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Limbaugh's Ronald Reagan Moment

Ronald Reagan, during the Iran Contra Scandal, his lowest moment politically, famously called Colonel Oliver North on the phone. Ollie testified that President Reagan called him and said,

"I just didn't know, Ollie. I just didn't know."

This can be Rush's Ronald Reagan moment. All he has to do is call me on the phone (915 228-8032) and say,

"I Just Didn't Know, Dave! I Just Didn't Know!"

And I would give Rush the benefit of the (extreme) doubt because we have to get Kavanaugh confirmed and, in light of the outrageous Democratic behavior regarding Kavanaugh and regarding the entire Russia Hoax Scandal with such extreme malfeasance at every level from obama and clinton and the highest levels of the cia and the fbi on down deep, deep into the Deep State, we have to keep a Republican majority in the House and Senate to support President Trump so he can do the things he needs to do after our Republican victories in November, and so I'm not looking to cause Rush and the Republicans a scandal.