Dear Readers, It is now August 9, 2020 and I have been busy
scraping by and struggling, just like most of us.

On July 3, I was rear-ended really hard,
and so I had to rely on a bicycle for transportation for a week while used-car-shopping.
It's not easy.  It's a big decision and requires a lot of footwork, pedaling, and phone calling.
Thanks to the stimulus I was able to purchase a car for $1800 (that driver had no insurance)
but of course it's needed various repairs, but I'm grateful
and I will say that The Stimulus is good for me and for others like me
and for the economy
and I believe a Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI)
would also be good for all of us and for the economy.

Everything I get from Stimulus goes spent right back into the economy
so other Americans and businesses can use it.

The richest American made $13 billion in one day a week or so ago.

So, Republicans need to screw their heads on straight and open the spigot on the money flow.
I mean, what about these f&^%ing Republican Senators and the like
who started trading immediately when they had advance insider knowledge about Covid-19That's a felony.
It's called insider trading.

So kudos and praises to President Trump for his Executive Order yesterday, August 8, 2020.

And, again, kudos to President Trump for taking action against companies
and other entities that hire foreigners instead of Americans, and especially Veterans.
It's all around us everywhere,
but gallup-mckinley school district is an example.
They hired this Veteran, me, in a sting entrapment hire-to-fire scheme
while they have many non-citizen teachers from the philippines, africa, central asia, etc.

filipino sex pervert freely roams halls of Chief Manuelito Middle School in violation of the law EDGAR LEOSALA

husband of Melcah Leosala sexually harassed and propositioned a teacher at Chief Manuelito Middle School, and since it was difficult to prove and embarassing for the perverted school district, and because the victimized female teacher was believable. sex pervert edgar leosala WAS ORDERED not to enter the premises of Chief Manuelito School again. They swept it under the rug and transferred him. BUT HE FLOUTED THE ORDER, IGNORED IT, AND CONTINUALLY RETURNED TO Chief Manuelito School whenever he wanted, in violation of school district orders. I know this because in 2016 I was teaching at Chief Manuelito School and my classroom was directly across the hall from Melcah Leosala, poor victimized woman. We were on the same "team." There were four of us and our classrooms were all adjacent in a box formation. We communicated on a daily basis, and cooperated by backing up each other on duty assignments and in other ways. Melcah is the one who taught me to input grades into the district system. This was a big deal because psychobrat, gaslighting punk stevie wartgo, the principal, was constantly overloading me and pressuring me and making unreasonable demands and had given me a deadline to start uploading grades twice a week, but no one had shown me how. So I ran across and asked Melcah to show me how and she did it in a no-nonsense manner (which is all I wanted) in about 5 minutes. She ran through it once while I took notes. Then I did it, haltingly, as she watched and made corrections and I improved my notes. I think the third time I had it down pat, and then I did it a fourth time to be sure. It all took about 5 minutes. Well, another time, after school, I was in her room. I rarely visited her. More often I visited the matronly teachers in the other rooms. But by no means was Melcah "a looker." I was just exercising discretion. So I was consulting with her after school and she started talking about her husband. I had no idea that he was a teacher in the district and that he had been a teacher at Chief Manuelito School the previous year, and that he was charged with sexually harassing and propositioning another teacher at the school, and that they swept it under the rug by ordering him to stay away from the school. " a well, uh, my uh husban an I we haf a very a gud a arelationa sheep a." and then she told me the above facts.

But the SEX PERVERT EDGAR LEOSALA ignored the rules and commands ARROGANTLY LIKE A SEX PERVERT and just kept coming over to Chief Manuelito School whenever he wanted. in violation of orders from the district

In fact, last year, when I called the district business office to have my w-2 sent to me, they switched me over to a phone with a filipino on the line and he continually berated me as a "creem ee nal." So I called back and asked them to get serious because the law required the district to provide me a w-2 without harassment and so they switched me over to someone in the business office who handled my request.

The point of this is that were provoking me to scream and yell back at him and hopefully use racial slurs. In their strategy, this could hopefully result in charges against me by the city or charges against my credential. I DIDN'T BITE.