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loser hillary, sadistic bully


what difference does it make!!? she's politically DEAD.

joy bay hoo ah (joy behar) is a USELESS idiot.

Putin told me to say that. I must obey.

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Note: I think that the kind of information that I am disclosing here is personal and should remain personal.
 However, in today's atmosphere of The Politics of Personal Destruction, aggressive statements of denial and defense are called for. 

Andrea Bottner: I still stand with Brett Kavanaugh - and here's how we can fight back against smears and lies 10/6/2019

Scroll Down "That lesson has been learned; those who believe in due process and innocence until proven guilty need reinforcement."

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Things I've Never Done.

What you REALLY want to know about is ... MY TAXES! But first, let's talk about my sex life. It'll only take a minute. To Top SCROLL DOWN To Things I've Never Done Your first step to healing is Acceptance of truth.
President Ronald Reagan Joke

"A drunken Irishman came home and got into bed
and soon the fire alarm went off.
They came and put the fire out.
" 'Don't blame me,' said the Irishman.
'I didn't do it.
The bed was already on fire when I got in it!' "

"Third Rate Romance, Low Rent Rendezvous

I'll post more details elsewhere, later
(regarding endless background
attempts at character assassination
about my marriage, 1975 to 1983,
to a filipina I met
in olongapo, philippines)
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my sex life 

"We know that old boy 

didn't actually steal any horses."


tryin' to avoid being hanged fer it!"

later I will address the character assassination endless innuendo, hints, whispering, etc., hinting about sex abuse and/or child abuse. The short answer is that I didn't. EVER.
Let's Talk About Sex 
 Your first step to healing is Acceptance of truth. 

I didn't kidnap, imprison, torture, and rape Patty Hearst.
Bill Harris and the counter-culture radicals did that
(friends of new mexico schoolteacher mark rudd)

I didn't get involved in 2016 with a beautiful 10-year-old
indigenous girl in New Mexico and get her drunk, rape her,
kill her, chop her up, and burn her.
Others did that.

I didn't have sex with a lot of boys at gallup high school
while I was principal there (I wasn't principal there.)
The principal did that.

I didn't conspire with the fbi and/or others to frame/entrap
David Scully by offering him a teaching job in gallup NM
on a Thursday in August 2016
(which was not a genuine employment offer but, rather, was
a fraud committed upon Mr. Scully and the People of New Mexico)
and then start harassing, bullying,
and mentally and emotionally torturing Mr. Scully,
hiring him in Chicago on Thursday and then
5 days later on Tuesday loud, yelling interruptions
and a 12" hunting knife to his belly
and 2 weeks later a frivolous sexual harassment suit,
and continuous threats and harassments and 
conspiracies with some parents, students and staff.


LAST YEAR, in 2018, after 2 years, they did something similar! And they USED PARENTS both times. I conjecture that these conpiracies continue as a sort of fanatical, abusive, religious zeal and nitwit tea-party-type nut-wing "patriotism" with the like of stevie wartgo, like Patrick Byrne, enamored of the "black shirt" fbi men, and trying to slavishly and humbly serve them.
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" 'Hurting children is one of the worst things you can say someone is doing. IT'S AN EASY WAY TO DEMONIZE YOUR ENEMY.' "

(I know, huh. That's why white womens' libbers and their useful idiot white boys do it all the time.) "says kathryn olmsted, a professor of history at ucdavis, who has studied conspiracy theories." (ucdavis/sacramento area is ground zero CENTCOM for man-demonizing credentialed brats.) (from "Mother Jones," July/August 2019, by Ali Breland) "psychology professor Jim Kline, now at Northern Marianas College, argues that...we get into a state of hysteria and we let that overwhelm ourselves... secret underground tunnels. Their captors drank blood in front of them and staged satanic ritual sacrifices... some several hundred children were subjected to this treatment... Not that anyone else witnessed the abuse, nor was there any clear evidence that it was actually happening. But people were sure it was real. It made too much sense, they all agreed (The McMartin preschool scandal of the 80's) Now it was hundreds of children who had been assaulted and subjected to satanic rituals... one boy told of adults in masks and black robes dancing and moaning... But soon the case began to fall apart. The stories of abuse turned out to have been coaxed out of children by way of dubious and leading questioning. judy johnson, who made the initial accusations that her son had been molested was found to be a paranoid schizophrenic. In 1986, district attorney dropped all charges... The pedophile witch hunt of the 80's managed to mobilize entire institutions, with much of the media uncritically amplifying its falsehoods and police taking action based on shoddy nonevidence... Liberals participated in the (conservative's) hysteria - Gloria Steinem donated money to the McMartin investigation. Lives were ruined around the country."

Other Things I Didn't Do.



"olson took part in two bank robberies to help fund the SLA according to court documents. During the Carmichael robber, olson "entered the bank with a firearm and kicked a nonresistant teller in the stomach. The teller miscarried after the robbery," the documents said. In 2018, CNN blamed the victim with the CNN Original Series, "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst," as if Patty Hearst were the steel in the spine of the SLA. Rather, she was kidnapped, raped and tortured (I DIDN'T DO THAT, EITHER!) and she succumbed to The Stockholm Syndrome and played "dress-up terrorist" to survive physically and mentally. "The six-part docuseries follows the transformation of Patty Hearst from heiress to terrorist in a saga of privilege, celebrity..." and I will throw up. "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst (as if SHE'S the radical) includes unprecedented access to key figures in the story including Bill Harris (who basically smirked through the whole interview) the sleazy, creepy beast (starve THAT beast, mark rudd, not me. Give me his money, and let HIM live in a junkyard, like I do now) who abducted Hearst from her apartment in 1974... The series weaves through her upbringing, kidnapping, transformation into a terrorist" and I will throw up. "and her transition back" anything to change the subject off the harrises and olson and our distorted education systems that celebrate terrorists like olson, "who was such a wonderful person who ATTENDED SCHOOL PLAYS!" After serving her sentence of one year for her involvement in the murder of the church lady Myrna Opsahl, olson became a waddling old matron in minneapolis and attended school plays! For this she was highly celebrated in the media for her wonderfulness. She attended school plays! Of course, if a non-terrorist male attends school plays, they will whisper to one another behind his back that he does it because he is a pedophile who never murdered a church lady or kidnapped and raped Patty Hearst. (from "New CNN ORiginal Series, "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst," Premieres Sunday Feb. 11, 2 years ago) Now, this from '70's radical sara jane olson released from prison By Elliott C. McLaughlin CNN (CNN) Jon Opsahl said he doesn't think domestic terrorist-turned-housewife sara jane olson served nearly enough time for his mohter's murder... her involvement in the 1975 attempted bombings of two police cars and the slaying of Myrna Opsahl during a bank robbery that same year... "I've really got nothing to say. She did her time, as minimal as that may have been," said Jon Opsahl, who was 15 when his mother was killed. "One of those years - just one - was for the murder of my mom and the bank robbery up in Carmichael." Jon Opsahl, now 49, said he never understood why it took so long to bring his mother's killers to justice. While charges were filed in the bombings within months no charges were brought in his mother's murder until 2002. (1975 TO 2002. THAT'S 27 YEARS!). "You expect thugs to do what thugs do but you don't expect the district attorney (that's jan scully of sac state) to turn a blind eye to the murder of an upstanding citizen," Jon Opsahl said Monday. jan scully from sac state didn't hesitate to prosecute me on felony charges for messing up signature-collection paperwork during the 2003 recall election circus in california. It was merely a whimsical, but time-consuming venture on my part. (I have previously offered an explanation for this outrageous behavior on the part of district attorney jan scully from sac state, i.e., not prosecuting opsahl for 27 years, and that is because jan scully considers opsahl to be "one of them," that is jan scully identifies with opsahl as an entitled white female of "The Oldest Childrenation," the brats born in the forties. In other words, jan scully identifies with the terrorist opsahl, in that opsahl deserves membership in jan scully's group, or jan scully deserves membership in opsahl's group of terrorist brats, who twist the law and manipulate it however they want. In other words, opsahl rationalizes that it was ok to murder a church lady because feeding the sla was important, and jan scully feels that not prosecuting opsahl for it it ok because it's really not an action (it's nonaction) and besides, opsahl is an entitled white female of the same class and generation. QED. Of course, jan scully feels it's ok to prosecute me as a felon for jaywalking because I'm a boy, not a girl and, as julie gwynn shrieked at sac state in 1982, "white men have it coming to them!" (entitled to say this, I guess, even though she was from a slave state, Georgia, and my ancestor was an officer in the Union Army. That's called the entitlement of the white female brats of "The Oldest Childrenation" (brats born in the 40's) It's also called CHUTZPAH. **** I didn't blow up the Oklahoma City federal building, either, though a salt lake city trucking company seems to have engineered their truck breaking down there where I endured 2 days of hostility from mechanics and others there peppered with hostile comments about the Irish. **** I didn't molest or have sex with a hot little Bridgette Bardot in Knights Landing, CA in 1977. Rather, I evicted her and her family. It might have seemed mean at the time, but I figured no harm done, somebody else can rent to them. Knights Landing was a lot like L'il Abner's Dogpatch USA, and this was one of them hot young girls in her Daisy Dukes and halter top, And when she rode a bike and leaned forward on the handlebars, with her butt back on the seat and her legs pumping ... Well, let's just say she looked like Bridgette Bardot. I was 27, I just got out of the Navy, I just bought the property, and the judge's wife told me to watch out for them because they had to sue them for the $60 monthy rent. So maybe that's why the Republicans in yolo county ca hate me. Who knows? I think most Americans are pre-disposed to hate and almost anything'll do as a hook to hang a reason on. Bottom line. I got her off the property, and I never touched her. (no one suspects me of any sex impropriety in this situation, but the rednecks and females of knights landing and yolo county try to portray me as mean for it. It was a wise decision to remove the family out of sight, but the blame you no matter what you do. **** I didn't kidnap Elizabeth Smart, either, despite the histrionics of that eager beaver cop in Davis CA. Once they start type-casting you, these fanatics never stop. **** I didn't feed a puppy to a snapping turtle in front of 5th graders, either. Another teacher did that and he's acquitted and still teaching.

All the girls I didn't rape and kill! All the buildings I didn't blow up! All the knives I didn't pull on other teachers!

And yet I was speaking on the phone to a superintendent from vaughn nm this month and I made sure he knew about stevie wartgo and slasher riley at gallup schools (I really suspect that these brats know all about me when they call me for a job interview and now it's my policy to ASK THEM if they know anything about me to give then the opportunity to lie), and he said "maybe you don't belong in education."

WRONG! They don't WANT me in education, true.


By this time I belong, not IN education, but OVER education, fixing it. The slasher riley, the simple-minded fanatic brat principal wartgo, the feeding-puppies-to-snapping-turtles-in-front-of-5th-graders guy, the 60's radical brat terrorists who killed people and laughed about it, THEY don't belong in education, and a lot of changes need to be made. I know what those changes are. None of you have had the experiences that I've had to know. What the simple-minded, extremely-well-paid, highly overrated administrator at vaughn meant was "we administrators don't want you in education. We have a real, real, real, real, real, real, good scam going. Why, one of our administrators just got a $750,000 buyout for resigning from his superintendent position (google it). Yeah, and over there next door in Socorro TX and Ysleta TX districts, the superintendents are getting drunk and head-butting and punching each other out and getting arrested, and nobody fires THEM! WE LOVE IT LIKE THIS! No, we don't want YOU in education! Everything's fine just the way it is!" **** I didn't kill a girl in Alaska, either. The fact that they even considered me a suspect is scary, like somebody was out to pin it on me. They eventually found the guy in prison in New England from his dna, an Army guy from the base in Alaska. I'm pretty sure they could have eliminated me as a person of interest very quickly. The fact that they even considered me as a person of interest raises alarm bells. They could have checked the city bus records to find out what routes and when I'd been driving. Besides, how you gonna rape and kill and hide a girl when you're driving a bus? It was just more harassment, more of that desperation to "get me." **** After 3 years of learning to dance and sing extremely well at "The Last Frontier Saloon/bar/restaurant" in Anchorage and dancing with waddling matron teachers (I often point out that I got to dance with a former Miss Alaska there just to illustrate that it wasn't a dive, but rather a place good enough for a Miss Alaska to attend with her husband and family), I got invited by a young woman to attend a new club that was opening.


The bus offices and garage were on Tudor Rd and on that day I had the route on Tudor Rd. A young woman boarded the bus at a stop a short distance from the garage, sat in the front and happily chatted about "a club they just opened," and she invited me. In hindsight, now, as I rethink the events in my life, I realize that almost all, if not all, of these events were probably entrapments. She looked like she was in college. The University of Alaska wasn't far away. I showed up and danced a lot. That was the thing to do in the eighties and nineties. The music was of a broad genre called "electronic dance music." You could dance to it nonstop for hours, and we did. Think Madonna's "VOGUE" Scroll To Play With Lyrics HERE ARE THE LYRICS Look around, everywhere you turn is heartache It's everywhere that you go (look around) You try everything you can to escape The pain of life that you know (life that you know) When all else fails and you long to be Something better than you are today I know a place where you can get away It's called a dance floor, and here's what it's for, so Come on, vogue Let your body move to the music (move to the music) Hey, hey, hey Come on, vogue Let your body go with the flow (go with the flow) You know you can do it All you need is your own imagination So use it that's what it's for (that's what it's for) Go inside, for your finest inspiration Your dreams will open the door (open up the door) It makes no difference if you're black or white If you're a boy or a girl If the music's pumping it will give you new life You're a superstar, yes, that's what you are, you know it END LYRICS I attended for a month or two that summer (long Alaskan daylight), It was non-alcoholic and turned out to be mostly a teen place. I got into the "mosh pit" a few times, just for the experience (In fact, believe it or not, I partly did it as professional development, because in the sac state school of education they were promoting as an example a teacher ed student who'd been assigned to go to dances and who talked about the mosh pit, etc.) (My philosophy is that teachers should teach their subject, and not have to attend dances and other activites). I was approached and kissed by a girl, who probably did it on a dare, and who walked away and I don't recall ever seeing her again. There were a few students, male and females, whom I knew just because I was a bus driver, that I talked to. One day I got invited to a small hot tub party at a house up in the rich area in the hills, but I didn't go. That's about all that happened there, and that's probably what they're talking about when they say, "they don't like what I did in Alaska."

What did I do in Alaska?

I worked 3 jobs, teacher, bus driver, Air National Guard. I built a house. I learned to ski (Mount Alyeska), dance and sing, and I worked out a lot at Elmendorf AFB, which helped make me become a great singer (great aerobics, lung capacity). A lot of strange and unfair things happened to me in Alaska, and in retrospect I can see how they all may have been orchestrated by the sacramento educators and politicians (alaska is like a suburb of sacramento and northern california. Think the gold rush. They all went from sacramento to the klondike, so the connections went back 140 years or so. Even the newspapers were both McClatchy Newspapers. sacramento was the sacramento bee and anchorage was the anchorage something, daily news maybe.) For example, I was absurdly thrown off the bus by a black woman driving it. This would be typical stunt from barbara boxer to flip around the Rosa Parks story, throwing the white man off the bus. Being "on the bus" or "off the bus" has symbolic meanings, as well. Even, or especially, getting hired to teach in Red Devil, a very remote and dangerous place with a history of crazy, violent extremists, and a history of a previous teaching dying (or being killed) there recently. Then they tried to fire me almost immediately for no reason. It's like gallup. Hire a guy. Let him travel a long, long distance. Put him in a horrible, unwinnable situation. fire him. ruin his record, build on his record of failure. So, inviting me to an "all ages non-alcoholic" club, which basically turned out to be a teen club, would be right down their bag of tricks to compromise me. I knew some of the kids because they rode the bus, or from working out at Elmendorf AFB, or from ice skating at The Dimond Mall. After a month or two it played out and I stopped going. Actually, I thought it was getting a little crazy there. ****

All You Really Need To Know.

I have never molested or had sex with an underage girl. Let's make that sentence clear for you. I have never molested an underage girl. I have never had sex with an underage girl. There. Get it? It's late. gotta go. Got things to do.


My taxes are a lot like my sex life. That is, there's not really that much to talk about. In fact, in you're a competent tax preparer, I'd like to make a deal. If you catch up on my tax returns for the last 3 or 4 years, we'll go 50/50 on squeezing profits from the media for publicly disclosing them.

To David Scully's Sex Life And Taxes!


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Health Care
The Veterans Administration
The Mental Health Industry And Abuses, Labeling and Stigmatizing, Excuses And Blaming
Prison Reform
The Homeless, Street People, Crime
White Collar Crime, Financial Crimes
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Gun Control A Process Issue? Or Work on Practical, Flexible Answers?

Mexican Border Issues and Mexican Relations
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Abortion A Process Issue Beyond My Pay Grade
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