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David Scully Calls For An Apology And For Reparations

Putting It All Together Well, read the story please. It's pretty much all here on this website. Certainly, limbaugh and all who followed him owe me a debt of gratitude and compensation in some form or another. That includes Hannity, and a host of others, and Hannity says it includes Levin, all those at FOX, and a host of a thousand, or thousands, of radio/tv conservatives. Peter Thiel established The Stanford Review in 1987 at Stanford. That was 5 years after I broke ground with my 1982 newsletters at sac state, and 4 years before Dinesh D'Souza published "Illiberal Education" in 1982. The dominoes were slow to fall, to be sure, but a decade after Dinesh, Tammy Bruce and Diane Ravitch came out with their "The Thought Police" and "The Language Police. But, of course, FINALLY, in the late 20teens ALL the conservative radio and tv talkers and think tankers are "shocked...shocked" to discover fascist thought and language control and politically correct repression on the campuses. I see no evidence that Peter or Dinesh or Tammy or Diane blatantly imitated and/or copied me. I do believe that, as the one who sparked the revolution, it is possible or likely that I am the one who sparked the embers that spread and eventually caught ablaze. If nothing else, limbaugh was blaring it out on his loudspeaker making it mainstream conservative groupthink, but true groupthink. But, still, Peter was persecuted in silicon vallen for his nonconformist thoughts. I watched quite a few of his YouTube videos after I discovered him in 2016. In one of his videoed talks, Peter talks about the comfort of knowing you're not alone. But there was no Students For Liberty until 2008, 26 years after I stood alone. Peter Thiel at ISFLC Students For Liberty 2012 In 2018 I was driving a water truck in the Permian Basin and, to unwind at night, lying in the loft of my UHaul home on a ranch in Barstow TX I would watch Peter Thiel YouTubes. While there is much to complain about my forced lifestyle, I have adapted and made the most of it. The peace and quiet and isolation are good for the mind in todays frenetic world, and the habit of cuddling up with books, or today, with YouTubes gave me a chance to catch up and learn a lot about Mr. Thiel. Several of Peter's YouTube links on my page "Thought Leaders" got deleted. I don't know why, except for one. That one was when Peter was talking with Reid Hoffman on stage at Stanford. I had the video where Peter and Reid started talking right away, without the introducers. That was taken down very quickly, and the only one that was available after that was one with THE PROVOST (I know, what the hell is a provost?) hogged the stage for a minute or two, flitting around the campus, doing EVERYTHING, apparently, so she stopped off to introduce, AND INSULT, Peter Thiel because, as provost, she could. Some smart people left those first distracting, annoying, insulting minutes off the video, but POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, they deleted all the YouTubes but the complete, official one, with that brat starting the talk by insulting its main speaker, Peter Thiel, before she went on to "teach physics." **** Rand Paul? Again, busy. But since 2011 I've been talking for common sense, sane diplomatic relations with Russia, attending World Russia Forums in D.C. I was attacked on my doorstep, too, like he was, politically motivated too, in both our cases. Mine even has an Orwellian touch. That guy used to live a block away and, when I'd drive by his house with my daughter, I said, once or twice, when I saw his huge rotweillers bounding like crazy in his pickup bed, rocking the pickup like a roller coaster, "I sure glad I don't live next to that guy!" Then he moved next to me. Did my daughter repeat what I said and then they acted on it? That Orwellian! Or, were they bugging me in my car and everywhere even way back then in the mid-eighties? Then he attacked me on my doorstep. He was a gorilla, but I managed to defend myself. Then they tried to get me on the Judge Judy program to make a fool of myself, but I didn't make a fool of myself, but it all fits into the conspiracy scenario. This guy was planted next door to me because he was the next door neighbor from hell. And they may have gotten the idea by bugging me or pumping my daughter for everything I ever said. Who knows for sure? But now that I'm sure of the conspiracy by both left and right, soooooooo many things that haven't made sense make perfect sense now. It's OCCAM's razor. They come up with all kinds of explanations like, "you have astonishingly bad luck," "you're a horribly evil human being and you need to turn your life around and be good." OR, this is endless, continuous harassment, and they keep it up and step it up because I don't buckle. I don't break. I'm not like thiel. That girl at ucdavis who filed a false report of rape and was merely sent home to mom and dad for counseling in response to that crime that had the whole city in turmoil? I say, "keep the outrage alive." "keep the truth alive." But thiel says, "I regret saying it." The sixties brats are not just irrational, but evil. When I was a 17-year-old freshman at st peters college, female students screamed and yelled at me that I should kill my father because he was part of "the system." (he was an accountant at the phone company, AT&T, son of immigrants, got a good job opportunity and held on to it, providing a secure life for his family). little rich boy petie thiel laments, "they promised us flying cars, but all we got was 40 or 80 characters." But, when the brats invaded the campuses, they promised them endless sex, but all they got was life terms. So, thiel's a traitor. There are sins of commission and there are sins of omission. Failure to render aid is a sin of omission. Thanks, peter. Sarcastically. I don't care if you put me on radio or not, but I HAVE EARNED A PLACE AT THE TABLE. I EARNED IT A LONG, LONG TIME AGO. At the very least, I have the right to get paid so I can live like a human being! ******* Another way. I want to sue gallup mckinley school district in gallup nm. They abused me quite badly. You know, a Veteran, a Senior, the author of the limbaugh script! Conspiracy, most likely Certainly a very, very hostile workplace. Kinda like the Trump/Russia thing, only they got it backwards. Oh, sure, they had momemtum on their side. Everyone's willing to believe - indeed, SALACIOUSLY EAGER TO BELIEVE - in the story of the evil teacher preying on children, just like everybody loves to see the bad guy caught by the fbi/cia/secret spies and surveillance. It's really the fbi/cia thing. What about when it's the fbi/cia/former president/former secretary of state who are the bad guys/gals? What about when it's a principal/school district hiring a teacher just to harass and frame him? I know the motivation why I became a teacher. I was a student at sac city college taking math and chemistry courses, tutoring in the math lab, unemployed, and the headlines said "CRITICAL SHORTAGE OF MATH AND SCIENCE TEACHERS!" I GOT INTO TEACHING BECAUSE I WAS/AM SUBJECT ORIENTED. I've always just wanted to teach math, science, and history. What stevie wartgo and others did at the gallup-mckinley district was a conspiracy and a crime. You know, the steele dossier. They said Trump was committing crimes and treason, but really, with FISA-GATE, its hillary, obama, The Democrats, fbi/cia deep staters who are the criminals committing treason. Same thing here. It's not me. It's the district, probably set the whole thing up from the beginning, luring me out there with a hire to entrap me/frame me on behalf of the deep state loonies in ca, the kind you see on tv now bashing Kavanaugh. IT'S A CONSPIRACY. IT WAS NEVER A GENUINE JOB OFFER WITH THE INTENT TO HIRE SOMEONE TO TEACH NEW MEXICO CHILDREN. IT WAS A FRAME-JOB, A SETUP FROM THE BEGINNING, FROM BEFORE THEY MADE THE JOB OFFER. HOW ELSE TO EXPLAIN THE HOSTILITY, THE BULLYING, THE KNIFE TO THE BELLY THAT BEGAN ON THE VERY FIRST DAY OF ORIENTATION!? After all, Mr Thiel, I established The Stanford Review before you did at sac state in 1982, but just by a different name. Please, Thank You **** And, as for my African American brothers, I am sympathetic to the idea of a thorough consideration given to reparations. But, consider this first, and please address it. The behavior of the African American university community at sac state in 1982 showed that African Americans feel that being a slave was pretty much equivalent to being a womens' libber. After all, I found offense to my sexually-harassing-me-cobol-instructor-wife-of-the-department-chair julie gwynn saying "calling a white woman a womens' libber IS JUST AS BAD AS calling a black man a N!@#5R." I never said the word. But she, the entitled white brat, did. I didn't get violent, I didn't yell, I didn't threaten, I didn't throw a hissy fit. I did the mature, manly, professional, collegial thing. 1. I properly established a student organization on the campus, an official entitity under the auspices of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, "The Men's Liberation Organiztion (MLO)." 2. I wrote and published the organization's first newsletter, politely and with civility stating various ridiculous and offensive things that she said, and how she said them in an offensive manner (index finger to the nose scolding). 3. I stated that they were absurd and ridiculous on their face and entirely inappropriate blather from an instructor on campus to anyone, especially to her student, who had to put up with her nonsense, to a point. 4. I requested a civil university dialogue on the matter. 5. A week or two or three later, since no one submitted any comments, I addressed the African American community on the sac state campus. I basically said that it was out of my paygrade to adequately respond to her offensive, entitled nonsense because I was never a slave (or an "nword"). I stated that what I'd really like to know is what the descendants of slaves, the "nwords," felt about her statements. So, once again, politely, twice, this time with a little more emphasis and urgency, I requested university community input, especially from African American university community members, and the response was, " " NOTHING. So, it seems then, that the entire sac state community of 1982 was cool with it. Being a womens' libber = being an African American slave for 400 years. But, anyway, as far as that reparations thing, let's deal with reparations for what they've done to me for the past 40 years, i.e., sanctioning and harassments of all sorts.

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