How They Destroyed My Reputation

I Finally Figured It Out

I'll try to outline it here now. I don't know if I'll ever have the time to fill out the whole story, but I will if I can.

Well, I don't know how much of a prologue to open with. I'll try to keep it short and to the point. It has puzzled me why I am the boogey man, such a bad, bad, irredeemable boogeyman. I have all the Liberal credentials. I am well-educated. Politically, I was raised an Irish-Catholic Kennedy from the Northeast. Indeed, my grandfather was an Irish-Catholic Democratic machine politician under Boss Haig in Jersey City NJ (think "The Last Hurrah). I have all the conservative credentials. I come from a family of military service, and I joined The Navy to, among other things, keep all that together. At that time, I was rebelling against the kooky, bratty bicoastal counterculture of New York and Berkeley. And, for all you religious simpletons, I can beat you all toe-to-toe on Holiness. I was one of The Holiest Altar Boys this world has ever know in the sixth grade, going to church 7 days a week. But that's a personal relationship between God and Me, and so the rest of you moronic, simpleton, church-going christians can go to hell. After the Navy, I was 100% in The American Mode, Work, Study, Raise a Family, and be a good neighbor while doing so.
So that's me, just about as wonderful as can be. So, I've wondered, "how have I managed to get such a lousy reputation?" So, I've gotten insights more and more and I think I've figured it out.
It's been a political conspiracy and, just as Justice Kavanaugh, Catholic Student Nick Covington, and General Flynn were singled for extremely egregious and blatantly unfair reputation smears, SO HAVE I. I don't know all the details. I don't know HOW organized it's been. Not hard in this day of electronics. THIS I KNOW. MY EX WAS THE KEY TO MY HOUSE, LITERALLY. They used her, and she went along with it. I was naive and didn't suspect the evil going on behind my back when I wasn't home. I wasn't home much. I was always in overdrive, working and studying. She on the other hand, rarely did ANYTHING. She stayed at home and played host to evil liberals who hated me and my kind and to simpleton conservatives. AND ALL SHE DID WAS COMPLAIN. It's all she knew how to do. It was the sum of her limited repertoire. Complain. Complain. Complain. It played right into the hand of the "victimization liberals."
So now comes the outline, because I'm getting tired already, and it's best to now continue writing too much when you're tired. Then you might trend toward fulfilling their twisted narrative of you

OUTLINE I married her in olongapo filipines on January 2, 1975, about a week after meeting her on Christmas Eve. Contrary to popular stereotypical stories, I WAS THE VICTIM in this American/Asian match. I was fully aware of the talk of many of the horrors of the Vietnam war before I joined The Navy. One such theme was the story of soldiers who raped or married Vietnamese, had children, and then abandoned them. Vietnam was strewn with such children, it was said. As for me, I didn't know where the hell I was going. San Francisco was the guaranteed home port I was allowed to choose upon enlisting for 4 years. To me it was "get the hell out of New York, away from oppressive family, go to enlightened California." I didn't have a girlfriend. I was rebounding from some dates with a beauty from Spanish upper west side in Manhattan, 109th and Amsterdam. So, a year after enlistment, we're headed to the philippines and my supervising enlisted petty officer told me that in olongapo city, the girls would run up to you and throw their arms around you and kiss you. Well, that didn't happen, but I "got laid" for the first time in my life with a dumpy girl with 2 children that I met at "The Big E" club, having joined a group from my ship, "The Big E," The USS Enterprise. It wasn't worth the wait, believe me, but I was able to check off the box that said "not a virgin anymore." She lived in a room with paper walls and no plumbing, and my main concern was not getting my throat slit as I wandered down the dark alleys to her room. She and I and her 1-year-old boy slept under the mosquito net. I said that she was nice and she and her handlers dragged me off to a marriage ceremony. It was largely guilt, and pity or compassion (what kind of life would they have. After all, she was already dumpy and trending matronly). Her first child was dead. This should have been a red flag. I said "how?" She said, "He was with the maid, and drowned." While she was working at the club. AS I ALREADY WROTE ELSEWHERE (but I'll try to make this a comprehensive outline) AFTER THE "MARRIAGE CEREMONY" SHE THREW THE MARRIAGE DOCUMENTS ON THE GROUND. This showed her attitude of contempt. It was only because a man came running up to us as we got on the jeepnie, waving the "dropped" papers. She remained expressionless. It was an affectionless relationship with bad sex, but I didn't know any better. That all has to do with my upbringing and my family life (I never had any younger relatives to play with and the only affecton I ever shared was with my dogs), but we don't have time for that in this summary.

skip forward

several months later, I'm on the ship in California and I get called to the phone. She's in the filipines, whining "BUY ME TICKEE! BUY ME TICKEE!" I was annoyed because she was eligible for a free ride as a spouse if she would be patient and diligent in watching for flights. I dished out the thousand bucks in 1975 dollars on e-2 pay. I picked her up at SFO and took her to housing in Dublin, CA. I visited a shipmate I barely knew a few apartments down and she lit up and laughed and giggled for him, and I'm thinking "you bitch! you didn't show any enthusiasm or affection to see me!" I was pretty pissed with her, but I was always busy. Did she have relationships with other sailors in Olongapo or in Dublin CA Housing? At the time I didn't consider it, but now I think it's more than likely. I was often at sea for weeks at a time and, when in port, had duty every third day and had to spend the night on the ship. She was more calculating and reserved with me, never affectionate. I, for my part, wasn't very affectionate because I wasn't brought up that way. I found out that there was a filipino family down at the end in a 3-apt building. I knew she'd experience culture shock, so I requested a move down next to them, and we did. She also met two other filipinas, one from her island of Samar, and the other married to the retired sailor who managed the apartment grounds. Our wooden porch was old and splintered and I didn't want her to get hurt, so I requested paint, and I had to paint it 3 times, the splinters were so bad. The manager joked about it, but anyway we became friends with them. I remember one time I was in the apartment and she came back from shopping with her filipina friend.\, the manager's wife, and older woman. I ran out the door and enthusiastically greeted her, and the woman cried out, "NOW THAT'S A HUSBAND!" But, as I said, she never expressed enthusiasm or affection to me, but, as I also said, I didn't know what was expected from a marriage. I remember one time I said to her that when I got out of The Navy, after I got my degree I was going to law school. Was she good with that. She said yes, but I might as well have been talking to a horse, as things played out. She totally screwed up the law school and other things as well. So, after that year or so in California, the ship was headed out on another extended Western Pacific cruise, but I had made good and been awarded "Man-of-The-Month" in April 1976 which was a HUGE award, because there were over 600 sailors in The Engineering Department.
So they assigned me for the year to the Navy Base (Subic Bay) adjacent to olongpo city. We flew over standby, rented a small house, and she had a maid all year. ALL YEAR LONG, BESIDES WORKING EVERY DAY AND DOING DUTY DAYS I TOOK A FULL LOAD OF COURSES AT LAVERNE COLLEGE (UNIVERSITY) 8 semester units Biology 8 semester units Accounting, and 8 semester units English. In other words, I knocked off a year of college at night that year, and got a grade of "A" in every course. It was the military work ethic. Nothing else to do. So, let's talk about our relationship. She retrieved her little boy from her family in Samar. We took him for medical care on base. They wormed him, and a week later I was called to the potty where he was squatting. a 12" worm was dangling out of him butt. I pulled it out. Then they found him positive for TB exposure, so he was getting pills for that. I was feeling good. I wasn't killing babies in Vietnam or abandoning impregnated lovers or wives. I was helping these two poor people. But, you know Oprah advises us to listen to people because they will tell us who they are. We didn't have much sex, I guess. I didn't know how much we should have. Frankly I didn't find her very attractive. I looked around at others, and sighed, and thought "boy, I could have done a lot better." As I said, she was trending matronly after 2 children, and she didn't have a pretty face. She had two disgusting warts on her face with hair like wires growing out of them. We almost never kissed. We were like an unaffectionate old couple. I think she talked to our landlord about our sex life, or lack of it. He probably wondered why I was never home, coming home late at night after taking classes. He said to me, "boy when I was your age, I used to fuck all the time." So, she wasn't really doing things to endear me, to say the least, but I put up with it. I had a full plate, lots to do. I guess all I really expected from her was companionship, a family. I was a stranger in the filipines, and I let her take the lead. One time she told me that her friend's husband "boxed her." I was puzzled, imagining a couple standing in the alley boxing. She giggled, so I assumed it was sport or something, but later I realized she meant that he hit her, and if so, why was she giggling. I just shook it off. We didn't communicate well. We each thought the other was stupid. Then she told a story about her youth in Samar and how she got a boy in a lot of trouble because he hit her and she reported it. She was gleeful about this story. Again, I shrugged it off. I had no intention of hitting her. I wasn't interested in those games. I just wanted a companion, a family. She did a few things that annoyed me, but I shrugged them off. This whole male/female relationship was new to me, and I heard you had to give and take, and it was her country, and I had a full plate, to I bent. One thing was that she had a maid and she didn't have to do anything. We enrolled her in a Tailoring class to learn to make clothes, but that was only a few hours a day, a few days a week. So, when it came to running out to buy breakfast from the street vendor as he went by each morning, I expected her to do that, but she wouldn't. She wanted me to do it. A girl thing I figured, so I did it.
Here's my summary. She never had a job in her life. She was from the jungle of Samar philippines Had sex early, who knows when, gloated about getting boys in trouble, had at least a couple of relationships or rapes with filipino men, and had two boys, one of whom died while she was at the club, "drowned in the custody of the maid." Speaking of maids, I was appalled at how cheap she was with her maid. The maid and her husband became like family. She looked like a poster-woman for the starving, emaciated filipina, bones everywhere. I was pre-occupied, and the maid was for my ex's convenience, but when we left we could have at least left them the refrigerator and furniture! But she sold it and kept every lousy stinking peso. It wasn't good for the soul.

Now lets's forward to her second trip to the U.S.

The three of us flew back military, the boy sleeping on my lap. I was going to get out in 9 months or less, so I rented an apartment in Alameda, 5 minutes from Alameda Naval Air Station, rather than the hour commute from Dublin CA. It was 2nd floor and we had a balcony with a view of Treasure Island, I think. I think we had a bit of a Bay View, a little water, I'm not sure. I wanted to buy land or house or something near Davis CA where I was going to finish up my B.A., and I was cramming like hell to prepare for my LSAT exams to qualify for law school. So my routine was to come home and spend as much time as possible relaxing in the bathtub, studying. It paid off. I did EXTREMELY well on the LSATs. But she was unhappy. First of all, I have to go back quickly to the previous year when we were in Dublin. The filipine family that we moved next to invited her to join them at work, make a little money, help your husband. I thought it would give her something to do with filipinas so she wouldn't be lonely. It was difficult labor and I never would have consented if I'd known how hard the work was. I joined them on their last day because I happened not to have duty, and I found that day to be GRUELING. So, I could see that as a source of bitterness on her part. Remember, I don't think she ever worked a day in her life, other that playing "tricks" on men. That job must have been a grueling come-uppance. But I didn't know this. I was just going along with the filipine neighbors. Lo and Behold they had a falling out. They were calling her "Shit." And they were telling me that she was the problem. Who knows? maybe she was seeing some sailors on the side, when I was on duty. Another thing, in Dublin, there was an older white lady who lived next door in the first apartment in the next building. We made friends, and would often visit, and sit in her living room and pass the time. She had nice stuff, and kept a nice house but her husband had left her for a younger woman, and she was unhappy, unpleasant and bitter. I remember that she had a carbueretor problem that no one in the world seemed capable of solving. One day I was over there and she started scolding me that I didn't need milk, that the boy in Samar needed milk and that I sure had a lot to learn. So I could clearly see that conversation about me was not good when I was not there. That offended me, because I was just trying to be helpful and make the best and smartest decisions. But she did other strange things. I knew she would eventually need to drive a car, so in our spare time I would let her drive on a leisurely country road on the outskirts of Dublin. One time, as we came around a long curve there was a sheriff or policeman parked in a lot on the side. She veered off the road and aimed the car directly as his vehicle as I'm waving my hands, saying "what the hell are you doing?" So, I don't know if she was complaining about me to the police, but she certainly had nothing to complain about. There was another time I let her try something a bit more advanced and that was going to the food supermarket. When she got into the parking lot, she stopped She just stopped and blocked everyone. I told her she couldn't block everyone but that she had to proceed, as slowly as she wanted, but she had to move. Then an off-duty cop behind us is honking. I'm exasperated trying to get her to roll, I flipped him off, then he had an issue with me for the next 20 minutes as we shopped. SHE WAS NOTHING BUT A GOD-DAMNED SOURCE OF TROUBLE. SO, HAVING REMINDED YOU OF THESE INCIDENTS, LETS' GO BACK TO ALAMEDA AND OUR 2ND FLOOR APARTMENT WITH A BALCONY VIEW. One day, a black and white pair of thugs knock on our door and try to force their way in with the old "walk and talk" routine, and I forcefully held the door against them and said "no. go away." Based on all of her other behavior, I'm thinking that she called them in on me. That's what I think now, but at the time I just shrugged with disgust because I thought it was a nice apartment complex. I enrolled her in an ESL Class in Alameda, and Alameda is about as nice a town as you can find. Very Nice. She said I was being ABUSIVE becausse I MADE HER take ESL. I wasn't making her do anything. From day 1 the previous year, I had tried to build her filipine network so she wouldn't be lonely and suffer from culture shock. If she thought that was abuse, she had a lot to learn, but I had no intention of teaching it to her.

Anyway, here's an important point that I've been building up to.

I didn't always cram for the LSATs in the bathtub. If something good was on tv, like on pbs or something, we'd sit together on the couch and watch.


This just perplexed me, because my whole game was just moving forward. I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She didn't have any complaints when we lived in olongapo for almost a year and she had a maid. She wasn't working now either. Just using her spare time to get resentful about me and set me up for trouble. THIS, I THINK, IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT POINTS I WANTED TO MAKE AND I'M GLAD I GOT THIS FAR THIS EVENING. THERE'S REALLY SO MUCH TO SAY TO TRY TO FILL IN THE STORY BUT IT COULD GO ON AND ON UNTIL I FALL OVER AT THE COMPUTER AND BECOME INCOHERENT.

So this is the most important inflection point of the whole story. So far I have tried to describe the first two years, more or less. Her first trip to the U.S. and living in Dublin CA Our year in olongapo where I took 24 semester units and she had a maid, and our return to the U.S. awaiting discharge, living in Alameda, signing her up for ESL, and cramming like hell for the LSAT.
This is a good spot to break for the evening. COMING UP she ruined my dream, my purchase of 2 1/2 acres in knights landing with dwellings, 20 miles north of Davis CA. It's probably worth a million now. Then she ruined our stay in Davis and my consolation dream of living in that wonderful college town. Then she ruined law school and my two jobs with the county, assessor and programmer. Then she stole my house and child and ruined my start with so many failures that I was never able to get traction ever since. Of course, this little paragraph will need some filling in, but that's basically the way it went. She did it by complaining about me incessantly to everyone, and by enabling the sacramento boogey-man hunters by feeding their desired narrative that I was the quintessential bogey-man. She probably killed her first boy, ruined the potentially good life her second boy could have (the one I raised) and was so negligent with our daughter's upbringing that I had to ship her every summer to my mother in New Jersey to be raised safely.


In other words, while I was always working or at school, she did nothing but entertain people and complain about me. They were extremely malicious. For example, one day I found that one of them had left her a note, "USE HIS CREDIT CARDS!" These malicious activists had access to my phone to make phone calls that could be traced to my number and they scribbled hateful racist comments in my Physics book. I had already scribbled many mocking and angry political comments in that Physics book to take complete ownership of the book so that I could study Physics without being annoyed by their politically correct nonsense. I DID NOT SCRIBBLE RACIST WORDS OR COMMENTS. Racist words and hate speech have been off limits in the U.S. for 60 years or so, and rightly so. It was white-boy and white-girl political infiltration into every realm and facit of life that offended me. It was they whom I mocked and excoriated. Also, I freely left the book on the coffee table. Anybody could have read it with all my comments. They just had to add the racial hatred comments to fill it out to their liking I haven't seen the Physics book in 50 years or so, since an african american girl from a class at sac city coll stole it. But I have now figured out how they used this book, and my typewriter, to set me up as the worst racist bogeyman ever. You see, in 1982 at sac state I established an organization and wrote newsletters, and I quoted my white female instructor who was abusing me in every way (she was julie gwynn the wife of john gwynn, conspirator, and department chair) She rudely pointed her finger at my nose and said, "White Men have it coming to them." And "calling a white women a womens libber IS JUST AS BAD AS calling a black man a nigger." SHE SAID IT. I DIDN'T. I JUST REPORTED IT. The African Americans on campus should have agreed and said, "Yes, she's way out of line." But they didn't. So, since then, everyone's always considered me a racist. It didn't make sense. I was just quoting her and exposing her extremely bad, unprofessional behavior. But the label stuck to me and I have been astonished for decades at EVERYONE'S SHALLOWNESS. Finally, nowadays, with fake dossiers and all kinds of other fake notes, I realize that people looked at my Physics book and concluded that I was a racist. If I ever did put racist hate speech in my Physics book, I would have had to keep it hidden. Besides, now it explains mchugh and hulbe at sac state, the two worst of American education. So, I'll try to fill this all out another day, but the outline is all here. It's getting there, but now I'm going to stop for the night. But now you know where it's going, believe it or not. David Scully September 6, 2020