June and July 2020

(July 15, 2020) Two REAL Goodfellows
Rep Nunes and Lou Dobbs  
Two REAL Goodfellows
Victor Davis Hanson and Tucker Carlson 

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It is Tuesday, July 28, 2020, and the month of July is drawing to an end. My mind is spinning with obamagate and the November election, with the proposed, delayed extension of Stimulus with the upcoming national conventions and with what September and October will be like. It goes without saying (or does it?) that Trump has to win and Durham has to prosecute or obamagate fizzles and they get away with treason. I take this personally because it is clear that this deep state abuse is exactly the story of my life. Justice Kavanaugh, Covington student Nick Sandman, General Flynn are DAVID SCULLY WRIT LARGE. But it is exhausting as it grinds along and one gets exasperated with Trump. Where's the decisiveness? Where's the leadership? Why is everyone silent about General Flynn? Why doesn't Trump just say "enough of this bullshit" and pardon him and put him back in leadership? Now that would be a slap in the face to the deep state obamagate criminals! But no, it grinds on, day after day of nothingness, like when covid 19 started and Trump and fauci and some others would stand in front of microphones and blah blah blah. We don't even know who the good guys are any more. Lou Dobbs and Fitton, yes. Their guests, Yes. That would include Sidney Powell and others. Representative Nunes, yes. Ohio's Jim Jordan, yes. And, of course, Victor Davis Hanson YES YES YES, and Tucker Carlson YES YES YES. In fact, if Trump decides to bow out, Tucker and Victor Hanson are the best candidates, for sure. There are signs of weakness. Someone reported Bezos made thirteen billion in one day, last week. Meanwhile, I desperately cling for news of unemployment extension. I've been desperately clawing at breakeven for decades. But the Republicans delayed last week because Trump wants a new fbi building built. The story is that what he really wants is that no one can build a hotel there, across the street from his hotel. So, he's already getting his parachute ready, planning for not getting re-elected. Meanwhile tens of millions of his potential voters are thinking about Stimulus and unemployment. Me? I feed homeless people and rescue dogs from the pound. When it's over a hundred degrees, I buy large iced teas full of ice at McDonalds, and cheap burgers and feed this guy or that sweltering in the heat begging with a sign, with his dog. I know they're not faking it. Not in 105 degrees they're not. What about lindsay graham? what about wray? Why are Lou Dobbs and Fitton and Jim Jordan complaining about them? wray has been slow-walking and clogging the release of documents for 3 years?! Even Sidney Powell shrugs with incomprehension about that one, why Trump hasn't replaced him. Makes you think the deep state is surrounding him in the white house, advising him. They all want to hide shit and protect the fbi. Then, of course, one gets conspiratorial and wonders what the fbi may have on THEM! Maybe everybody just wants everything to just go away and we all just pretend it never happened. One wonders then what kind of nightmare administration the Democrats would be and for how many decades. You know the old thing about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. In 3 1/2 years Trump should have reached out to Bush and Bloomberg and all the Silicon Valley kids. Are we to think that Bloomberg et al is not funding people and actions? Yeah, a month or so ago I heard a report that senator graham said that Trump should be appointing Federal Judges like crazy now to fill the many vacancies (in case he doesn't get re-elected of course). Well, that's ok. That's a life axiom. Strive for the best but prepare for the worst. Now one must contemplate steering into the skid. I believe Trump can and will win. It's like last time. The opposition is that bad. But again, it's a nailbiter. A couple of days ago I was in Wal Mart in El Paso and I saw a Mexican-American man with a Trump 2020 sweatshirt on. It's a condescending racism for the Democrats to think they have the Mexican-American vote in their pocket. A lot of us grown-ups are able to look past Trump's negatives. I watched him at Tulsa on video. He was very sharp and witty and to the point as he responded with mockery to the media who said he had parkinson's because he sipped water holding the cup with two hands. Jesus! You see I totally relate to the unfairness of all that. That's what they've been doing to me for decades. I get a credential to teach math, science, Physics etc. and they put me in classrooms with little kids. ok, fine. But then they build a frame and insinuate and whisper that my desire/eagerness to be with children is inappropriate. Not true. My goal from the beginning was to teach upper level students, juniors and senior. THEY, THE DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS, are the ones who blacklisted me for political reasons and kept assigning me to other classes and creating strange and questionable situations. So, I've been watching Trump lately. He's stopped the hand-waving, the name-calling, as far as I know. I'm very very very curious about who his handlers are. I haven't seen Ivana, but I've seen his more nature daughter-in-law. But still, Trump and graham have their eyes on their parachutes (fbi building, judge appointments before it's to late) and I'm here living in a junkyard thinking, "Hey stupid! You better buy my vote with unemployment and Guaranteed Minimum Income! Jeff Bezos just made thirteen billion in one day last week, they say. And while you're at it, give that guy sweltering in the hundred plus heat with the sign and his dog on the street corner, give him a steady gmi check too. I don't think he'll do stock buy backs. He'll buy iced tea and hamburgers and feed his dog, like I do.
So, anyway, for mental health, I stop obsessing about obamagate and Stimulus, and I turn to my other intelligent friends, besides those listed above. The World Russia Forum site (russiahouse.org) was dormant for a while. I feel that I have some insight into this whole Russia Hoax thing that most Americans don't have because I started attending their Forums in D.C. in 2011 and I've met the major figures and listened to them thrash out the issues. Like General Flynn, I've met Ambassador Kislyak and observed him up close, and also the top Russian experts, Princeton's Stephen Cohen, Columbia's Doctorow, U.S. Ambassador Matlock and others. I knew right away that russia collusion was horseshit. And Putin? What's he up to? Well, I heard Stephen Cohen put it this way once, "Putin is just trying to modernize Russia." Well, I'm sure many of you are howling right now and we could get into that endless morass of a debate sometime (especially if I'm in a position where I'm paid to do so) but for now let's just say that those 7 words sum up what Putin is SUPPOSED to do. He is SUPPOSED TO care for the welfare of his country. What the Russia hoax really exposed is how despicable Americans are to cling hysterically and stubbornly to such a childish falsehood. And, in doing so, they've exposed themselves, so that when I say "this is what they've done to me," it's believable now. All of your denials now fall with a thud. "I'm delusional. I just blame others. yada yada yada." No. It's true. It's fact. It's just what they do, and they've done it to me."
Well, I'm going to play Russia expert now. At least, I'm going to critique Doctorow and Kotkin (what's become of Cohen I can only speculate. Resting perhaps He's probably exhausted from being considered "the Putin apologist," and besides, things have changed for him since Kislyak left). Gilbert Doctorow (gilbertdoctorow.com) in his June 30, 2020 article "Putin's Referendum," writes "For those of us who do care about Russia and have some depth of experience of the country, this referendum is a sad page in Russia's move backwards toward autocracy instead of forwards towards greater parliamentary democracy." I'm sketchy on the details of the referendum (remember, I live in a junkyard and feed homeless people and dogs) but I believe it's that line that they put into this bill, constitutional amendment kind of thing I think, that says that Putin's years as President is set to zero, meaning that the constitution hasn't been changed, really. It still limits Putin, and everyone else to two terms as President, BUT it gives Putin a start-over. All Righty. Doctorow, of course, has to object, and "find it a sad page," and he did. In fact, I think I'll bow to the wiser Doctorow and join him. Putin, I rebuke you. There. I did it. Got that out of the way. Documented it and all. No one can say that I didn't stand up to Putin for this direct attack on the fundamental democracy of Russia. Having said that, I would like to mitigate and caveat by saying "let's get real." Putin is the leader who led Russia out of the desperation of the 1990's. The world is a hot mess. Just look at the U.S. and China and everywhere else. Russia doesn't have their succession thing ready yet. I agree with Doctorow and others that it's important and this little referendum thing highlights that they're not ready. But, really, two more terms for Putin could mean two more terms of stability and continuity. But, really, I rebuke him. I mean, we'd never do anything like that over here, nothing treasonous, no coups, no stealing elections. I rebuke you, President Putin. Now get to work modernizing Russia.
Well, Stephen Cohen hasn't been on FOX lately, and Victor Davis Hanson hasn't been making videos fast enough to keep me occupied. SO I DISCOVERED KOTKIN and here's an interesting video of Kotkin below. Kotkin is also a big Russian expert at Princeton, like Cohen, so I'm sure the two are strongly collegial. Unlike Cohen, allegedly "a Putin apologist," Kotkin is strict on Putin, but he makes the comparison to Stalin in the video below, apparently to make the point that there is no real comparison. Well, it's really a lot deeper than that and this Kotkin video is very clever and humorous. So, I'm glad I discovered him and I encourage you to get to know him, as well. (Dave Scully July 29, 2020) DON'T MISS (minute 40 to minute 46.5)
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