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 Ed Lozansky,
the Russian Dissident, colleague of Ronald Reagan,
student and colleague of Andrei Sakharov,
and the man who married his wife over and over again . . .
has tried to warn us over and over again . . .

 reason.com article December, 1981 

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I never heard of Ed until 2011
when he or someone at the World Russia Forum
sent me an invitation to that year's Forum in D.C.,
after I had sent a link to my ebook,
 The Truth Our Graduate Student 
to The Voice of Russia,
reaching out to them because I had been experiencing
continuing political harassment and abuse in this country.

I have attended 3, maybe 4 Forums since 2011,
studying the biographies and articles, and sometimes books,
of those who have participated in The Forum.

My personal impression of Ed Lozansky's personality is
that it is not that of a warm Teddy Bear like Ambassador Sergey Kislyak,
but is more like the busy, knowledgeable organizer/physicist that he is.

I have read several of Ed's many editorials on russiahouse.org
and I am in strong agreement with his overall viewpoint, i.e,
 "America-Russia: Towards Political, Security, and Economic Alliance" 
and with that of other major participants in, and associates of,
The Russia World Forum, such as the scholar Stephen Cohen
and Matt Rojansky and many others.

I just spent a few hours browsing the web
in order to verify facts for this entry,
facts about Ed's collaborative relationship with President Reagan,
and facts about his relationship as a physicist colleague of Sakharov.
I have found quite a few articles that don't make sense,
some accusing him of being a CIA agent, others a KGB agent,
and these articles are reminiscent of the fake hysterical news
swirling about this whole Russian connection brouhaha this summer.

One article "accuses" Ed of working with both the Left and the Right,
with the Dept of Defense, and Dissidents and Russians and Americans.
It's absurd.  THAT'S WHAT HE DOES.  He openly states it.
He brings people together trying to find common ground and purpose.

I will return to this article another day
when I have the time to find some of Ed's old editorials,
but I can tell you from memory right now what I will find.
I will find and link to articles
in which Ed, over and over and over again,
argues for U.S./Russian cooperation
in which he argues for the many benefits
for Russia and for the U.S. for such cooperation,
and in which he warns about the many dangers
for continued hostility in the relationship.

I clearly remember one article, in particular,
in which Ed persuasively points out
that Russian can smooth away a lot of problems in the world for us -
problems with other countries.
The flip side is that Russian make a lot of problems for us
in the world if we continue economic/political warfare against them.

Once again, without citing web posts, for lack of time right now,
I will state from memory from what I've heard or read
over the past two days, that is,
that Russia will retaliate and make it hurt
if we pass the new sanctions bill (we did).

Today, I heard it mentioned on FOX
that Secretary of State Tillerson says that China and Russia
are enabling North Korea.

And yet, I continuously hear the drumbeat
from Congressmen, Senators, news pundits, generals, etc.
that "we are at war with Russia,"
that "we will step up the economic war with Russia,"
and so on.
(we are not legally "at war" with Russia,
nor do we legally have any "allies."
We just have biases based on what we were taught
when we were children,
such as "our forefathers came over from England,"
and "Russians are commies who hate Jesus."
Russia is a nation that wants to ally and cooperate and collaborate with us.)

First of all, we are not at war with Russia
and such speech is extremely irresponsible and reckless
and those people should stop saying that IMMEDIATELY.

Look, stupids.  It's very simple.
It's just like a neighborhood.
Russia's like a big tough kid who lives around the block.
He looks big and strong and menacing, but what are his intentions?
He has to get along with everybody else in the neighborhood,
not just with us,
and so do we.

How do we know if this big kid is friendly or not.
Well, he says he wants to be friendly and cooperative with us.

Look, I don't know how to explain this to make it simpler.
We keep insulting Russia
and squeezing him economically, trying to destroy him,
he'll get other friends and retaliate.
So would I.

So, that was a few days ago, I think it was this morning when I heard Betty and Veronica on FOX (yes, they work for FOX too) "Trump is gonna 'rein in' China and Russia" and this (said in a critical tone) "Russia has its hand in every hotspot in the world." OK, Betty, enough with the tough talk about "reining in" China and Russia. That's the kind of talk that gets girls' boyfriends killing each other because the girl said "my boyfriend's gonna beat you up," That's bad enough but THIS is world governance. I'm seeing too many pictures of atomic mushroom blasts on the internet. That's the kind of muscle-flexing your girly trash talk leads to. Shut up. And, as for you, Veronica, with your "Russia has its hand in every hotspot in the world," I mean, you say that like it's a bad thing! I mean like, "HELLO!" that's the point of what I wrote above. I've been crossing into Juarez, Mexico 3 or 4 times a week on an educational/informational/relaxation vacation. As you walk back through the checkpoint you see the three flags displayed (Canada, United States, Mexico), with an expression of cooperation/working together. I just googled how many countries border Russia. Ans. = 14 Norway and Finland, Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (bordering Kaliningrad enclave), Belarus and Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, North Korea and China, for a total of 14 land neighbors. That doesn't include about as many other "hotspots" that are VERY close to Russia's border. Notice how close Iran, Iraq, Syria and the rest of the "hotspots" are to Russia. Over here, we only have to worry about that Canadian Mark Steyn. But as for Russia, that's a lot of cooperating/working together that they have to do. The flip side to this issue, Veronica, is, as Ed Lozansky has been singing for decades, that Russia can influence these hotspots (hotspots that it HAS TO engage because they're on Russia's borders) to make things easier OR harder for the United States. Friendship, Cooperation, Respect and Helpfulness are the only answer for our relationship with Russia. Then Russia will eventually trust us, and help us, as a friend. As for ALL the senators and congressmen, let's throw ALL the bums out - throw out ALL the senators and congressmen up for election in 2018, and teach them a lesson.

Defeat EVERY Democratic and Republican Senate and Congressional candidate in 2018!