Knives, and TRAPS and TRAPezoids, and EnTRAPments and FRAMES and CONSPIRACIES and Unprosecuted Assaults In Middle School With Deadly Weapons Around Delicate, Beautiful Young Girls By Goon, Bully, Dangerous Shop Teachers

principal steven wartgo and shop guy riley white conspired with others and bullied teacher and veteran, David Scully,
AND threatened him with a 12" hunting knife to his belly on the first day of orientation, 2016.
RILEY WHITE is the voc ed guy at Manuelito Middle School, Gallup NM He says the only math shape he knows is

THE TRAP ezoid

the "trap David Scully" CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. NOTE. Two shocking crimes occurred in New Mexico and at gallup high school recently. This Complaint and the opinion of WHY are NOT referring to those crimes, i.e., 1. 10-year-old Beauty given alcohol, raped, murdered, dismembered and burned. 2. gallup high school principal raped boy students for a decade or more. The events documented here were COMMITTED BY STEVEN WARGO, THE PRINCIPAL (who came from gallup high school) next door at Manuelito Middle School, in collusion with vice principal galaviz and some district administrators.

They are considering tearing down Columbine. You must AT LEAST prosecute slasher riley and conspirator wartgo! VIEW KAVANAUGH FRAME TOP

The ruinous narratives they've created about me, David Scully, are no more true than the frame-job lies they made up about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Speaking of framing, slasher shop guy riley's "TRAP" comment the first day and principal stevie wartgo's very strange "nice little test for you" comment the last week nicely and appropriately frame the picture of what that whole teaching job...er, um, setup, was all about. It was a FRAME, an ENTRAPMENT, HARASSMENT, and more ... A CRIME!!
Like DAVID SCULLY, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was slandered, libeled, falsely accused, but, after thorough vetting, was completely exhonorated, and they both stand tall today!
After failing to intimidate Mr. Scully in the math teachers' meeting, slasher shop guy riley white brandished knife, assaulting teacher David Scully (riley white is not a math teacher, and had no reason to be in the math meeting other than to try to intimidate Mr. Scully with the help of two other large males.) *DEFINITION of ASSAULT. A threat or attempt to commit an act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person. For example, holding the point of a 12" hunting knife Scroll Down 1 frame to a person's belly.

Outline of Whistleblowing Complaint Against gallup-mckinley school district

First day of orientation at Manuelito School, Gallup NM, August 2016

shop teacher puts a 12-inch hunting knife to the belly of the new mathematics teacher

(NOTE. BEWARE! nm administrators are weeping and circling the wagons It is true that I am a victim, but so are all New Mexicans. This is NOT personal. I never heard of nor met nor knew these clowns before their crimes against me! THIS IS ABOUT SERIOUS CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO AND ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OUR SCHOOLS AND OF OUR SCHOOLCHILDREN.)
A few hours earlier that same day at a meeting of the 6 school math teachers, three large males in unison interrupted the new mathematics teacher with extremely loud talk, like shouting, when it was the new math teacher's turn to introduce himself. Knowing this was a rude, intentional interruption, the math teacher raised his voice over theirs and continued to talk. Two of the shouting, interrupting large males were not math teachers and apparently their only purpose for being at the math teachers' meeting was to interrupt the math teacher, attempting to intimidate. (one of these non-math-teacher-males was the shop teacher who shortly put the 12-inch hunting knife to the belly of the new math teacher.) (When an educ dept investigator asked me WHY he did it, of course I replied "I don't know," because I can't read their minds and I don't know what or how or why they conspired, but I think IT'S PRETTY CLEAR THAT WHEN HE BRANDISHED A KNIFE AND ASSAULTED ME AN HOUR OR TWO LATER, HIS MOTIVE WAS FRUSTRATION THAT HE HADN'T HUMILIATED ME OR INTIMIDATED ME AT THE MEETING, AS THEY HAD INTENDED, BUT RATHER THAT I HAD HUMILIATED HIM AND HIS TWO LARGE CO-CONSPIRATORS by ignoring them and talking even louder than they did until they shut up and stopped interrupting me.) (I think it is important to note here that the only thing I heard the voc ed guy say at the math meeting, before he shouted with two large co-conspirators to interrupt me, was that the only math shape he knew was THE TRAP ezoid. Two and a half months later, when stevie wartgo was conspiring to have me terminated that week, stevie smirked and said, "ms. hall has made a really nice little test for you." ms. hall, the other 6th grade math teacher, had no reason or business making a nice little test for me or for anyone, as we were at that time busy preparing to administer a statewide math test, so he was talking in code as he smirked, and what he really meant as the "nice, little test" was their background machinations and conspiring to get a nice, pretty and popular girl in my class to complain that I treated her "special, or different," which was true
because it was my job to treat each student special and different, which they are. Scroll Down 1 frame In fact, I doted on several other more needy students in the first month or so before turning my attention to this girl who was much less needy than they (She must have been horrified the next day when I was gone and the classroom was bare and she realized that they used her to fire me and damage me, because the next day, it seems, she cut school and went looking for me, because the police came looking for her at the Taco Bell where I was working on my computer). The point is that the shop guy's "TRAP" remark on that first unusual and hostile day, and smirking stevie wartgo's gloating, 2 1/2 months later, about a "nice, little test," referring to the student, appropriately bracket all the events in between and the extremely hostile work environment and the conspiracy I endured. In other words, from day one they had no intention of treating me professionally and fairly, but were out to "TRAP" me or get me in some way. That's how it started and that's how it ended the last week with another "TRAP" or entrapment or framing or "TEST.")

This, then, was a FRAUD and a CONSPIRACY, at the very least, as their words and actions show that it was never their intention to employ me in the service of educating children, but rather to place me in that role in order to TRAP, FRAME, BULLY, HARASS, DEMORALIZE, CRIMINALIZE AND ABUSE ME emotionally, financially, professionally, and to continue in the political conspiracy of personal destruction. Not only was it a FRAUD committed against me, but also a FRAUD against the students, parents and citizens of gallup NM and against the citizens of the State of New Mexico as gallup-mckinley school district is commissioned by the State of New Mexico to hire teachers to teach children, not to hire teachers to inflict on them extreme mental and emotional stress by engaging in hostile, crazy, unprofessional, and criminal behavior.

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