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It's The G20, Stupid!

Current Events June 24, 2019

Well, the G20 Summit will be 6/28-29 in Osaka, Friday and Saturday. That seems to have been completely overlooked in discussing Trump's response to Iran. Trump said he will meet Xi, and then finally it came out that he will also meet Putin (not just an "on your tippy toes/on your feet talk in the closet, but a real "sit down" talk). Or course, it is apparent that the real winners from all this ENDLESS CHAOS are the press and all their showpeople (called newspeople) and the national politicians. The rest of us are exhausted and busy as hell trying to get by, and we want you to solve shit, not create shit. For the 99.9% of you stuck in the msnbc/cnn/fox news bubble stadium, it might come as news to you that Russia and China have become partners tantamount to an alliance, and they have good relations with Iran (They have to. They are neighbors.). With a long list of other important things to do to make forward progress, I searched for recent warnings from Putin that Russia will support/defend Iran. Within the past four days, Putin said that U.S. attack on Iran would be disaster, but I didn't have the time to analyze and parse his speech. I think he said something a week or two ago affirming Russian military defense support for Iran in the event of a U.S. attack. Anyway, I found this article, and this is really where my thoughts were going. It's the G20 stupid, among other things. Trump's full of bluster and bully and brinkmanship. He makes calculated threats, idle threats, impulse threats, all kinds of threats. He always says he wants good relations with Russia, yet he has stacked his highest level advisors/cabinet with neocon war with Russia hawks and chicken hawks. So the media spent the last four days trying to read Trump's mind. "Why, a dramatic 10 minutes before attack time, did Trump call it off?" they discusssed endlessly. It's made for tv. The speculation could go on endlessly. Is he usteady, unstable, prone to change his mind with the last advisor he speaks to? Is he a brilliant, instinctive fighter and negotiator and politician? There's an old Russian saying, poorly reproduced here, "There is a special Providence watching over madmen, drunkards and Americans." But in my spare moments glancing at the tv at McDonalds, I did not hear a single "pundit" performer even suggest the notion that the G20 Summit, coming up this Friday and Saturday, 4 and 5 days from now, had anythng to do with Trump's decision. He might just be just a little bit smarter than the rest of the pack, with the ability to see just a little bit beyond his front porch and more than a week ahead. He's gonna be meeting Putin and Xi there, and the rest of the world. Here, I found this post from "Modern Diplomacy, titled "The Real Reason(s) Trump Backed Off On Iran." Dr Khan, the author, described 3 missiles that Iran has in abundance, all or some of which Russia/China has taught them to produce themselves, one of which "slams down on a ship at Mach 3," and all of which have avoidance measures which can counteract electronic warfare measures... (and one of which evaded the defensive measures of the drone). He writes, "Iran is also now firmly within the China-Russia axis (yes, the axis has been build already - here in the U.S., by the way), and it remains a major supplier for China." Trump, at least, can see beyond his own front porch, and he isn't living 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years in the past. He further writes, "It all goes to show that when Trump called off this military escalation, he was not just thinking of the 150 Iranians he claimed would be killed, he was also concerned about U.S. casualties and the loss of a ship or two, future relations with China and its partners, the lack of support from Europe, and the uncertainties of war - all with one eye on the 2020 elections." (and Russia and Putin, too) Also, if I may so humbly suggest, and point out, all the performers enjoyed talking endlessly about what TRUMP was thinking, without ever giving any consideration to what the Iranian leader, or Putin or Xi were thinking. Why the attacks on the tankers and the drone this past week or two? Why did the Russian ship challenge the U.S.Navy ship off the coast of China recently? "What on earth is the Iranian leader thinking?" one might ask but they didn't. I have the answer for you. Right Here. Right Now. Ans. = It's the G20 Summit, Stupid. Iran and Russia and China have been setting the table for the G20 summit conversations. Does Trump get it? mmm...Probly...kinda...sorta...maybe... It's really way past the time to engage with Russia and China in long-term meaningful dialog. Now would be a good time. David Scully ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* *******