Mending Fences

Speaking of anger, and soul-healing, I had a good Christian upbringing, by Catholics and by the Christians around me. I know that making amends, and never going to sleep angry at someone is part of the Christian way. There are people now in Middletown that I keep at a distance because of their continuous attitude and/or because I consider them to be a danger. But there are some instances where I can acknowledge that I will take part or full blame for offense. I know that one current Councilwoman was furious a while back because she said I used the term "white trash." I don't remember saying that, but I wouldn't be surprised if this redneck did. At the time, I recall, I was new to Middletown, and I was furious at the outrageous rudeness of my neighbors in the apartment building next door (Now, ten years later, I am blessed to have one of Middletown's nicest neighbors next door). I was also furious about the halfwit that loitered in front of karns, harassing whomever he wanted to, "talking shit". Some councilors and police compounded my rage by taunting me that, according to them, the sidewalks belonged to the property owner, so the police were not allowed to keep the sidewalks safe. RIDICULOUS OFFENSIVE NONSENSE. That kind of offensive attitude is an example of the worst that Middletown can be. But I apologize for offending her. One drive past her house and you can see it doesn't apply to her. It's neat and impeccable. And I've heard she was a solid Councilor, with a special concern for childrens' issues. They tell me it's because of her that curry didn't run again, that he was afraid she'd beat him. If she needs a break, fine. But, if I'm mayor, I'll be happy to see her on committees and projects.
Another Thing. About six years ago, I made a handful of people angry with a flyer I wrote. It said "A vote for David Scully is a vote for (Mary...Tom...Jane...Joe...Sally...etc)." I was just trying to point out that I would talk to all those people and listen to them because, as usual, there was a lot of bitter rancor in Middletown, and I had no part in that. But these people angrily said that I was claiming their endorsement. I was not, but I can see their point, using their names like that, and I apologize to them for that, and I learned not to do that again.