TRUMP SHOULD REPLACE christopher wray IMMEDIATELY ! Scroll To Trump AND Tom Fitton UBI, Trickle Up Economics TRUMP SHOULD PARDON GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN IMMEDIATELY and stop the political drama and circus the Dems are planning for July 17, in the lead-up to the Conventions.

 TOM FITTON (right), President of "Judicial Watch,"

(1:18) recommends that President Trump appoint a Special Counsel
outside the justice department to consider pursuing prosecutions
(3:47) Lou Dobbs agrees, saying
"The Judiciary Is Corrupt As Hell...
what this president has had to put up with
from the federal judiciary
is plain and simple subversion -
straightforward and unabashed and in our faces."

(7:44) FITTON "To be clear, there is strong evidence
that barak obama and joe biden were involved in
a) a conspiracy to obstruct justice, and
b) a conspiracy to misuse classified information
for improper purposes under the law.

So the idea that there's no evidence of criminality
I think shows that the justice department
wasn't interested in figuring it out to begin with."

the 3-year fbi director, is a problem 
TOM FITTON, President of "Judicial Watch"
on "Lou Dobbs Tonight" 
Andrew McCarthy says obama and biden must commit "EXOTIC" crimes in order to be prosecuted.


Ok, let's just begin with Conspiracy because that's the crime that SCREAMS AT US, "Here I am. I am Conspiracy. I'm the crime that's obviously been committed here by obama, biden and hillary, the crime that all the lawyers want to pretend didn't happen, because I'm too


(it's amazing what people can do with words, isn't it?)

Andrew Mccarthy, SIT DOWN!

you are about to get a lesson in law and justice.
https://www.fjrcriminaldefense.com/blog/2018/08/how-is-criminal-conspiracy-defined/ How Is Criminal Conspiracy Defined? A criminal conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. (Is that an EXOTIC theory, Andrew McCarthy? Did it come from Brazil, or Paris France, or from an exotic club in Las Vegas or elsewhere?
There are 2 basic requirements 1. Agreement 2. Intent 1. Agreement does not need to be spoken, but shown. The actions made by each person provide enough evidence for most agreements. 2. Intent means everything. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, and many other respected attorneys, have shown, especially in the last two weeks with the disclosures regarding the entrapment of General Flynn, that obama and biden were there at those meeting in January, 2017. THAT SHOW'S AGREEMENT. Obama and Biden outranked everybody else there and could have stopped it. They didn't. They allowed the crime to be executed. Indeed, their presence and knowledge and superior rank imply that they commanded that the crimes be committed, that the crimes had their approval and that they wanted them performed. THAT SHOW'S INTENT. INDEED, RINGLEADER INTENT. And judge stevenson is committing a crime too. He knows he shouldn't be doing what he's doing. HE's OBSTRUCTING. Isn't OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE a crime? A NON-EXOTIC CRIME that isn't from Brazil or Paris, France? "Black's Law Dictionary" defines Obstruction of Justice as "any interference with the orderly administration of law and justice."
Here's a quote from David Scully of McGeorge School of Law, University of The Pacific, "Every extremely egregious, treasonous abuse of power by federal officials, is necessarily a federal crime, even if we have to look hard at Agreement and Intent to find it."
Why are all you attorneys and judges so easy on the rich and powerful and famous? They have plenty of money to buy attorneys to defend them. I handed in sloppy election-signature paperwork in 2003 during the ca Recall Election. It was a silly, whimsical, quixotic attempt to be an "official" part of the election by being an "official" write-in candidate, even if I got only one vote. The signature-collection process was tedious and time-consuming and I was unaware that some of the people I paid to collect signatures were directed to work maliciously against me. I couldn't even understand the instructions, which weren't clear. But it was all so silly and trivial that I just went ahead with it, figuring they'd probably process it as routine and unimportant and insignificant. I robo-signed the forms because I forgot to get the signature-collectors to do it. It was a classic trivial "process crime." At worst, it should have been a "Summary Offense," deserving perhaps a criminal citation, like a traffic ticket, with a fine. But two years later, in 2005, in the next election cycle, I was retaliated with a felony arrest. MY PUBLIC DEFENDER GOT MAD WHEN I WOULDN'T PLEA TO A FELONY. That scared the f!@#$%^ hell out of me. You know, fmr. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he learned in prison how unfair the legal system is to the poor and powerless, and I believe he is very sincere. I had to go it alone and defy my public defender's wishes. He was SUPPOSED TO be working in my behalf but he was really trying to please the county, his employer. They finally, reluctantly, offered me a misdemeanor and I snatched it to get the nightmare over. Then I wanted to confirm with the "public defender" that it was really over, that they couldn't charge me again because that would be double jeopardy, right?

He said that maybe they could charge me with a human rights violation! There's your effing EXOTIC CHARGE, ANDY!

Oh sure, Andy! Whose human rights did I violate with my sloppy homework assignment? the ca secretary of state? the people of ca? I can't stop L'ing OL!

But TREASON is not a violation of President Trump's human rights?! It's not a "violation of the human rights of The People of The United States of America?! TREASON IS NOT AN EXOTIC THEORY, ANDY! TREASON IS A STRAIGHTFORWARD FACT.

TOO POWERFUL TO CHARGE WITH A CRIME? DON'T ROCK THE JUDICIAL-CAREER BOAT minute 4:28 (above link) Andrew McCarthy yearns for an EXOTIC THEORY. I can tell you where to find exotic dancers and exotic dodo birds but the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY committed by obama and biden is plain and straightforward. It seems Andy thinks maybe the janitor who manipulated a document will be charged, nothing more, nothing EXOTIC. ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DID IT WILL GO SCOT FREE. It's a lot better and smoother for his colleagues in the system that way. (n.b. oddly enough, it was the janitor who was neck deep in my hire-to-fire abuse at gallup described in detail on this website.) And where's Trey Gowdy in all this? Is he just part of the collegial, "let's-not-go-too-far" system? Is Bloomberg working behind the scenes to buy everyone off? It was pretty clearly he who dumped Sanders in favor of biden. And here, now, in obamagate, we have it working in the opposite direction for the rich and powerful and famous. No crimes? Here are the crimes! bamagate! definition of obamagate. Media Research Center' Tim Graham writes that "OBAMAGATE is loosely defined as EVERYTHING THE OBAMA-BIDEN TEAM DID USING THEIR EXECUTIVE BRANCH POWERS TO RUIN TRUMP'S CANDIDACY (AND THE PRESIDENCY)." I rest my case, FOR NOW.
It's May 5, 2020. "I sent him a letter today."
Rep Jim Jordan asks
"Where is chris wray (fbi director)" 

Problems with wray!

wray, fbi director the past 3 years, replaced soon-to-be-imprisoned comey. REPRESENTATIVE JIM JORDAN EXPLAINS that WRAY IS A PROBLEM, a slow-walking, foot-dragging obstructionist working AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP and doing what he can TO PROTECT THE FBI, THE STATUS QUO, THE SWAMP.

Left. Jordan sends letter to fbi director wray on 5/11 Right. Jordan explains "no response from wray by 5/18", the deadline Representative Jordan gave him. What is now troubling is that barr, who replaced the hapless sessions as attorney general 15 months ago, has recently exposed his bromance with wray, and barr's prophylactic pardoning of obama and biden (this week on May 18, 2020), shows that a.g. barr's over-riding goal, ALSO, like wray, is maintaining the status quo in the swamp. Judge Napolitano Says WRAY in DISEASED fbi culture that says they can get away with anything To Top
It's May 18, 2020. "He didn't respond."
Representative Jim Jordan says
wray won't respond. 3 years of his nonsense!
"I don't see where the fbi director (wray)
is taking this seriously!" 
Judge Napolitano Calls On DOJ To Denounce What fbi agents Did To Flynn (minute 2:57) BRIAN "You did not mention christopher wray who is now the new fbi chief. Jim Jordan, The President, others behind closed doors are very frustrated... he (wray) seems to be more siding towards the comey crew... what is holding him back? (minute 3:27) NAPOLITANO "I believe that chris wray... is part of the CULTURE in the fbi which has existed for generations, Brian, which believes that they could target political enemies and make out a crime against them... THE PROBLEM IS THE CULTURE AT THE FBI, THE IDEA (that the fbi agents have), THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH SO MUCH. Scroll To DUMP barr and wray! To Top The game? Yes, the game. So, now the watergate lawyers get to trash Flynn and Trump and others starting July 17, a month before the Dem Aug 17 and the Rep Aug 24 national conventions. For the next 2 to 3 months, they can hope Trump dies from Covid, so hiding biden may not be a bad strategy. But really what I mean by "the game" is that the show must go on. Just as Wiley Coyote falls off a mile high cliff chasing Roadrunner, and shakes it off, just as just as Superman, Batman and The Lone Ranger never get hurt, and Nelle Fenwick is always rescued by Dudley Do-Right when she was tied to the railroad tracks, and J.R. getting shot was just a mirror illusion, so the leading actors and actors and superstars of our political drama must remain on set for next show, same bat-shit time, same bat-shit channels, same bat-shit politicians THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. AND SO IS THE FBI. To do what really needs to be done and imprison obama and hillary and biden and meaningfully, fundamentally re-do the fbi/cia etc. IS WAY TOO SCARY FOR ALL THE COMFORTABLE SWAMP CREATURES LIKE BARR AND WRAY AND THEIR CRONIES. That's the game. The show must go on, just the way it is, more or less.

Here's Another Nice Mess You've Gotten Me Into!

wray and barr
Scroll To barr and wray odd couple bromance To Top
the first 32 seconds shows the barr/wray bromance
But The Truth Comes Out In The Comments! 
barr and wray wanna keep the game going just like it is.
they're part of the swamp.
and in love with all their swamp creature friends

barr and his body language and voice analysis     To Top
Why is barr cozying up to wray?
barr signals to the swamp (29:51 - 30:15),
"don't worry, got yer back" 

barr's message WITH HIS CALM, SLEEPY, "DON'T WORRY. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN" tone of voice, barr is saying to the deep state, "DON'T WORRY. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN." body language analysis/voice analysis how does one interpret barr's unique and slow speech cadence? he pro noun ces each syl la ble as if he were speak ing to a chi yuld. “The tone of over-knowing moral superiority, that is what I heard,” says Susan Semel in vanity fair She was a teacher hired by barr's father. Vanity Fair In the same Vanity Fair article it says, "Barr even declared to his Horace Mann (high school) adviser that if he grew up, he wanted to become head of the CIA." Soon after graduation (from college), Barr joined the CIA as a China analyst So, why did barr take the a.g. job that everyone said he needed like a hole in the head? Well, now it seems the answer might be "to save the deep state," to save the swamp creatures. His infatuation with the deep state goes back to high school. Trump was duped again. Who are the few who are not deviously plotting against him? Scroll To Fitton Nails obama To Top
(5/19/2020) Senator Cotton Calls for an Investigation 
of "Gross Abuses of Power" by obama administration
(2:14-2:44) "But there's no doubt, based on the transcripts
that have now been de-classified and released,
that president obama and vice president biden
were well aware of what the fbi was doing...
there appears to be gross abuses of power."

It may be cultural from the Southerner
who would consider it impolite or improper
to accuse a superior like a pastor or a president
of a crime.
Maybe it's just club loyalty, i.e.
they're all just workers in info-entertainment.
"I'm doing just great feeding off all this drama,
fighting with the opposition on tv, from 9 to 5,
but I wouldn't want to be UNTOWARD, heavens forbid,
and make it real"
Seeing your opponent as merely
a co-worker in the info-entertainment industry,
without any decisive actions,
DOES, admittedly, allow the show to go on tomorrow
over and over and over again, just the same,
all the stars and performers keeping their jobs.

That's why they say "Oh sure,
it's an abuse of power, but not a crime." 
5/11/2020 Tom Fitton:obama was
directing the targeting of Michael Flynn 
Scroll To The Four Freedoms To Top 1. Freedom of Speech And Expression. 2. Freedom of Worship. 3. Freedom From Want. 4. Freedom From Fear.

Also, for Economic Recovery and Moving Into The Future, The Recurring Stimulus Check/Universal Basic Income Is The Answer

I assure you, people will not stop working. They will just live without want, and without the fear of want. We will still want to work and earn to make our lives better.
Scroll To Act ! To Top Failure to act immediately to replace sessions made Trump look weak. barr, to truly be neutral, should not have made ANY comment about this ongoing criminal investigation. And Indeed, the setting he has chosen to promise "get out of jail free" cards to hillary, obama and biden - at the fbi building, and with his "bro" fbi director wray - show that he's got the back of the deep state swamp. (Don't worry, is what he's saying. We're not going after the big fish - the people really responsible. No big changes. Nothin' big. This'll all blow over. Everything will remain the same. 5 or 10 years from now, it'll just be a chapter in a history textbook.) By the duck tests and tests of common sense, we all know obama, hillary and biden have committed very serious crimes masterminding obstruction of The Presidency and Treason by ongoing Attempted Coup. Trump should rely on those committed to cleaning up the swamp (Nunes and Jordan), not those who are just hiding the mess (barr and wray) for their swamp creature friends. Representatives Nunes and Jim Jordan should be his pillars.

And Trump Should Pardon General Flynn Immediately and restore him as NSA or in a similiar significant post. SHOW STRENGTH HERE, PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Scroll To Trickle Up Economics ! To Top Trickle Up Economics Mark Cuban To Top Basic Income or Universal Basic Income is an idea that goes way back, recently in the 1500's Sir Thomas More wrote about it in "Utopia. Thomas Paine, the great American Enlightenment intellectual and compatriot of Benjamin Franklin and her of the American Revolution, declared his support for guaranteeing all citizens a certain income. Many others through the centuries have agreed, and a Labour Party Quaker couple stated it thus in 1918, saying it was a moral right for everyone to have the means to subsistence, and thus is should not be conditional on work. Andrew Yang and Mark Cuban have presented good arguments for it this year. Mark Cuban calls it "Trickle Up Economics" and proposes that the recipient must spend the money within weeks, or lose it. This interesting idea means that the money will go right back into the economy, priming the pump and fueling the economic engine. Andrew Yang has mentioned a Futuristic concept in that jobs are disppearing for various reasons. I, myself, have some thoughts about it. I find it tough to get by despite my advantage of being a well-educated American. I'm collecting social security but I can barely find work and I'm always fight off debt. I'm often buying hamburgers for panhandlers. I think they would turn to violence and crime if left hungry. They live in a violent sub-culture and money-cards in their pockets would have to be regulated with finger-print identification for use and other high-tech tracking methods to prevent fraud and abuse, with specially-trained law enforcement teams trained to make sure the vulnerable among them remain unthreatened. I know that if I had an extra $1,000 each month, the money would go right back into the economy supporting quality of life for my family and me and enabling me to pursue my endeavors and dreams. I would sure keep active and pursue good employment. I couldn't afford not to, but that money would help a lot. It wouldn't go to alcohol or drugs. Read the Yang and Cuban links above and the Wikipedia overview of Basic Income. I think it would be the simplest, fraud-free, and most effective way to stimulate the economy on a continuing basis.
The Mark Cuban article talk about jobs Cuban says we need a transitional jobs program that trains and hires millions of people “for a federal tracking/tracing/testing program.” He believes that this will help create stable jobs and reduce unemployment. Yes, it is an idea whose time has come. We are living in The Future now. And, politically speaking, look at it this way. A guaranteed "stimulus check" for the next 2 1/2 years STARTING NOW could get Trump re-elected and prevent biden and hillary and their deep state criminal co-conspirators from getting away with treason and making a mockery of everything good America stands for. Trump IS stabilizing. Besides, Trump was RIGHT when he ranted about being spied on and other things.
Universal Basic Income Andrew Yang To Top While Yang did not create UBI, he advocated for UBI principally due to job losses stemming from automation. Universal basic income has been supported by everyone from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bernie Sanders to Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Yang has said that with the advent of robots, self-driving cars and other technologies, our lives will improve. However, Yang believes that automation will cause one-third of all Americans to lose their job in the next 12 years. As a result of these job losses, Yang says, Americans could struggle to start a family, afford living costs or save for education or retirement. So, Yang believes that a “Freedom Dividend” would provide a guaranteed safety net to every American not to “live off the government”, but to have necessary funds to pay necessities, look for a job or start a business, for example.
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