Advice From Warren Buffet
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(to make clear what Covert Bailey says at 2 min, 16 secs
to burn fat for energy there must be oxygen in the cell with the fat, so it's AEROBIC.
Without oxygen in the cell it's ANAEROBIC, and only sugar, not fat, will burn for energy).
You could just go to the last 20 seconds, and hear all you need to know (go to 5 min, 40 secs)

1.  What is the best exercise?
The best exercise is the one you DO.
DOING IT is the key.

2.  How much should you exercise?
Three times a week, for 30 minutes continuous each time,
your largest muscles (like thighs and butt), steady.

Covert Bailey, 3 Simple Keys To Losing Body Fat
Covert Bailey was the fitness, fat-burning expert on PBS in the eighties
when fitness suddenly was becoming the preferred lifestyle of Americans.
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