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Dear President Trump Be Cool ! Europe Angry Over New U.S. Congress/Senate Sanctions Bill

Putin Responds To Friendship June 24, 2017 (page 2)

"Fuck The EU! - Yeah, Exactly !" U.S. Asst Secretary of State conspires to overthrow foreign government (Ukraine)

That's victoria nuland, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State plotting Regime Change in Ukraine in Feb, 2014, conspiring with geoffrey pyatt, U.S. envoy to the Ukraine, instigating the whole Ukrainian mess (that is, the U.S. conspiring to overthrow a foreign govermnent) PROSECUTE THEM!

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (2005 - 2009), Russian Expert, Compares Ukraine to Texas and Original 13 Colonies

"Yet Americans know only too well the importance that Russia attaches to Ukraine. In her memoirs, Condoleezza Rice noted that some observers compare Russia's loss of Ukraine to the U.S. losing Texas or California. But she argues that analogy does not even begin to capture it for 'it would be like losing the original 13 colonies' (Rice, 2011, p. 357) Crimea was part of the Russian Federation..." (The point of this section, for you shidittoheads from sacramento, is that it is as reasonable for Russia to include Crimea and Russian-populated Ukraine in its nation as it is for the U.S. to include the 13 original colonies and Texas and California in ours, according to Bush's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, anyway. Wait...I think we already fought a war for something like that - I think we call it The Civil War, though there was nothing civil about it - yeah, it was all about keeping Texas and The South in the nation with the original 13, and about the future of The West and California and all that stuff.)

He Tried To Warn Us Somehow (Page 8) War WAR WAR!

It's All Putin's Fault! It's All Putin's Fault! It's All Putin's Fault! These editorials in The Washington Post are so lopsidedly anti-Putin. This is concerning because if they reflect the opinions of its owner, Jeff Bezos, near the top of Forbes 400, now at #3 with $84.5 billion this month On the website of billionaire MikeBloomberg, now at #10 with $53.5 billion, articles show a more intelligent analysis, more thought, less emotion and anger Bloomberg News I am hoping that the Silicon Valley Unicorns are more like Bloomberg. The opinion of this website, www.davidscully.com, i.e., MY opinion, is that the anti-Russia/Putin hysteria is due to the overall immaturity and shallowness of Americans in general. Watters does an amusing segment on his program, Watters World, on FOX, in which he goes out on the street and interviews people about current topics, showing in an often hilarious manner how uninformed Americans are. I also think anti-Putin racism, so-called "reverse" racism, is involved and the Stockholm syndrome. George Will once wrote an interesting article about the politics of aesthetics, arguing that Americans opinions are influenced more by the emotional impact of an image, such as that of a baby seal being clubbed, or a pretty child suffering. For example, blond girls like Elizabeth Smart and Jon Benet Ramsey, from well-to-do upper middle class families became American media obsessions, while non-white girls murdered in urban violence typically get only passing local coverage. (Elizabeth Smart ran away with a young home repairman, hid out with him, and returned unharmed.) My own personal analysis is that these things come under the heading of "Comforting Thoughts." We always want to think thoughts that are pleasant and comforting, and get very upset by thoughts that are not comforting. I previously wrote an article which I titled, "Why It's All America's Fault!" in which I argued that seeing everything as America's Fault was actually a comforting thought. The reasoning there is that if WE caused the problem then WE could easily fix it just by being nicer and more sensitive. That's a comforting thought - to believe that it is within our power to fix the world's problems just by tuning ourselves up. Nowadays it's not as trendy as it used to be to "Blame America First." So our new scapegoat is - TA DA - it's all Russia's fault. The Stockholm Syndrome comes in here by virtue of the fact that we all fundamentally understand that Putin and Russia are rational, and behave rationally and logically. Really bad people don't. In other words, it's SAFER to blame Putin because we know that he and his advisors will rationally analyze our irrational hysteria and respond as grownup leaders, shaking their heads at our immaturity. In other words, you can criticize rational adults because they will respond with measured, thoughtful restraint. Criticize brats, and they throw a tantrum, as Mark Steyn points out In fact, it's even MORE comforting to believe that it's all Putin's fault, because then all the world's problems are easily fixed by just dealing with that one person. Good luck with that. Anything sinister happen to him, and Russia would blow us off the fucking map. Don't even think of it. I guarantee you, THAT would be a discomforting result. HERE'S A SHARP PARAGRAPH FROM MARK STEYN "What is 'serious' free speech? Not so long ago, arguments for same-sex marriage or tampons for menstruating men would have been dismissed as utterly unserious - indeed, preposterous. What KPFA means by 'serious' speech is compliant, conformist speech that brooks no ideological dissent from the pieties of the day - on male menstruation, climate change, Islam, and whatever's next on the list. You can be as 'hurtful' as you like to cardinals but not imams, to climate deniers but not climate alarmists, to homophobic pastry chefs but not to gay newlyweds." I absolutely love Mark, and his paragraph is a great segue for a comment on common sense that I've been wanting to express for a long time. "We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident..." The Declaration of Independence is one of our founding documents, the document that justified our separation from England and delineated the "self-evident" Truths that justified that separation and upon which our new Nation would be based. Synonyms for "self-evident" are "undeniable, unquestionble, axiomatic, incontrovertible, obvious, patently true, prima facie, self-explanatory, unmistakable, visible," among other words. "Common Sense" is what I would add. But nowadays, in the United States, NOTHNG is incontrovertible common sense, and EVERY belief, no matter how obvious, is up for challenge. That's OK for college-dorm talk, late into the night, when you're intellectually exploring and challenging everything you want to, or for coffee shop talk when you've had too much espresso, and for theologians and stuff who wonder how many angels can fit on the head of a pin, but in the real world there's a thing called common sense. There used to be common sense in the United States, plain, obvious Truths that made sense to everyone, that were commonly agreed upon by everyone, by the common person. But in the United States there is no common sense on the Left. The Right has common sense, but the Right often is consisted of mean-spirited bullies and blockheads, and stupid people (Gov Jindal's "The Stupid Party"). The Left is full of flaky, emotional loons. My advice, listen to Mark Steyn mock them all.