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Putting It All Together

My mother used to sing the first words of this song ("Nobody Knows . . . ") when she was upset.

Please listen and let it soothe your spirit as you
read below of the 1970's white womens libber's disturbing sense of self-entitlement.  Nobody knows . . .

  Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen 

David Scully Is Sorry For Writing nword 2 times in Newsletter 36 Years Ago!

THE FIRST TIME I WAS JUST QUOTING JULIE GWYNN, A 1970's WHITE WOMEN'S LIBBER. She pointed her index finger to my nose and said, "white men have it coming to them!" and "calling a white woman a 'womens libber' IS JUST AS BAD AS calling a black man a (and here she said the 6-letter nword. I guess she felt she was entitled to say it.)" So, when I typed my Newsletter and described her behavior and words, I quoted exactly what she said and I typed the 6-letter nword. My bad. I guess I'M not entitled, like the 1970's white womens libber. So then I made the rather obvious point that it was a ridiculous and offensive thing she said. It boggled my mind to try to explain why. I mean, how do you explain the obvious. The obvious is what you usually start with to explain other things. You know, pampered white females, white men building houses for them for centuries and millenia and epochs Even birds do it. Who knows how many hundreds of millions of years males have been building houses for females, and pampering them. Those are the 1970's womens libbers. And then you have nwords. You know, in chains. That must suck. So, as I say, kinda boggles the mind, what she said. So, I thought "This is beyond my pay grade. This is something that should be addressed by an African American, preferably an African American male." So I thought, "What should I say?" Then I thought of something I could write that would make the African Americans on campus want to take to their pens and explain to that ditz WHY her equal comparison was absurd and offensive. So I said, "But you know what I'd really like to know? I'd like to know how the nwords feel about what she said!" And, of course, for 36 years I've been sanctioned while everyone came to her "rescue." I guess it would be too much for the dainty little drunken abusive ditz to be told she was wrong. Whatever. I suppose someday someone somewhere might be able to have a good rational discussion about our totem hierarchy and why some people can say some words and others can't. Black male teenagers, white rappers, and 1970's white womens libbers can say the nword. Oh yeah, and norman mailer. He even used it in a book title, which I am afraid to type here, so I won't. I think it might be ok to say it if it's funny, because I remember an African American woman pundit giving kramer HOLY HELL on tv when he used the nword in a "comedy skit" and her basic complaint was, "I KNOW FUNNY KRAMER AND THAT WASN'T FUNNY!" So, if it was funny, then it would have been ok? Besides, kramer wasn't really trying to be funny. I think he was trying to be shocking and "cutting edge" like lenny bruce or something. I don't think he was ever funny. just goofy. But no one ever told him that. After the great success of "Seinfeld" he didn't know what to do so someone told him the program was funny and that he was funny and he should be a standup comedian. But he wasn't funny. He was just stupid and goofy. And I could see that the young African American couples attending his show were clearly offended. They were just trying to give their date a lovely evening and this goofball's trying to be a "thought-provoking" lenny bruce or something. Whatever. I WAS NOT TRYING TO BE FUNNY when I wrote "You know what I'd like to know? I'd like to know how the nwords feel about what she said!" I expected a more rational response, actually. I expected many African Americans to take pen to hand and give her holy hell, not to support the white liberal man's agenda of using me as a scapegoat bogeyman. By the way, I KNOW they used that one to blacklist my teaching career. In the nineties I was in Alaska and I thought I needed to take a couple of classes to renew my teaching credential. The Alaskan History professor knew of me, and I introduced myself to him. We both had the same professor at UC Davis, morgan sherwood, I think. So one day this professor in Alaska gets on his rhetorical High Horse and starts pontificating, "No one who EVER uses the nword shoud EVER have a place in any classroom anywhere in the world, ever!" Startin' to get the picture, y'all. If not, just watch the Kavanaugh nonsense going on right now. I've been living the Kavanough experience for 36 years. So, yes, I'm sorry I wrote it. *********

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