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DAVID SCULLY graduated from St Peter's Prep in Jersey City NJ in 1968 WILL DURANT graduated from St Peter's Prep in Jersey City NJ in 1903 DAVID SCULLY AND WILL DURANT both went to St Peter's College.

WILL DURANT taught at Seton Hall Prep/University from 1907 to 1911. DAVID SCULLY, ages 10-22, 5th grade into college, lives 2 short blocks from Seton hall 1961 to 1973. In 1973 DAVID SCULLY bests
NORMAN MAILER at quick repartee at Seton Hall. DAVID SCULLY then joins navy and escapes to California. In 1977, Will and Ariel Durant were awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom, and In 1977, DAVID SCULLY received an Honorable Discharge from the U.S.Navy after serving on the carrier USS Enterprise in a combat zone off of Vietnam.

The PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM was presented to the Durants by President Gerald Ford for the Eleven-Volume "THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION". The Pulitzer Prize was awarded to The Durants for General Nonfiction for Volume Ten, "ROUSSEAU AND REVOLUTION" (intro excerpt) Between 1935 and 1975, 40 years, Will and Ariel Durant wrote THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION, an 11-volume set of books covering The History of Western Civilization for the general reader.

"Hey Hey, Hum Hum, Western Civ has gotta come!" (back)


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whom he later nicknamed "Ariel". The wedding took place at New York's City Hall, to which she roller-skated from her family's home in Harlem.


DAVID McCULLOUGH was awarded the PULITZER PRIZE twice and he was a recipient of the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM in 2006.

DAVID McCULLOUGH wrote "The Wright Brothers". In 1903 THE WRIGHT BROTHERS were first-in-flight at Kitty Hawk NC in 1903 WILL DURANT had just graduated from St Peter's Prep In 1969 NEIL ARMSTRONG was the first human to step on The Moon. in 1969 DAVID SCULLY had just graduated from St Peter's Prep 1903 to 1969, from First-Powered-Flight to First-Man-Stepping-On-The-Moon was only three score and six years (66 years). WRIGHT BROTHERS were from Ohio NEIL ARMSTRONG was from Ohio JIM JORDAN is from Ohio Scroll Down **** DAVID McCULLOUGH RECEIVED THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM IN 2006. DAVID SCULLY WROTE "THE LIMBAUGH SCRIPT" at sac state IN 1982. RUSH LIMBAUGH started his political and cultural satire radio show at KFBK, down the street from sac state, in 1984. DAVID SCULLY had shaken sac state and sacramento at the highest levels in 1982, with reverberations all the way to NYC and DC. From mid 1982 into 1983, did kfbk conduct a national search, looking for someone to IMITATE DAVID SCULLY, to do on the airwaves what DAVID SCULLY did in print? Or did they just suddenly hire Limbaugh, and then Limbaugh did "DAVID SCULLY" on the radio? Because DAVID SCULLY had an impact in sacramento education/politics/media of earthquake proportions, I fill out the puzzle this way. Limbaugh was not there in 1982 to read what I wrote in sacramento (though copies could have been mailed to him, or excerpts read to him). It was kfbk management, as part of my sacramento media earthquake, that was impacted by my publication. kfbk then brainstormed and head-hunted and got their radio guy, limbaugh. Let's say that all transpired as 1982 rolled into 1983." kfbk didn't have to think up the "1984" connection, because I had specifically written in my publication, "THIS IS LIKE 1984!" So, either it took them that many months to come up with the plan, to find the radio person, and to start the program, OR they conveniently held off a few months until it, conveniently, actually WAS 1984! QED. Puzzle Solved. Some pieces should be filled in, and those pieces can be supplied by Limbaugh, by kfbk personnel and friends and associates, and by interviewing other people in sacramento and at sac state and Bella Abzug and Barbara Boxer and Anne Rudin and staff, etc., and by searching Snowden's internet dumps and other internet archives for copies of the newsletters. Or, since it was an official student organization at sac state, copies could be in file at sac state, in the files of the attorneys at sac state, still in the possession of vindictive or hoarding people who kept a copy, and most likely in the files of those liberals in education who kept a copy to blacklist me with my "awfulness". RUSH LIMBAUGH RECEIVED THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM IN 2020, about 2 score years later (4 decades) after copying the pattern set by DAVID SCULLY in 1982 in his official student publication at sac state. PETER THIEL ESTABLISHED "THE STANFORD REVIEW" IN 1987 at nearby Stanford. Basically, PETER THEIL did what DAVID SCULLY had done five years earlier, blowing the whistle on the campus liberals' fascist political correctness and absurd and hostile restrictions on Freedom of Speech. Others followed DAVID SCULLY AND PETER THIEL. DINESH D'SOUZA in 1993 "Illiberal Education", TAMMY BRUCE in 2001 "The New Thought Police", DIANE RAVITCH in 2003 "The Language Police", and in the past four years especially, all sensible (mostly conservative) media people from MARIA BARTIROMO to others on FOX News to NewsMax to The Hoover Institution and Victor Davis Hanson, The Epoch Times ... and many, many more. In 1982, I made the clear warning, crying out in my Publication "It's like 1984 !" I didn't hint it. I said it outright. Now, Victor Davis Hanson of The Hoover Institution repeatedly decries the Democrats' rhetoric as Orwellian (Orwell wrote "1984"). And here is a quick and concise overview, from the internet, of Tammy Bruce's "The New Thought Police", Scroll Down *** OVERVIEW "Stop the Left from Policing Your Mind Our freedom to speak our minds is under attack. Like the Thought Police of George Orwell's book, "1984", powerful special interest groups on the Left are mounting a withering assault on our rights in the name of "social equality." Liberty has been turned on its ear as the rights of the few restrict the freedom of everyone. In "The New Thought Police" author Tammy Bruce, cuts through the deluge of politically correct speech and thought codes to expose the dangerous rise of Left-wing McCarthyism. Provocative and persuasive, this book is a clarion call to anyone interested in preserving liberty. *** Tammy Bruce's clarion call rang out in 2001, one score years after MY clarion call in 1982.


Dear Mr. McCullough, Are you interested in History? I've heard that you are. Well, then, here's a fact of History that probably even you don't know. DAVID SCULLY (yours truly) wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh Program in 1982 when he (I) established a student publication at california state university sacramento. That's a quick elevator pitch statement to capture the essence. In actuality, what happened is that Rush Limbaugh imitated me outright, or was influenced and/or inspired by what I wrote at sac state in 1982 directly or through his employers and support staff down the street from sac state at kfbk radio. I do not know the specifics but they are worthy of investigation. There was a year gap between mid-1982 and 1984, so WHEN did kfbk communicate with Rush Limbaugh? It is very likely that kfbk saved copies of what I wrote and presented them to Limbaugh for inspiration and/or imitation (a script, if you will). How can I so boldly conjecture this? Well, my publication shook sacramento at the highest levels Scroll Down at sac state, in politics, and in media. To say they all noticed me is an understatement. The President of sac state had the dean of students browbeat me and my required faculty advisor in his ante-chamber, and they had students on campus threaten me, and professors wanted to kill me. Congresswoman Bella Abzug flew out from NYC because I mentioned her name in passing and later sacramento Mayor Anne Rudin harrassed me when I was a substitute teacher and even later U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer tried to frame me with bankruptcy fraud. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what went on, and it has continued for four decades. The Sacramento Bee published a piece mirroring what I was doing and I actually presented my publications to The Sacramento Union (though his response was a condescending chuckle when he noted that I had written a Copyright Notice each week). The Sacramento Union folded in 1994. The Sacramento Bee awarded me the honorific "Doctor Risk" around 2003. Because Rush Limbaugh's impact has been so immense, Rush Limbaugh, himself, is an historical figure. So then, of course, what I did is an integral part of that story, of that history. But what is a very important part of this historical story, Mr. McCullough, is not just that Limbaugh imitated me and/or was inspired by what I did and lifted my humorous, self-deprecating "Hun" metaphor off of my pages to use throughout his career as his signature sign-on, "The Great El Rushbo firmly ensconced behind the golden eib microphone IN THE ATTILA THE HUN chair." What is an even more important part of the story is how I have been treated for what I have done. Blacklisted, ghosted, sanctioned and harassed for 4 decades. Scroll Down I hope you and your staff look into this historical matter, Mr. McCullough. blasey ford made accusations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh that she said happened in 1982, but she couldn't come up with the who what when where why how of it. She couldn't remember anything and neither could anybody else. On the other hand, I CAN tell you the who, what, when, where, how and why of what they did to me in 1982 at sac state and what I did in return, and why and how, and what they've done to me since. AND, it can all be investigated because I can tell you where and when and identify names and what I did was so well-known and witnessed at sac state and throughout sacramento that legions of people will remember it. Yours Truly, David Scully ****

Open Letter to RUSH LIMBAUGH

Dear Rush, Well, Rush, it's been almost 4 decades since those long ago days of the early 80's. Yeah, Old Man Time's been visiting me regularly. Enlarged thyroid recently biopsied, arthritis, swollen knees, torn meniscus. I just saw an MRI of my upper spine, and that image haunts me. About half of a disk is missing. I can actually see the cord. It really IS a cord. Kinda spooky. So THAT's what's been hurting back there all my life! Yeah, sacramento...sac state, arden fair mall, Rio Linda, adopted home town. I sort of adopted that place, myself, back in 1977 when I got my Honorable Discharge. Yep. I finished up college at Davis, got a job in sacramento for the county, and went to law school there at McGeorge. I "adopted" it because, like you, I'm not from sacramento. I'm basically a New Yorker, from Northern Jersey. Well, in sacramento I was the good neighbor but I was surrounded by brats. After I established my ground-breaking, trend-setting pubication at sac state in 1982, I helped the Republicans out during George Bush's Victory '88 presidential campaign. Yeah, they had a hard time scrounging up enough people to come out to the airport to welcome Quayle. Well, that's understandable. The Republican Party is not exactly the people's party - just a bunch of damn rich cronies who exclude everyone else. And they don't know darn about teamwork and reciprocity. Scroll Down To Top When I established my publication at sac state, I did it because I HAD to, not because I wanted to. I did it because nobody else had done it and it needed to be done. The insane, bratty liberals were running down the field unchecked and scoring on every play with their offensive nonsense and nobody was even throwing a block at them, let alone tackling them! I did it, took incredible heat, and looked around for allies. "There MUST BE SOMEBODY who is against these brats," I thought. "Ah, Yes! the Republicans!" So I reached out to them, but they never responded. Until 6 years later, when they couldn't scrape together a barber's quartet to help them greet Quayle. I guess they went through their voice mail from six years back, and called me. I showed up at the airport and saved the Republicans' asses again. The Republicans were being mocked mercilessly by the liberal San Francisco press and a couple of protestors in chicken suits. I took matters into my own hands, mocked the liberals relentlessly in front of their own cameras so much that they didn't have the breathing room to create a 3-second offensive sound bite. I shut those brats down all by myself.

I showed the Republicans how.

Believe it or not, the Republicans actually showed me a little respect for a tiny, little while. I was invited to greet Governor Deukmejian, sat next to U.S. Senator and Future Governor Wilson at the phone center, etc. But that didn't last. I guess they expected me to be like them, but I'm just not that stupid. I can't dumb myself down enough to do that. During the Gray Davis Recall Election, I gave the Republicans another try. I was on the phone bank calling numbers that they assigned me, and a callee scolded me, saying "ACT LIKE A REPUBLICAN !" I guess it bothered them that I wasn't an old fart ass fuddy duddy, mean-spirited bully like them, but rather had some life in me. So, not only did I have the eternal hatred of the liberals for writing what became the Rush Limbaugh (that would be you) script, but the Republicans also hated me because I was too much like a liberal - you know, intelligent, educated, kind-hearted. So, that's the life I've endured for the last 40 years. Thanks, bro. Scroll Down To Top ********* I've been told by several people, Rush, that you often state that your program is unscripted. Nobody else does that, Rush. Nobody else in the media is always saying that their program is unscripted. Why do you do that? Why do you feel that you need to make that denial, to tell us that you don't read from a script? We get it already. We believe that you don't read from a script. Me thinketh thou doth protesteth too much. But that's not what I mean when I say, "I wrote the script for the Limbaugh program in 1982 at sac state when I established a student organization and wrote and distributed Newsletters for about 7 weeks." EVERYBODY UNDERSTANDS WHAT I MEAN, RUSH, BUT YOU PRETEND TO NOT UNDERSTAND. You're just setting up a straw man to knock down. "oh, this guy claims that he wrote scripts for me, but my program was never scripted." But even little kids understand that when I say "I wrote the script for..." that it's a shortened version, an elevator pitch. I have told the entire story many times. I always make it clear that I wrote Newsletters at sac state a year before you got there! But the starting of your show was greatly influenced by what I wrote. That is clear. I never said your program is scripted and I never said that I am your scriptwriter. I said, "I wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh Program in 1982 when I wrote/established my student publication at sac state." That's the full elevator-pitch sentence. Sometimes, if we go only one floor, I make it quick, "I wrote the Limbaugh script." That's an expression, Rush. It's like saying, "I Wrote The Book On That." EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT I MEAN. When you pretend to not know what I mean, it makes you seem deceptive, like you're avoiding something. What it means is that what I did was trend setting, copied and imitated. "I showed 'em how" would be another expression with the same meaning) Scroll Down To Top *********


"TO SCRIPT" (verb) and "SCRIPT" (noun) (DICTIONARY.COM to script. verb. meaning 9. "TO PLAN OR DEVISE." (MERRIAM WEBSTER script. noun. meaning 3. "A PLAN OF ACTION.") IDIOMS using the word "script." "flip the script" To change or reverse something dramatically. "stick to the script" To continue to follow the existing plan..." Any kid of average or above intelligence knows that these expressions "I wrote the script ..." "I wrote the book on ..." are expressions that are rarely meant to be taken literally. Each of my weekly publications was SCREAMING OUT this plan (this script) to my future imitators by example. "Juxtapose Our Common Sense vs. their insanity, Using Humor. Mock Them. Satirize Theme, as they so feebly try to do to us. Flip the script on them! Show our contempt for them, showing that THEY, not we, are the nitwit, ridiculous, absurd idiots and deplorables. That was the plan I laid out for you by example. But, what if I avoided the expression, "I wrote the Limbaugh script." What then? I could have said, "I exposed the campus liberal fascists and their hypocrisy with cutting and effective satire in a public forum, and was very effective and set the example that Rush Limbaugh and others would follow." But before I could finish that, the CEO would be long outside the elevator and halfway down the hallway. "I wrote the Limbaugh script" are words that can be said in 1 second, so you could even catch people walking briskly down the hallway in the opposite direction. I looked up the expression, "I wrote the book on that!", but I WROTE THE SCRIPT. I WROTE THE PLAN. SEEM MORE TO THE POINT. What I did is I set the example for you, before your program ever even existed. "I wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh Program" seems to express that what I wrote did inspire your employers and you to get the show started and to do what you did the way you did it (that is, MY WAY, making the subject of your satirical attacks the follies and vicissitutes of the damn liberal brats) Really, my 1982 Publication was saying this to people like you, "DO IT LIKE THIS." "FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE HERE." "THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT." "THIS IS THE WAY IT'S DONE." That's EXACTLY what a script is, Rush. Though I didn't write out every word of your dialog, in detail, for the next 4 decades, Rush, I wrote out your dialog this way, "Do it like this. Say it like this. Mock them this way. Satirize them this way. THIS IS HOW YOU CAN SHOW THE TRUTH!" (In other words, just as I showed the street-stupid, lard-ass moron Republicans how to do it when we greeted quayle at sacramento airport in 1988, so also was I showing the way with my 1982 Publication.) ********* And what I wrote really is like a script for what you've done. I could have laid it out like a script like this. Name of Play SCULLYLET ("To Write...or not To Write and Publish and Distribute My Satirical Publication at this crap campus! To Speak...Or not To Speak on the radio! These are the questions!") CHARACTERS PRINCE SCULLY VILLAIN EDUCATORS AND POLITICIANS RADIO STATION DUDES GENERAL LIMBAUGH SUMMARY CHARACTER DESCRIPTION DAVID SCULLY AND GENERAL LIMBAUGH ARE GOOD GUYS. THE VILLAINS, SAC STATE ADMINISTRATORS AND POLITICIANS, ARE EVIL. PLOT PRINCE SCULLY battles villains with Sword of Truth, is wounded, laterals Sword of Truth to GENERAL LIMBAUGH, saying "We battle with words, written and spoken. I cannot tell you what words to say the first Tuesday of next year, Oh Beloved General, nor the tenth Thursday of the tenth year, or the fifth Friday of the twenty-fifth year, but your role, your part, is to imitate me and what I have done. Follow the plan I have laid for you by example, noble warrior! Fight them the way I have fought them. Don't just be a stoopid, hapless Republican! Battle these evils fools with sarcasm, mockery, condescending humor, contempt, and logic." SCENE I. Cafeteria at sac state...yada...yada...yada... (So, there's your effing script, Limbaugh. It was always there, implied.) *********

You've done well in carrying on what I started, Rush.

So, why don't you just tell us, Rush? How come my 1982 campus Newsletters and your program (which shortly followed them down Howe Ave at kfbk) are so similar? I didn't copy you. I did it first. It looks like you imitated me, took ideas from me, from what I wrote then and there. Admittedly, you weren't there at that moment, but the kfbk crowd and the sacramento cliques were, and my impact hit everybody who was paying attention - everyone in education, media, and politics in sacramento. So, either kfbk got the ideas and transmitted them to you - overtly or subconsciously, OR they actually showed you my Newsletters or precious excerpts. In this case it's POSSIBLE that you didn't know that a student at sac state, down the street, had written them a year before, but not likely. You eventually knew and, at the least, you should have showed collegial acknowledgement. But, for sure, you knew of me when I came to your tenth anniversary celebration at the Sacramento Railroad Museum. I guess it must have been the tenth anniversary of when you started in New York, because the celebration in sacramento was in the late nineties, after I'd been back a while from Alaska. I remember your talk. I was impressed. And you seemed to be making reference to me (after all, I was there, and it wasn't crowded) I paid a week's salary to attend that dinner, and I expected to get to chat with you. The crowd was small. But the goons kept me from you. They brought a microphone to my table so I could record something, but I didn't have anything to say to them. I wasn't there to foment a revolution or even audition for a DJ position. I was just there to meet you. I was a writer. I wrote the Newsletters that got the whole thing started. I wrote the Limbaugh script. I conjecture that I'm the reason kfbk searched for and hired a guy like you in the first place. So I said "hello, nice to be here with you wonderful Republicans" and got that over with. Then they gave me a gift bag with a cigar and trinkets in it, like I was a the Manhattan Indian in the 1600's and you were stealing Manhattan from me for $24.00. Later on, I followed up by emailing you many times, but we never met. So we share many years and understandings that others don't share. Like the sacramento Republicans mockery of the poor people in Rio Linda. It shows how small-minded and petty those despicable, pathetic sacramento Republicans are. They have to go to Rio Linda to find people they can look down on! And, anyway, who really thinks those obnoxious Republicans are better than the poor people from Rio Linda? Why didn't the sacramento Republicans like me and embrace me for what I did? Well, why share the credit, right? I mean, that's the mean-spirited, greedy Republican credo, right. "Greed is good." Also, because I'm not a stupid, mean-spirited, greedy, deplorable like they are. I'm not one of them. I can lead them, and I have, but I'm not going to stoop to BE like them. yuch! They're willing to steal things of value from me, and they have. Maybe it was that hot little blond twelve year old in Knights Landing. Yeah, I saved up in the navy and in 1977 got a 2 1/2 acre property 20 miles north of Davis, near Sacramento. I'm sure it must be worth over a million now. It was perfect for me. It had five rentals on it, and one had a family with a curvy little, golden-skinned blonde girl who dressed like the girls from L'il Abner's Dogpatch USA. She'd ride around the property in her Daisy Duke short shorts and a tank top. It was usually about 100 degrees there in the summer, but when she came out the temperature suddenly soared to 120. Everybody drooled over her. The judge's wife warned me about them, said she had to sue them for the $60 rent. I was busy and occupied. I smelled trouble. I could see them teasing me with pleasure for rent. I immediately evicted them. The dog in me is like, "You Damn Fool. Why'd You Do That?!" But the part of me that didn't want to spend a lifetinme in prison is like, "Smart Move!" Besides, what's the big deal? They could go somewhere else, like where the landlord was a little old lady without any male libido. Well, who knows where we'll be 500 years from now, Rush? Maybe we'll be playing soccer in Heaven, getting our heads banged by soccer balls. I dunno. I think your current program where you bash Wall Street for the GameStop outrage is a good one. Here are some of your quotes from your program that FOX News posted,

"Now they're actually making it clear to anybody that has the ability to notice that you're not allowed to profit... And the perks are, the ability to guarantee your kid's financial future, the ability to guarantee yourself a financial future, the ability to guarantee yourself a position of some power... elites trying to prevent ordinary people from benefitting... has tried to hold down average Americans."

I dunno, Rush...maybe a little irony here. "Irony" is not a word I like. It's kind of a "fancy" word that ordinary people don't use. It's what high school and college girls use, especially when they're in class and they're trying to impress their feminist instructor, "I know...that's so ironic!" I don't even like the way it's pronounced...but that's just a humorous digression for later. I just looked it up on my smartphone and up come three vaguely similar but different meanings, 1. "the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite..." 2. "a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects..." (a memorable example I remember is "a couple has their wedding in the desert to avoid any possibility of rain...and it rains) 3. "a literary technique by which the full significance of a character's words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character." (Ordinary people always use irony, Rush, but they just don't know it. They think they're being sarcastic. They are. For example, I might say, "I just LOVE IT when Limbaugh denies me, the liberal brats harass me and assassinate my character, and they get the stupid idiot Deep State conservatives to join in on the sanctioning, blacklisting, and harassment. I JUST L - O - V - E THAT! Love it! Love it Love it!" You see, Rush, if I said that I would be using irony. Meaning (1.) above, i.e., expressing my meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite..." In other words, Rush, I would be saying that I love to be treated horribly and unfairly, but NOBODY likes to be treated that way, Rush. Everybody knows that. Even little kids. By being sarcastic, I'm emphasizing the point that I DON'T love it, DON'T like it...indeed, HATE it! Even little kids also understand that "I wrote the book on that", "I wrote the script for that routine, for that schtick..' are also expressions. But these expressions don't have the OPPOSITE meaning of the intended meaning. Rather, they have very much the same meaning, but they're not intended to be literal. When I say "I wrote the Limbaugh script", I DON'T mean the opposite, i.e. I don't mean that "I didn't write the Limbaugh script." When I say that, I really mean "I wrote the Limbaugh script". What I mean is that "I might as well have written the Limbaugh script, because every word and idea and drumbeat and intonation that comes out of his mouth from MY Hun Chair is what I wrote in my sac state student publication in 1982." I mean "It's just as if I wrote the Limbaugh script", or indeed, in this case it seems, my script actually did function as a script of sorts - not something that you read verbaitim (although you did lift phrases and ideas), but something that you used for ideas. It's as if your bosses said, "Here. Do something like this. Do what this graduate student at sac state so courageously and nobly and effectively did." So, isn't it ironic when Rush Limbaugh criticizes the Wall Street elites for saying "You're not allowed to profit" when Limbaugh, himself, is an elite who says to me, "You're not allowed to profit" !? "ability to guarantee your kid's financial future" (yep. that was screwed. ruined my family relationships too) "ability to guarantee yourself a financial future, the ability to guarantee yourself a position of some power...' (yep. didn't have that, either) "elites trying to prevent ordinary people from benefiting" (OK, I'll spell this one out. Rush Limbaugh being the elite, David Scully being the ordinary person, David Scully not benefiting for his seminal contributing role in The Rush Limbaugh Program tsunami) "has tried to hold down average Americans." (OK, so, the average American, the veteran - that would be me, Rush) So, it's kind of ironic (actually, EXTREMELY ironic) that you're criticizing the Wall Street elite for doing these greedy, selfish things and holding down ordinary Americans, while you, Rush, the media elite...the premier conservative media elite for several decades now... hold down this ordinary American, this ordinary Veteran, who not only has earned reward but who has suffered a great deal and for a long time (all his life) for the great beneficial contributions he (I, yours truly) has made.

Rush, you don't have to give me money to make this ok. All you have to do is acknowledge my role...how I contributed...how I've been punished for it!

The rest will take care of itself if you do that, Rush. Belatedly, to be sure...but...better late than never. And I will always honor you, your life, and your work and contribution to America. Yours Truly, David Scully **** Mailer speaks, starts with humorous remark that falls flat on clueless Seton Hall audience. DAVID SCULLY (sitting in front row), informs the audience, "That was a JOKE! He wants you to LAUGH!" Mailer, "What's your name?" DAVID SCULLY, "David" Mailer, "Your last na..." DAVID SCULLY, "Scully" Mailer, "Scully, I'll give you the gun in my left pocket..." (Scully was to his right side. It was a fake threat.) DAVID SCULLY, "I have one." (Matching his fake threat with fake response.) Mailer, "Look...Scully...I know you don't like me..." DAVID SCULLY, "No, no...I like you...I like you...I'm just a little drunk." Mailer (pausing for effect, as if unable to find a response) ... "Oh ... Well ... " The audience laughs quite audibly. The joke is that Mailer notoriously drank heavily on some well-publicized occasions. DAVID SCULLY, "See? I got 'em laugin' for ya!" To Top