Tom Sowell (min 11, sec 27)
They lie and commit character assassination

Doctor Scully often expresses his appreciation
for the STABLE, WELL-BALANCED and happy childhood he had.
He had many healthy, happy, and positive formative relationships, and lots of friends, and
many healthy, happy, and positive experiences with the multitude of people in his life.

He had beloved and dedicated parents.
He was the youngest of four, and he expresses gratitude that he had not only brothers, but also a sister,         
though he wishes he had one or more younger siblings as well.
He says he compensated for that by bringing home a pet dog to love and care for when he was in 6th grade.
Dr Scully's siblings were part of the total experience of his childhood,
but Dr Scully had to move on and rise above because of their continued abusive and horrific attitudes and behaviors -
especially toward him, and also towards each other.         HORRIFIC sibings

The cherished pet was hit by a car in a snowstorm and saved by a local veterinarian.
The future Doctor Scully then worked for that veterinarian, who was Jewish, to help pay off the bill,
and Doctor Scully was supervised by an African American man, with whom Doctor Scully sat at a lunch counter each Saturday,
refusing to leave until they had been served and had finished eating lunch.
And yet, all the honkies and blacks, conservative and liberal, education, police state, psychology industry snakes, pastors -
all the usual scumbag suspects - smear Doctor Scully as a racist (by innuento only, of course, because his life and statements prove the opposite).         SCROLL DOWN
Disseminating narratives that are not only wrong, but SO COMPLETELY WRONG that they are the direct opposite of the truth
is the number one standard operating procedure for character assassination in the United States.
If they don't worship other races (or even if they do), label them "racist."
If they've learned to defend themselves and fight against abuse and injustice, and are clear, verbally strong communicators, call them "terror threats."
If they are attracted to attractive people (or even if they're not) call them "pedophiles" and "homophobes."
If they're smarter than you, and understand things that you don't understand (like Global Warming, for example), call them "mentally ill"
(hence, the Horrific trend of weaponizing the "mental health industry" which, like the fbi, the IRS, and government in general, has been weaponized for political purposes.)
Why not just add on innuendoes of alcoholism, abuse of women, and drug abuse and you have ... TA DA! ... Attila The Hun.
Funny - well, not really funny, but rather factual - Doctor Scully mocked such Orwellian, absurd, wrong, incorrect attacks 41 years ago.

(This, for the younger generations and the hopelessly uninitiated, is what is referred to as "Orwellian."         SCROLL DOWN

In 1949, George Orwell wrote the book, "1984" where the Deep State Police State (which Orwell called "Big Brother") made truth to be lies, and lies to be truth).
good meant bad and bad meant good. may meant must not. up meant down and down meant up. yes meant no and no meant yes...whenever they wanted it to, that is...
family members were taught to betray one another and report them to "Big Brother", who was "always watching."
In fact, Doctor Scully's "racial credentials" are Sterling, and he is light years ahead and miles above you morally in this regard.
He is your leader (not your scapegoat) in this regard and in many other ways.

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY about Doctor Scully's childhood is that it was happy, healthy, full of life, well-rounded, stable, and balanced.
And because "As The Twig Is Bent, So Grows The Tree",
Doctor Scully now, the adult and senior, is fundamentally happy, healthy, full of life, well-rounded, stable, and balanced.
Of course, since he has been canceled, ghosted, blacklisted, sanctioned and harassed since 1982
by the radical left in education and politics, and then also by the useful-idiot police state taking guidance and orders from said radical left,
Doctor Scully has endured continuous challenges and stresses, God turning him on the potter's wheel,
resulting in strenthening his mental and emotional toughness and his spirit.

He was the youngest of four siblings in a traditional 2-parent household in a working class neighborhood swarming with friends.
They lived in Northern New Jersey (the 6th Borough of New York City) and they could see The Empire State Building
from the roof of his friend's apartment building or from the ice cream parlor in the hills of the nearby nature reserve.

STABILITY and JOYFUL FRIENDSHIPS AND EXPERIENCES were the main themes of Doctor Scully's childhood from birth through grade 8.

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Of course, life has good and bad and there have been bad people in Doctor Scully's life. and Doctor Scully's policy, reasonably, has been to distance himself and stay away from them. But, two in particular have been so harmful and so used by the above-referenced "usual scumbag suspects" That Doctor Scully had finally decided to address those two right here, right now, once and for all. The two are mark, his sibling, a pathetic and evil person, and the person he met in a club in Olongapo, philippines in 1974. (Actually, since these two are going to get a thorough discussion, it will not be "right here and now", but within weeks).

EARLY YEARS, BY STAGES Childhood, 1st 10 years (1951-1961) Jr High Years, 10-13 (1961-1974) Adolescence, 13-17 (1964-1968) Young Adulthood, 17-22 (1968-1973) THE CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT Cultural And Educational Environment TODAY, 2021 Today, A Half Century Later

Greetings Neighbors, Some of you know me already. My name is David Scully, and I'm the Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Middletown. I bought an old fixer-upper in Middletown in 2007, 14 years ago, and fixed it up. I'm going to talk about my early, formative years (1951 - 1977), and then jump to 2021.

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EARLY DAYS, Childhood, 1st 10 years (1951-1961) 1951-1961 THE HOUSE on HAZELWOOD AVENUE I lived at 50 Hazelwood Ave, Vailsburg Section of Newark, NJ, from birth 'til age 10. The neighborhood sort of resembled the area in Middletown between The Borough Building and Wells Fargo and 7-11. The image below is of that actual house in 2021, much nicer and more modern than when I lived there, having been re-habbed in and out. We moved out in 1961, 60 years ago, my last day of 5th grade, and moved about 5 blocks. Current 2021 Real Estate Photos of 50 Hazelwood Ave, all fixed up modern Scroll Down To Top ********* THE CHURCH AND SCHOOL We lived four houses up from Sacred Heart School and Church. Sacred Heart School and Church and Convent and Rectory took up a complete block, The Church being a big old beauty on the corners of South Orange Ave and Sanford Ave. Sacred Heart Church, Vailsburg, Newark, NJ, Link To More Photos And Information Those first 10 years were full of family, neighborhood, church, and school. Catholic School church activities (First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Father/Son Breakfast), School, Cub Scout Friends and Den Mother, Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Camp, Little League (All-Star Centerfielder!, 2 summers of CYO Day Camp (Catholic Youth Organization). The streets were safe enough for us to come home and change out of our school uniforms into playclothes, get on our bikes and play baseball or football and be home by 6 p.m. Scroll Down ********* My mother used to sing this song when she was upset (she'd only sing the first line). When I asked her about it, she said, "It's an old Negro Blues Song". Actually, on the video it says "Negro Spiritual" (if needed, expand the size at the beginning to read it) "Negro" was common, polite terminology in the 50's and earlier (even to the mid/late 60's) Other examples Dr Martin Luther King used the word regularly in his "Letters From A Birmingham Jail" (1963) "For years now I have heard the word 'wait.' It rings in the ear of every Negro with a piercing familiarity. This 'wait' has almost always meant 'never.' " "...unarmed, nonviolent Negroes. I don't believe you would so quickly commend the policemen if you would observe their ugly and inhuman treatment of Negroes here in the city jail; if you would watch them push and curse old Negro women and young Negro girls; if you would see them slap and kick old Negro men and young boys" Negro Baseball League United Negro College Fund Scroll Down Of course, NOBODY says "negro" anymore. Though not an offensive slur, it has simply dropped out of disfavor, like "colored people", in favor of "black" and "African American." Honestly, I'm not sure what we're supposed to say these days, and I don't know whether I'm "white" or "Caucasian" or whatever, or what the precise differences are among "race", "ethnicity" and "cultural heritage". In fact, in my home as I grew up, the nword (with the "gg") was NEVER spoken. I did have a brother, the middle one, 5 1/2 years older than me, who was an idiot and who didn't associate with the best crowds. He would occasionally seek attention by showing off his knowledge of his vast variety of teenager street words for African Americans, "jungle bunnies", "coon skins", "shines". That's all I can remember. My mother's favorite cousin, whom whom she used to babysit and walk in a carriage as a baby, married a guy who resembled Archie Bunker and who had Archie Bunker feelings towards African Americans. He referred to Newark as "the jungle." Yet, he was a good father and a good friend to my parents. In the fifties and sixties, "negro" would be used in school in an academic setting, and "colored" in ordinary conversation, as in, "the coloreds live on the other side of The Garden State Parkway." I had a "mammy", or a colored or African American woman who was my babysitter sometime between infancy and kindergarten. I remember her name. It was Mamie Van Doren. But NOBODY has used "negro" since the late sixties or early seventies, I guess, and I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT say "I won't rent to the negroes" during a PA civil service employment interview. The notion is so ridiculous that it's laughable. But the interviewers made up the lie and got away with it. White SCUM. Republicans maybe. In fact, I DID rent to a black African American foreign student from Africa at the time (2014 or so) and I just recently, in 2022, rented to a black African American man from Harrisburg. Actually, personally, I was quite cutting edge in the Civil Rights Movement as I grew up. The Greensboro, North Carolina, lunch counter sit-ins beganin February, 1960. In 1960, I ate lunch at a lunch counter in South Orange, New Jersey, with a black man, my supervising co-worker at a Veterinarian's office/clinic. In 1969, I withdrew from the oppressive, medieval educational environment of the jesuits and enrolled at Rutgers in Newark. In the early seventies, I was a runaway Huck Finn, raft-riding in Manhattan with "black Jim" aka Sabu, sort of an older brother. He introduced me to karate in the dojo of the highly regarded Peter Urban in Chinatown. And so on ... to many examples to list. One more ... During that time I was driving a taxi in Manhattan and I stopped for two fares at Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village. They had been waiting a long time ... measured in hours, not minutes (I'd seen them as I drove by with other passengers). They flipped out with their dramatic expressions. That's just where we were at then. Scroll Down So, I'm angry with the Ghosting and Sanctioning I've experienced for many decades from Democrats AND Republicans. THE LAW OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, THE PA CIVIL SERVICE LAW REFERRED TO AS THE "RULE OF 3", REQUIRED THE CRIMINAL STATE EMPLOYEES TO HIRE ME FOR THE STATISTICS AND/OR REAL ESTATE POSITIONS I INTERVIEWED FOR. THEY BROKE THE LAW IN BOTH CASES, AND THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE LIED UNDER OATH AT THE CIVIL SERVICE HEARING. I wanted the truth to be exposed, so distributed flyers throughout the Assembly and Senate office at The Capitol, notifying and inviting everyone to attend the civil service hearing. Governor Wolf surprised me by coming out to meet me on the stairs as I ascended toward his office. I was too surprised and deferential to bother him with a flyer, and perhaps he sent an emissary to the hearing, but the fix was in and they lied and denied. I'd been to a hundred or so offices that morning and afternoon and, as far as I know, only one senator went hysterical with rage and complained about me (for doing what other citiens do and have a right to do). She was so stupid that she didn't get it that she SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENRAGED AT THE LYING FAT WHITE TRASH at the real estate department WHO OUTRIGHT LIED while enflaming everyone with a completely fake racial issue that never happened. The actual racial issue that did occur was the lie she told that created the false narrative of a facial issue. Her lie was a REAL racial issue. But the truth, I guess, is just a little bit too much for you all to handle. That's probably why Governor Wolf came out to meet me (with about 15 bodyguards). Well, he was friendly and he's an intelligent man (Dartmouth, MIT), but he couldn't or didn't do anything. Talk about Opportunity Cost! Talk about Reparations! I don't know why African Americans WILLFULLY MISUNDERSTAND. This all started in 1982 at sacramento state university when I was mocked and toyed with and insulted and abused sexually and regarding race and gender. This was done by my instructor, by definition a person in a position of power vis-a-vis me and by her stringy-haired, aging hippie husband, the department chair, who chuckled along at the abuse. When she put her finger to my nose and scolded "white men have it coming to them!" and "calling a white woman a womens libber IS JUST AS BAD AS calling a black man a $%gg@#", THAT WAS CLEAR ABUSE and IT WAS ABSURDLY INCORRECT and, by the way, I never said $%gg@#.


But everyone hated ME and called ME a racist, and it's never ended to this day, 41 years later. ghosted, sanctioned, harassed, persecuted, tortured, abused. Scroll Down LET US TALK ABOUT JEWISH PEOPLE When I was the Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Middletown in 2021, I reached out to the African American community of Middletown and Pennsylvania and The United States and I created most of this web page to do so. And now, to acknowledge, honor and communicate with PA Governor-Elect Shapiro, I have inserted these words here underneath where my mother would sing when distressed. A headline from "The Jewish Cleveland News" reads "Josh Shapiro, Democrat who made his Jewishness a campaign focus, wins Pennsylvania governor's race" OK, well that opens the door to continuing the conversation he began. I have reached out to African Americans as well as I know how. Now, here, I will BEGIN to reach out to Jewish Pennsylvanians and Americans. I say "BEGIN" because I have a lot to say in order to tell the story fully. And I know that, when the brain gets tired, one might rant and ramble. So, the quick outline I plan to jot down right now, and these few vignettes are not meant to give short shrift at all, but just to meet a time deadline of an Inauguration in Three Days! lol Note. You may have noticed that I write "Jewish People", instead of Jews. I do this for my own comfort level as to what sounds right and non-offensive, and to bring to light a language issue, and to avoid criticism. It seems that most people don't refer to Jewish People as Jewish People. They refer to them as Jews. Even Jewish People call themselves Jews. (OMG! A quick note. Something just came up as I researched what I just wrote lol. I see an article in The Washington Post 10/05/2020 by Ben Sales, titled " 'Jew' isn't a slur. You don't have to avoid saying it" Well, I'm saving money and I don't subscribe to The Washington Post, so I'm not going to read his article right now. I'll continue with my feelings and thoughts about it. We don't call Japanese people "Japs". That's offensive, right? I think so. Let's not belabor this. Let me get to the point. One of my best friends was Jewish ... OOPS! .. O. M. G. ! I just stepped in it, didn't I? Typical me. Actually, he was my brother-in-law, and he was my best friend for quite a while. My sister, nine years older than I was, was estranged from the family and she asked me, the youngest, to give her away at the wedding. Well, she was my sister, so I said "OK" and I did, and she tried to draw me into her life and into a close relationship with him. She was kind of unstable, strong-willed, raging outbursts, kind of personality issues like the above-mentioned middle brother who knew lots of racial slurs. I exaggerate when I say she was a cross between Janis Joplin and Squeaky Fromm. Anyway, Charles was Jewish, or so he said. He had blond hair and I don't know what Jewish People "are supposed to look like." He didn't practice religion, and I don't think any of his family did. The two of his sisters that I met were gorgeous. But I digress. In our early relationship, I remember my sister and I meeting him at the corner of W. Houston St and Thompson St and as he approached he smiled a gentle warm and happy smile, commenting "Ah, my two favorite people", and he meant it. I stayed in their apartment on Thompson St the summer of 1969 when they went to Europe. They (he) arranged for me to get a job at Avco Embassy Pictures in the mail room up on 6th Ave, around 52nd St (JC Penney Building, I believe). When she came back she said it was bad and that they had stood on a street corner in Paris spitting on each other. Anyway, long story short, he and I remained friends (partly because we felt each other's pain I guess). She married another Jewish guy she met in The Village, a Columbia grad, journalist type, whom she met in the Peace Corps. Neither of them made it through the first summer of Peace Corps training, but she was remembered there for her legs. That only lasted a few years, and he and I never bonded. He was very hostile, actually. She candidly told me that she told another Peace Corps guy that she'd met richard again and should she marry him what did he think? She says he replied that he'd never met two more immature people in his life. Hmmm... Anyway, I needed the brother, friend and mentor in Charles, and sad and lonely Charles needed me, I guess, so our friendship lasted through the five turbulent years of h.s. graduation 1968 until I rebelled against the counter-culture, joined The Navy and requested San Francisco as a home port. I was assigned to the USS Enterprise, based in Alameda CA for my four-year enlistment. Anyway, one time about a decade later I was back in NJ for a short stay and I visited Charles and he wanted to quarrel about things pent up, and he yelled at me and pointed at me angrily (he was a wimp) and he repeated "You're an Irish!""You're an Irish!" "You're an Irish!", with anger and all the ferocity he could muster. GET TO THE POINT. OK, that's how I know that THAT Jewish person, Charles, felt that being called a Jew was insulting, maybe like calling a Japanese person a Jap. So he called me "an Irish" I guess because you can't really shorten Irish the way you can shorten Jewish to Jew and Japanese to Jap. So I'm going to continue to call Jewish People "Jewish People", with all due respect to Ben Sales and his Washington Post article. ***** future topics. chronological growing awarenes of Jewish People and Jewish culture. menorah in the windows of the Ivy Hill Apartments where my best friend moved to. Samuel Pollock, Jewish veterinarian in South Orange who saved my dog's life in 6th grade, and for whom I worked on Saturdays to pay off the bill, eating lunch with black supervisor every Saturday AT LUNCH COUNTER. Charles Weldon brother in law, genius, liberal eventually taught computer science at City College in Manhattan, near Columbia. Working at Avco Embassy Pictures, NYC, owned by Joseph E Levine, Jewish Driving for Hobart Taxi Company, Manhattan, and Ramp Maintenance Company, Bronx - both Jewish owned, I believe. Working for YES, Youth Employment Service in South Orange, often for Jewish people, doing labor on their property Jewish people on TV and in the news, and my mother's opinion of them (my father always remained silent), e.g. Sid Ceasar, Steve Allen, Norman Mailer (it was partly my mother's breezy, bemused attitude toward Mailer that led me a bit astray to admiring Mailer. He drank. He was an aggressive bully. He almost killed his wife stabbing her. And he wrote a lot of crap, like "The Executioner's Song". I mean, a young man like me seeking guidance in life from someone, be it my genius brother in law or a highly acclaimed writer and he writes about some dude being executed for murdering people. We already have Edgar Allen Poe. The morbid jesuits made us read that spooky, scary stuff. Don't need more. He just kept on going like the energizer bunny, writing with full force about any damn thing that would get attention. Gore Vidal was right. And mailer's like "oh, I must face my fears and be courageous and go surfing! Huh ?! Hey, Mailer! I know you're dead, but getting hit by a wave is fun. It just splashes over you, like getting hit by a bucket of water ... without getting hit by the bucket ... just the water. Oh, yeah, in the interest of truth, I have to bring this one up. mailer wrote a paper in 1957 called "The White N@gg$%" (You know, the word with the two g's) But NOW, you cannot find it. They have changed the title on the internet to "The White Negro". It's just untrue. It's not the title. I remember the original title, and that is TOTALLY in character with what mailer would do. His brash, arrogant attitude would be that "no white man can say this, BUT I CAN because I'm the Great and Powerful norman mailer." Now, I know this sanitizing of words is true because two years ago, when I was writing about the sixties, I mentioned Stokely Carmichael, a black power firebrand whose motto was "Get Whitey!" "We're gonna rape your wives and daughters!" I know. I heard it. I remember it. He was on tv saying that. NOW, try and find "Get Whitey" anywhere. Now it's that he just said "Get Whitey off my back." not. They rewrite history. Orwellian. So, Jewish people ... nerdy ... lacking in basic street play interaction ... or something. For example, Charles Welson, my brother in law was a genius, best friends with Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, won the U.S. Open Chess Championship, himself, one year, but he had a pot belly, walked like a duck, and spoke like Elmer Fudd sometimes. One thing that I thought was telling. He was a guy who NEVER exercised in his life and I guess he was aware of this, i.e. that he wasn't fit, so...he gets a book titled "marine corps fitness" or something like that and there it sits...on the shelf...forever. His solutioh to getting fit was mental. buy a book about fitness and put it on the table. Academic, business oriented, successful at the professions, "cheap" a pound of flesh. Columbia. mark rudd. morningside park. abbie hoffman, jerry rubin. schechner wbai. ed koch and bella abzug. barbara boxer. Davis judge rosenstein or rosenberg. sac Capital guy. mark rudd. stanley gruen. robert. attending the temple in middletown old woman where were you numbers on wrist ten years old chjarles sex drugs three way spite bernadette yugoslavia on phone from air force. killed in yugo. Scroll Down ********* 1961-1973 PARADE, ST PATRICKS DAY 1961, KENNEDY ELECTED In 1960 JFK got elected President, and he took office January, 1961. That was a big deal because we were a mostly Irish and Italian Democrat environment, with some Germans and Polish. On March 17, on St Patrick's Day, we had a big parade that assembled on Hazelwood Ave, beside the school. My Italian friend and classmate, Fred, joined me and we marched together. We marched all the way through Newark to downtown. My father was all dressed up in a fancy Top Hat and Tails. It was his dress uniform for his rank as a Knight in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Men's Service Organization. It's the only time I ever saw him dressed up like that. Top Hat And Tails, like my father dressed up for The Big Parade through Newark, 1961 Scroll Down ********* EARLY DAYS, Jr High Age 10-13 1961-1964 THE HOUSE on SOUTH KINGMAN ROAD SOUTH ORANGE About 3 months after the parade was the last day of 5th grade. My parents told me that morning that, after school I should walk to 120 South Kingman Road. That was our new home. They sold and we moved. We now lived in South Orange. According to Google, It is a 12 minute, 0.6 mile walk (or bike ride), a little over half a mile. On the way was Lincoln Elementary Public School (I'd gone to kindergarten there because Catholic School started at Grade 1). The next four summers (after grades 5-8) were centered around Lincoln School Playground. Oh! Happy Summmer Days And Nights! Scroll Down To View Pictures

Lincoln School Playground 120 South Kingman Road, South Orange

From Hazelwood Ave, Newark To South Kingman Rd, South Orange Google Walking Map; From 50 Hazelwood Ave, Newark - To 120 South Kingman Rd, South Orange; 0.6 miles (just over half a mile), 12 minutes South Kingman Rd was a nicer neighborhood with larger, single-family houses with driveways and lawns, kind of like moving from Ward 1 in Middletown, near the Airport or Amtrak, to the east side of Middletown, on Race and Adelia and on Vine St north of Main St. Scroll Down When I was in the 6th grade (1961-1962) I sat down at a lunch counter with a black man every week, and we refused to leave until we were both served. Yes, that's true. Of course, they always served us. It was no big deal. We were in South Orange NJ, not Greensboro SC. The Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins happened that same year. The long walk home to school resulted in me adopting a stray puppy. In my case, I was an 11-year-old "paying off my dog's veterinarian bill" by coming in to work for him on Saturdays, washing dogs etc., and I would eat with his employee who showed me the ropes of dog care. But it shows the culture we lived in, and that I was raised in, and whose values I assimilated. But on South Kingman Rd we were surrounded by City Ivy Hill Apartments, Newark Urban Newark New York City From South Kingman Rd, South Orange To The Empire State Building Google Map; From 120 South Kingman Rd, South Orange - To The Empire State Building, 34th Street, Manhattan Scroll Down To Ivy Hill Apartments Newark To Top ********* IVY HILL APARTMENTS Shortly after we moved from Hazelwood Ave to South Kingman Rd, my best friend across the street moved from Hazelwood Ave to the Ivy Hill Apartments. From our South Kingman Rd house, it was less than a half mile walk through Ivy Hill Park to the Ivy Hill Apartments. Ivy Hill wasn't that bad when I lived on South Kingman Rd. From South Kingman Rd, South Orange To The Ivy Hill Park Apartments Google Walking Map; From 120 South Kingman Rd, South Orange - To Ivy Hill Park Apartments, Newark Distance, I always took a short cut directly through Ivy Hill Park, practically a straight line; Less Than half a mile, 5 minutes But apparently is got very bad as the decades rolled by Ivy Hill Apartments Crime 10,000 residents. You could see The Empire State Building from the roof. Over the decades it became dangerous. Scroll Down To Urban Newark Adolescence, 13-17 (1964-1968) URBAN NEWARK But the projects in downtown Newark were ALWAYS bad.

stokely carmichael "honkey" 
 "Get Whitey!" 

one evening, early 70's,
I walked here on a Goodwill walk.

"No Honkies After Dark!"
so I hurried on

I went to Rutgers Newark 2 semesters
got jumped at library door
Urban Newark
The Great Migration" of African Americans from the South to the North occurred between 1916 and 1970, so my father (b.1910) and mother (b. 1915) were born just before that migration began. But even in the 50's and 60's Vailsburg, Newark and the neighboring Village of South Orange were white. The Garden State Parkway in Newark separated Vailsburg from the industrial and black and downtown areas of Newark But The Great Migration was completed by 1970 and that's about when I was becoming aware of the world. I was 17 when I graduated from high school in 1968. Starting in September, 1964, age 13, I took the bus through Newark every day to Penn Station, for the next 4 years and more, to catch the PATH Tubes to Jersey City. Scroll Down The summer of 1967 I was working at a warehouse at Exchange Place on The Hudson Riverin downtown Jersey City. Sometimes I was the only white person on the bus. Each day, riding the bus through Newark, I saw the stores boarded up with plywood with "Soul Brother" painted on the boards to identify the store as black owned.
I was 16 in 1967, and it was just one of the many things in my experiences that was shaping my understanding of the world and the was it was. Stokely Carmichael's inflammatory rhetoric and refrain of "Get Whitey!" was quite troubling to me. Today you can only find a sanitized version of Get Whitey, that is, get whitey off my back. But I heard just Get Whitey! *********
Scroll Down To Young Adulthood, 17-22 (1968-1973) To Top Young Adulthood, 17-22 (1968-1973) NEW YORK CITY then From 1964-1968 I attended high school in downtown Jersey City, a few blocks from The Hudson River, where we'd sometimes eat lunch. Eating on the docks, we were directly across from Wall Street (The Financial District). One day, my friend watched as "The Queen Mary" superliner sailed out toward the ocean. From St Peters high school To The Empire State Building From St Peters high school in downtown jersey city To The Empire State Building on 34th Street, Manhattan Distance by car, 5.8 miles, and it's the same distance by car to Wall Street From St Peters high school To Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal on The Jersey City Waterfront From St Peters high school in downtown jersey city To Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal on The Jersey City Waterfront Distance Walking, 0.4 miles (less than half a mile), 7 minutes From Paulus Hook they now have ferries to Midtown Manhattan and Wall Street ********* 1968-1973 (ages 18-22), After graduating from high school, until I joined the navy in December 1973, periodically I studied in Jersey City and Newark and also visited, lived, and worked in Manhattan. SOHO Avco Newark Rutgers Taxi Lower East Side Taxi nyu New York State Camping Messenger, karate Chinatown EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL ENVIRONMENTS To Top NEW YORK CITY NOW New York City Aerial Video Scroll Down today revisit Manhattan


James Cagney 7/99-3/86 

Born On The Lower East Side.

Graduated From Stuyvesant High

and Attended Columbia


In 1984 Ronald Reagan awarded him
The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Doctor Scully Gushes About His Childhood He was born into a traditional, 2-parent (nuclear) Irish-Catholic family in working class Newark, N.J. His father's parents were both born in Ireland, and he was the youngest and most successful because his mother was a maid for an AT&T executive, and that helped him get an entry level job at AT&T at age 18. That was 1928, a year before The Great Depression, and he held on to that job for 48 years. He went to night school and got a college degree in accounting and worked as an accountant for AT&T - a solid success story for the child of Irish immigrants. Dr Scully's grandfather, on his mother's side, was not an immigrant, and his mother says she researched her father's ancestry as far back as an Officer in The Union Army in The Civil War. She would often say that "they came over from Ireland in a carriage" - meaning that they were middle class or better. Whatever the details, it's a fact that Dr Scully's grandfather was very successful in Jersey City, N.J. He attended The Cooper Union across the river in lower Manhattan, and he established a very successful business in Jersey City in metal fabrication (he fabricated the organ pipes for the organ on The Atlantic City Boardwalk), and he was a N.J. State Representative and part of Boss Mayor Frank Hague's Democratic Machine, and "grandpa" Joseph Delaney was also on the N.J. State Board of Education. Dr. Scully's mother had a close relationship with her father, and hence she was emphatic for education and learning (taking him on family trip to Newark Planetarium, putting large maps (U.S., World, Solar System) on his walls, etc). Recently, as a senior adult, Dr Scully located the street in Jersey City where his mother was born and raised (Mercer Street, directly across from City Hall, and Palmier Place, which was the same street but was up two blocks and full of "Brownstones", a much higher grade of building. There, she was 10 minutes from Wall Street or The Empire State Building by subway (The PATH Tubes), and she lived close to the Holland Tunnel, which was constructed from 1920 to 1927, when whe was ages 5-12. She gushed with enthusiasm and pride recounting the days when her father and his associates were involved in the construction process. Seeing this location opened Dr. Scully's mind to the many stories he heard her telling when he was a toddler and young boy. Dr Scully would also apply such simple math to understand his father who started working near Wall Street in 1928, two years before construction began on The Empire State Building (1930-1931). What Doctor Scully thinks was most important about his childhood was the socialization. He had friends, friends, friends, family, friends, friends, friends, relatives, friends, friends, friends... Did I mention that he had friends? When Doctor Scully ran for Mayor in The Borough of Middletown PA in 2021, he created a page, with images, to show where he was born and raised and that page is embedded below for your further information. But Doctur Scully, upon further quick review, does not think that page comes anywhere close to describing the rich, full, happy, well-balanced childhood he had. Over 7 decades, Doctor Scully has lived from the crowded tenements of NYC's Lower East Side to the remote Kuskokwim River in interior Alaska, and from Alameda and The Bay Area to Davis and the The Sacramento Valley to everywhere in Southern CA from Palm Springs to the border at San Ysidro to Burbank and more, from Pennsylvania to North Dakota to New Mexico to Texas, from El Paso to Juarez MX - he's seen and lived in lots of living environments. And when he thinks back to the childhood he had from 1951 to the late sixties, he realizes he had it all. To repeat some of what you may find embedded below First of all was being in a family of 6, and his birth order was youngest. This resulted in a lot of attention and stimulation - verbal, and all kinds. Also, he got to ovserve the behavior of siblings 5, 9, and 10 years older, and the parents and friends and visitors and how they all interacted. Then, of course, was the crowded neighborhood. There were no "privacy fences". Step into the back yard - a fence 2' high. Step out front and always people and kids. Best friend across the street (a month and a day younger) - constant companion and best friend. STABILITY Then ... the school - five houses down the block, teeming with kids before and after school. School and church activities - mandatory church at 9 a.m. on Sundays, father/son communion breakfast, The Sacraments in 2nd and 6th grades (First Holy Communion and Confirmation, CYO Day Camp all summer long after 5th and 6th grade. THAT was huge. Cub Scouts - I made friends with two Italian boys in the 2nd grade and went through cub scouts, little league and just general play through the years, in 8th grade seated all day next to the one who's mother was our den mother - friends all the way through elementary school, through grade 8. Boy Scouts and boy scout summer camp. School Trips! ice skating rink, Seaside Heights at the Jersey Shore, The Statue of Liberty, The United Nations, The 1964 World's Fair in NYC, The Boylan Street Pool, The South Mountain Reservation in the hills behind South Orange, for hiking. And, last to be mentioned, but first or close to first in memory and impact and development, was the Lincoln School Playground! I attended kindergarten with my best friend at Lincoln School, and I still have memories of the classroom and the gentle and warm young teachers and the other children and the stairways and hallways, and the finger-painting, and dressing up as angels for Christmas. (Catholic schools didn't have kindergartens, and I attended 1st grade at St. Francis across town where my mother taught, but I attended Sacred Heart School, a few houses away, for grades 2-8. But Lincoln! Ahh! Lincoln! Lincoln! Lincoln! Lincoln! THE LINCOLN SCHOOL PLAYGROUND! What happy and fun summers we had there after grades 5, 6, 7, and 8! It was mostly stickball with a stick and little rubber pinky ball before they opened at 9a.m. (we'd crawl under or climb over the tall fence), and ALL DAY LONG it was softball. But it was the kids - the collection of kids. All day long, every day, we had a place to be and meet and play and to return to when we went off on other ventures. I've seen people with (or lacking in) all kinds of social skills, or "soft skills", or human relations skills, throughout my lifetime, and I'm astounded how lacking so many are in the basic skills my friends developed through grade 8. Though life's given me a lot of rough rides since then, this is the bottom line - WELL-BALANCED, WELL-SOCIALIZED - that's David Scully, who became Doctor David Scully To Top