David Scully Famously Said

"There's a There There"

It's right over there. Where else would there be?. Certainly not here...or hither, or thither, or yon. There is right where it belongs, and there it is, where it's always been. It's right over there. There.

"The Very Very Holy Base of Travis"

That was back around 2003, or so, when all the media could NEVER STOP OOGLING the terrorist middle-eastern cities with that "very holy city of..."crap. Of course, travis is no longer as holy as it was back then. Now it has become evil, "THE VERY VERY EVIL, UNHOLY BASE OF TRAVIS." travis is where they tried to kill, and damned near did kill, my daughter, a medical officer nurse in the air reserves, like Tulsi Gabbard. The question is, "did this come down from richard perle at the american enterprise institute? From whom did it come, and who were all the actors. air force likely involved. This is the evil of the "deep state." Get over it. The deep state is real. It exists. Like global warming. It's a fact. Certainly, the deep state air force has pressured my daughter to get me to shut up and stop exercising my citizenship rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech/expression. The military extends their function W-A-Y B-E-Y-O-N-D their limited role of obeying The President through the chain of command. They have NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to intimidate and order this (honorably) discharged veteran, OR ANY VETERAN. They have NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to interfere/MEDDLE in family relationships, as they do in my family. And, they have NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to pressure enlisted or commissioned military personnel to pressure family members regarding political speech. Putin didn't tell me to say that, YOU FUCKING PUNKS.

"jackie speier tried to seduce arnold sch------------- with schoolchildren FOR HER OWN PERSONAL SELF-GRATIFCATION."

And so what? Well, then, everyone stopped using that phrase, "for his own personal self-gratification," an insulting feminist phrase used to insinuate that men always masturbate, that females are better than men, and that they will mock your sexuality if you don't shut up and obey. So, the conclusion here must be that jackie speier masturbates, USING CHILDREN, to curry favor with arnole s-------------. Perhaps. The real import of my act is that everyone stopped using the phrase, like they stopped saying "the very holy city of." I own the phrase now. Only I can legitimately use it. Malcolm Gladwell should organize a team to investigate these allegations. He did a pretty good job of sleuthing who started the "hush puppy" craze. Surely, it's in the record when I wrote what I wrote and when they shut up using those phrases.