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Nine Days After

Monday, August 12, 2019 It's Monday, 9 days after the 2019 El Paso Massacre So, the ever-lurking U.S.government security agenst pissed me off and made me miss church so I could write about them. They've become worse than the education brats. They've taken the baton and have harassed and sanctioned me since the nineties with all the apparatus of their deep state organizations. It's a game for them. They're probably laying bets and have a competition for who will get to be the one to shoot me first. Maybe they have a badge or a ribbon for their uniform in design already. Besides them, who are the bad people. churchgoers. simple-minded people overwhelmed and going for the simple solution, "god wants me to kill you." i think you are a bad person. in loyalty to their kind, they cannot tolerate my mind. education bureaucrats, mostly sixties-style feminists, but white boys, too, almost everyone in the education bureaucracy, bleeding the budgets dry. Many, many more. This country is systemically a mess. Almost every group that is thought highly of is the problem. The VA, drugging me, threatening me, letting me limp for 7 years, and I would still be limping if I didn't go to Juarez to get my knees aspirated. the fbi/cia/dod/all the national security and police agencies who share dubious documents we shall call "The DavidScully dossiers." "These are documents packed with inaccurate and unverified, gossipy information." (this is almost a direct quote from David Neese's column in the Trentonian and posted on the World Russia Forum site, titled "The Man Who Asks Too Many Questions.") He's referring to the Steele Dossier and the questioner Stephen Cohen. I see only two solutions 1. Be killed or flee to a hopefully friendly country like Russia OR 2. Flip it. By sheer perseverence, prayer and persistence keep pounding out my story on the web until SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE wakes up and "gets it." Be it Peter Theil, a rush limbaugh who sees the light like Scrooge on Christmas Eve, a Dershowitz who finally came around to my outraged 1982 point of view (but whose email response to me a decade or so ago was "serves you right" the expected tribal response from a typical nyu/columbia new york city lawyer), a Rand Paul who was politically attacked by a next door neighbor decades after I was politically attached by a next door neighbor, a Governor Luhan Grisham of New Mexico who might see that her state's education performance won't change unless she listens to someone who "thinks different." And so on... ********* Anyway, after staying in McDonalds yesterday to write, I missed church, so I worked out and showered anyway, went to Walgreen's and got a card, and drove to the memorial at ground zero El Paso. It's a sprawling mall. Most Americans don't comprehend the vastness of space in the undeveloped/newly developing Southwest. From reports I heard that WalMart and Dillards were involved. When I found Dillards, I expected WalMart to be right there. It was like football fields away down the street.. But The Cielo Vista Mall parking lot was full and there were swarms of happy people bustling around. "EL PASO STRONG," I thought. They made the decision not to be afraid and to carry on. I thought of parking and joining them, but it didn't feel right. The sight of a white man might remind them, so I left them alone to be happy. I asked a Security Guard if there was still A Memorial and he pointed "That Way," and I drove and drove until I saw police lights guarding The Memorial. The Memorial itself stretched quite a long ways. I opened the trunk and put on a suit jacket and respectfully walked along the long Memorial. It was a mild Sunday and felt 15 or 20 degrees cooler than the usual 100 degrees. God was smiling on El Pasoans yesterday. I respectfully placed the card near a name with my same birthday, respectfully walked back to the car and headed back to Northeast El Paso, reporting a pair of stray dogs who stood in the middle of busy Montana Ave. I passed by the church where my Puppy Dog had passed away 2 weeks ago, and the parking lot was full. "Too late for that service, too," I thought. A while later I drove by and the parking lot was still full so I entered, sat in the back, and enjoyed the last 10 minutes of services. It was all in Spanish and I wondered where in this world I belong. But unless and until I get a Thiel, a Limbaugh, a Paul, a Dershowitz, a Luhan Grisham, a Beto, A Tulsi Gabbard or SOMEONE to "get it" I don't see much of a place for me. I'll then just keep clawing my way through survival. I put in a trucking application 2 days ago. sigh. Keep working for blockheads in an abusive industry when I should be setting policy for that industry. trucking (abusive thugs) education (what a con job) va (police state activities) mental health (which colludes with stigmatizing labeling which is nothing more than official name-calling) criminal justice and prison reform (medieval) like David Neese (The Trentonian) says about Stephen Cohen, "He's surely not pro-Trump. Let's just say to a certain extent he's anti-anti-Trump." Similarly, you don't have to be pro-DavidScully. But you should be anti-anti-DavidScully. ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* *******

so the media rants go on and on...

so tucker carlson calls white supremacy a hoax. To the extent that both sides are ALWAYS inflaming their rhetoric, there is a valid complaint about constant inflammatory rhetoric, and screaming and yelling about a "surge in white supremism" might actually cause it to increase. but carlson calling it "a hoax" makes me cringe. The real hoax, we should all know, is The Russia Hoax. definitions. Hoax. n. a humorous or malicious deception. v. deceive with a hoax something intended to deceive or defraud "the Piltdown man was a scientific hoax." A plan to deceive someone. OK so The Russia Hoax is a truly a hoax. Collusion didn't happen. What did happen was more like a click-bait operation performed with or without eventual Russian government knowledge, probably by enthusiastic or bored Russian patriots or hackers, trying to do something for their country in this world, hoping to please Putin, probably, just like political enthusiasts and activists in this country do things on their own. Whatever, it didn't amount to much and CERTAINLY was NOT a fundamental threat to our democracy. The Steel Dossier was a Hoax. White Supremism is NOT a hoax. It exists, and brushing it off with a denial as a hoax is just as bad as the lefties crying "the sky is falling," because a misguided kid from dallas did the unthinkable. carlson's overuse of the word "hoax" here diminishes the real hoax. White Supremism really does exist. Russia Collusion and Putin's and Russia's "attack on America" and "attack on the fundamentals of our democracy" NEVER HAPPENED. carlson calling something that DOES exist a hoax, diminishes the meaning of the world. white supremism exists. It is not a hoax. Russia Collusion/Attacks on America NEVER HAPPENED. It is a hoax, a lie, a falsehood, a deception to say they did. Now, I do believe that some are stoking hysteria in this painful moment with unhelpful demagoguery by cryingj "the sky is falling white supremacy is increasing everywhere!" The liberals in sacramento tried to narrate ME as a white supremist. I don't know why. Or rather, I do know why. It's because they're shallow brats. I come from JFK Democratic roots. Of course, like any grown-up I recoiled against the childish sixties and the nutty feminazis of the seventies. Hey, my bratty older sister married two Jewish guys. Now she says she thinks the Nazis were right. I don't. Her first Jewish husband was my best friend and like my brother. He was my mentor. Sure, he turned on me to spite my sister (I already told the story of how they spent their honeymoon in Paris, standing on a street corner spitting on each other.) I could go on and on about them both, but my white female sister of "The Oldest Childrenation," defined by me as those brats born in the forties, is the anti-Semite, or whateve you call people who vehemently hate Jewish people. I'm a New Yorker intellectually. I love Isaac Asimov, and I like Diane Ravitch, who is Juden. Norman Mailer was held up as an object of interest until I learned that he stabbed his wife and went to a lot of effort to write a book trying to get into the mind of a murderer (who cares?). An admirable thing about Mailer was that he was a WWII combat veteran who was against the vietnam war. He made it possible for youngsters like me, who had divided loyalties, to join the protests against that war to "bring our boys home." I don't even hate mark rudd even though he was the library in gallup NM inciting his small audience of education administrators and whatnot to "starve the beast!", i.e., your's truly (wonderful me!) I'm really not a beast. They're mistaken about that. THEY'RE THE BEASTS and the brats, as I have been explaining to you on my wonderful websites! After all, rudd did play a leadership role in the anti-war movement (vietnam), and really, it was all about those MyLai kinda things that was so bad, and then also our brothers coming home dead or injured, so rudd was good in that regard, but it was his whole "the ends justifies the means" crap that wasn't good. By engaging in inflammatory, false rhetoric rudd contributed to the tradition of "it's ok for US to lie!" I mean, who's more guilty of that? The liberals probably. Can't beat hillary on that. Trump? Westmoreland? Oh sure, he served with honor, except that he lied and, normally, the military would consider that dishonorable, but the service acadamies have this thing called The Honor Code, which means that's it's ok to lie sometimes. Like to Congress, or whatever, or to The American People. Currently, one of my favorite people is Stephen Cohen. I see eye to eye with him on the whole Russian thing. I'm not an expert, but it's just common sense. I'm not even that crazy about Russians or ANY Eastern Europeans, for that matter. My comfort level is being around Mexican Americans. I was taught in high school to appreciate the logical writings of Martin Luther King, and I've probably read more written by significant African American writers than most African Americans alive today. But I also once ordered a copy of David Duke's newsletter because I just wanted to know what he had to say. They made a big fuss about him in the media and then labeled him a racist and censored him. He said "why shouldn't there be a National Association For the Advancement of White People if there's a National Association For the Advancement of Black People?" I thought that was a question worth discussing, just like I think we should consider and discuss reparations today, and just like it was very reasonable of me to say, in 1982, "comparing being a women's libber to being a slave is offensive and ridiculous." And, it was very reasonable and non-racist and non white-supremist of me to say, in 1982, that when julie gwynn, my bratty cobol instructor and wife of the hippie computer science department chair john gwynn, said "calling a white woman a womens' libber IS JUST AS BAD AS CALLING A BLACK MAN A N!@#%^" (and she actually said that word because she was an entitled white female) it was reasonable of me to say that that was offensive and to request a civil university community dialog regarding such things. Of course, when I was young 16-year-old-boy riding the bus through Newark NJ every day in 1967, and Stokely Carmichael was featured on the New York City news every day, inciting blacks to riot in Newark with "Get Whitey!" "Get Whitey!" "Get Whitey!" "We Gonna Rape Your Wives And Daughters!" I wasn't too crazy about that, when I heard that over and over and over... But that doesn't make me a white supremist. So carlson has a point but he doesn't present it well. There ARE white supremists out there, (IT'S NOT A HOAX!) but the left is inflaming it with demagoguery. That's true. But the whole "Russian Collusion/Attack on America and our democracy" thing ... It Didn't Happen At All. IT WAS A HOAX! It was a deception! It was a lie! tucker, don't confuse (or conflate, as they like to confusingly say nowadays). white supremism exists Russia Collusion/Attack didn't happen. Choose different words to describe things that are different. NOW, let's put some stars here because we're sort of continuing this, but we're making a significant seque (def. segue. to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption.) ********* OK, moving right along... David Neese, in his column in The Trentonian, titled "The man who asks too many questions," which column is also posted on www.russiahouse.org (8/10/2019) is referring to Stephen Cohen. Now, Steve is Jewish and I like him because he validates me. When I read Steve, I know I'm not crazy. Everybody else is. I recommend you read David Neese's column because I may have found another soulmate in him and just referring you to that article will save me a lot of blabber trying to explain things to you. Let's just say "ditto!" (incidentally, Rush Limbaugh validated me and made me confident that I'm not crazy when he imitated me and stole my ideas and conjured up tens of millions of dittoheads). Anyway, here's the thing, and it concerns me about the upcoming presidential election in the U.S. Trump's wasted 3 years fending off the Russia Hoax allegations/attack. Now, the key is that what's been uncovered is that the crimes committed, the very, very, very, very SERIOUS CRIMES COMMITTED, were not committed by Trump, but were committed by Democrats and the deep state security apparatus like fbi and cia leaders. The Democrat criminals include probably bill and hillary and obama himself and their top level people, and probably other Democratic conspirators throughout the country. David Neese write,

The Mueller probe declared there was no evidence that Trump connived with Putin... Nevertheless, Democrats continue...with an increasingly strident tone of desperation in their voice. Cohen suggests (it's because) another investigative shoe is about to drop with a resounding thud... two other, ongoing quieter probes are reported to be nearing conclusion. they could prove to be, politically speaking, a 9-plus Richter scale earthquake. We may soon see.

Horowitz on one. Durham on the other. Both highly respected, according to David Neese. Just read his article. Now, here are my thoughts. It's frustrating and demoralizing when good people get railroaded and bad people get away with bad stuff. We don't want to see the bad Democrats, be they bill and hill and obama and whoever, and the bad deep state brats in cia/fbi wherever, get away with bad stuff


In about a year, we will decide who will be president for four years. Who is going to see these two probes through? Trump? maybe, but he's been EXTREMELY volatile and unpredictable. Biden? Hell no! that would be like electing hillary and obama, the accused. warren? nuts! a liar! entitled to lie because entitled white female brat. she's NOT indigenous, not a Native American. Is a LIAR. DISQUALIFIED! Sanders? He talks funny. Can we change him? Can we get him to stop saying the "s" word but actually spread the wealth anyway? Maybe. Tulsi Gabbard as V.P. (probably too young for president now) would get the female and conservative military vote. So, watch the polls. Watch how Trump behaves and performs this year. Watch Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. Beto's near future is in Texas. His leadership after the massacre has been healing. As for me, I don't know what more to do right now. I've already proven myself over and over and over and over again... and they've beaten me back and down over and over... I can't do it alone.