LET US PRAISE DAVID SCULLY, TEACHER! THE KIND OF TEACHER WE ALL WANT OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE! Mr. Scully Is A Model of Thoughtful, Respectful, Kind, Friendly and Appropriate Behavior!

The first week of school, a nice girl gave me a hug after class each day. I thought about it and then wrote a note in the top right corner of the board, "NO HUGS Hi 5's OK!" I pointed it out to each class, and left it there for the duration. This way, the girl was not mentioned and embarassed, and we could continue to express good feeling with a Hi 5! (of course, when I gave the other 6th grade math teacher a consoling and encouraging shoulder bump, she and BRAT STEVIE, the punk-ass psychobrat principal, conspired to file a sexual harassment complaint and superintendent dunkersloot said "it wouldn't go well for me" if I let it bother me, but how could it not bother me? And I spent a lot of time and energy and stress to get it dropped (dunkersloot just sent an email to BRAT STEVIE saying there was not enough evidence) I, myself, was enthusiastic about teaching math. Hired late, I got there at the last minute, and was assigned a classroom with bare white walls. A friendly teacher from downstairs and her husband, a veteran, and their daughter came up one evening and performed magic on the walls in a few hours, but it was still lacking math stuff. CALL ME A MATH PERVERT AND INSINUATE IF YOU MUST but I just HAD TO have math posters and charts on the walls! Colorful, Enticing, Exciting, Interesting, Seductive if you will... I had them going. I was tempting them, luring them with straignt lines, coordinate planes, triangles (are you getting the innuendo?) quadrangles, polygons enough to dazzle the eyes ... and IN COLOR, no less... It was working. They were weakening. Then, it happened! At the end of class one day, a girl pointed to colorful polygons on the wall. She couldn't hold back any more. She couldn't wait, and asked, "When Are Going To Get To Those?" Alas! Were we to see the future back then, we would foretell that the walls would shortly be bare again. stevie, even though he had just sent us emails saying he had budget "money to burn," ignored my request for math posters. I had to spend about $300 bucks of my own at a store in town for math posters. Without those math posters, my classroom would have been like...well, a marching band in sloppy, ill-fitting clothes. Similarly, I avoided girl problems and did not put up any sexy pictures of girls but only interesting math posters on the walls. Let the story be told that way.

When a nice girl gave me a hug after class every day the first week, I wrote on the top right corner of the board "No Hugs. Hi 5's OK!"

Thus, that girl was not named or embarassed, and we still had a good way to express friendship/affection/goodwill. HI 5! BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME
Mocking and Dispatching the Desperate, Reeling District's Retaliatory Nov 2018 hit piece.

A PATTERN OF LURING AND ABUSING TEACHERS stevie wartgo, gallup-mckinley school district, deep state fbi criminals?

The DavidScully Education Conjecture

THE PART OF 3's The Education Industry Consists of 3 Parts Girls Boys school districts TRILATERAL TRIPARTITE TRIAD Girls Consist of 3 Parts, Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice Boys Consist of 3 Parts, Snips, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails

school districts consist of 3 parts, LAWYERS ACCOUNTANTS (FINANCE DEPARTMENTS) PUBLIC RELATIONS gallup mckinley school district has public relations issues and weaknesses because of their administrators' history of sexual abuse and perversion. Therefore, they hired a Public Relations Company or they came up with their own public relations plan which consists of hiring unsuspecting teachers from across the country and world (possibly in coordination with deep state brats like fbi comey, strzok, page etc. who spy on U.S. citizens) and firing them in a media flare so that the administration can posture as "the protectors of the students." In reality, this is just psychological projection similar to gaslighting. If they were pure and unblemished and had no guilt and a clean past, they would not have this need to fabricate drama in order to posture as heros. The district administrators are thus psychologically sick and evil. Leave the kids alone. Leave the teachers alone. Stop being deceptive. Stop fabricting sexual drama. Stop abusing teachers as you do. Stop the "hire-to-fire conspiracies.


"The School Board hired a Superintendent who was engaged in sexual deviance, and who was violently murdered by his lover, himself a school principal hired by the School Board. It hired a transsexual teacher, and a transvestite Assistant Principal." L.W. v. GALLUP McKINLEY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD, (D.N.M. 2002) United States District Court, D. New Mexico. (24 Jul, 2002)