It was my JOB to develop and maintain excellent relations with them! It was nothing but a smokescreen, a red herring, a canard by a district that is apparently projecting onto others their own perversions. The REAL story is the unexplained extremely abusive behavior of psychobrat stevie ). To Top Scroll Down But, did that other candidate buy sex illegally at Savannah's? That's a sex crime! I'm against negative campaigning, and very strongly so. But the other candidate apparently did that very thing to me by scouring and scrounging and muckraking up some discredited old retaliatory hit piece (but it's easy nowadays to make a person APPEAR wonderful or horrible in an ad or a hit piece - to make Hitler a saint and Mother Teresa a villain - they've got it down beyond an art form to a science by now). This is what I've been told, although I've stayed aloof from it all. We don't need to besmirch the dignity of the office and the dignity of Middletown with such a misleading cheap shot mud brawl. The people of Middletown deserve to know of that other candidate the answers to the following questions, Are you a sex pervert? Are you a sex criminal? Did you betray your wife? Did you betray Middletown and the trust of Middletown Citizens? You still have time to resign now and make this all go away. Look at it this way. Currently (no pun intended), since you haven't been convicted of a sex crime YET in a court of law or in the court of public opinion, you can be addressed as "The Honorable". But, once that sex tape comes out! You do the math. You'll be doin' math, dude, when you lose your job and your law license. You'll be doin' math counting the pennies you'll make delivering pizza for some pizza joint in some other town. To Top Scroll Down ********* (But will that official (who REPRESENTS The People of Middletown), who is in possession of the sextape, disclose that sextape in October?) We Middletowners say this to you. That information is relevant and material to the decision-making of The People of Middletown. Will you do your duty and disclose this important information to The People of Middletown, the people you REPRESENT? Or will you back down from the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid? Don't wait for an "October Surprise!" That's a cheap shot. We don't play that way in Middletown any more! Give the boo hoo bow tie crybaby time to try to explain his way out of it, or resign. He's already lucked out twice, but this time he has a competent and likeable opposition. Do it now. I've been told that you "never back down." Well, don't back down now, shivering and quaking before the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid! Give the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid a chance to respond. It is his duty to The People of Middletown to do so. Let The People of Middletown decide now that they can have the opportunity to consider the ridiculous cheap-shot hit-piece smear campaign against me versus ACTUAL SEX CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN (the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid) It really is your duty to the People of Middletown to fully disclose the information you have in your possession. You REPRESENT The People of Middletown and as long as the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid is running for mayor, it is YOUR DUTY to disclose information relevant to the decisions of The People of Middletown! If he makes the wise decision and drops out (for whatever stated reason), then let it go and Let God! Just send it to the prosecutor. Then it will just be a matter between the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid and his wife, a legal matter between the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid and "The People of The State of Pennsylvania." The prosecutor will just probably plea deal it away to avoid another sex corruption scandal in pennsylvania! No state politician with any sense wants another sex scandal currently. To Top Scroll Down But even worse is a COVERUP, especially if you REPRESENT Middletown voters. Make this all go away. I don't enjoy doing this, either, but WE have to man up and NOT BACK DOWN. Keep your job. I don't want it. And I don't flip-flop and change my mind like the boo hoo bow tie sex criminal IV currently (no pun intended) in office in a lame duck status. Allegations have been made by an elected public official to an elected candidate (me). I've done my duty, as distasteful as it has been. I've brought this matter forth for The People of Middletown to know. Now, it is YOUR DUTY to bring this matter, this sextape, forth for The People of Middletown to decide. You owe it to The People of Middletown because you REPRESENT them. It is their right to know and decide. As long as the boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid is running for mayor he is a danger to the children and women of Middletown! Resign is a good choice for him. No questions asked. Let him say he's doing it for the wife and the kids. Let him say what he wants. Or ... risk the consequences. To Top Scroll Down ********* And, as for you, boo-hoo bow tie alleged sex criminal kid - It's up to you, dude (and THAT's what they'll be calling you forever after this comes out). "Honorable" or "dude"? the choice is yours You can be called "Honorable" after you withdraw - forever. But nobody will call you "Honorable" after you're convicted of a sex crime! But, uh, nobody'll ever stop you from wearing bow ties ... unless, of course, you're doin' TIME! For a sex crime - there - you'll be gettin' bow ties up your backside. You won't be able to fight your way out of it like I did, dude. The difference, dude, is that I have Truth on my side! Me? I'm used to the consequences of telling the truth. It's my life, and I'll never change telling the truth. To Top Scroll Down

Welcome To The NEW Sworn Officers In Middletown!

there's nothing worse than a bad cop,


In high school, I had a teacher who gave us all a grade of 100% the first day. Our job as students was to keep that grade, and not lose too many points. So, my FIRST OFFICIAL ACT AS MAYOR will be to give every NEW Sworn Officer In Middletown a grade of 110%! Welcome To the New Chief, And To All The New Sworn Officers!
To Top Scroll Down (advice from DAVID SCULLY, Your Mayor 2022. don't eat too many donuts. And, here's a list of approved Pizza-Serving Establishments IN MIDDLETOWN! And THANK YOU to ALL Responders for handling Wednesday's pre-9/11 matter professionally! I ENCOURAGE MIDDLETOWN CITIZENS TO TREAT A RESPONDER TO SOME PIZZA! Here's WHERE you can do it, with my approval. We only want them eating MIDDLETOWN pizza! MIDTOWN PIZZA, 422 E. Main St, J & J PIZZERIA AND GRILLE, 288 E Main St, HARDEES, 230 Nissley St, BLUE ROOM, 214 S. Union St, ROBERTO'S PIZZA, 23 S. Union St, TONY'S PIZZERIA, 302 W. Main St, BROWNSTONE CAFE, 1 N. Union St, JD'S JUNCTION, 15 Mill St, KUPPYS, 12 Brown St, THE HOP YARD, 360 W. Main St, NEW CHINA, 436 E. Main St, Sexual Morality Matters! Respect Women!