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David Scully Apologizes For Two Lighthearted References To Rape

In His Historic 1982 Newsletters

So, besides saying "I wish I'd never written those things. I'm sorry for it," I am taking the next step and apologizing making two lighthearted references to rape in my historic 1982 Newsletters that made Hannity and Levin possible. After all, saying "I'm sorry" is ambiguous. It could mean "I'm sorry because it resulted in me being illegally sanctioned for the last 36 years, and impoverished and blacklisted." or, "I'm sorry you are so stupid and pretend to be so hypersensitive about it even though you make rape jokes with your girlfriends," I can personally witnessed a girl making a joke about rape. I was dating someone and I took her out to Chinese (she was Japanese) and we met a girl she knew (who was Korean) and and they mentioned rape and the Korean girl said, like, "ha ha ha, just lay back and enjoy it!" Then I remember standing in line for the diving board at a city pool in Davis, CA and a teen girl was flirting with the boy in line with her, "oh, maybe you're the East Bay Area Rapist!" shocking, troubling stuff. But on a truly more troubling and more serious note, I will tell you that in the nineties I was perusing the Study Guides in the UC Davis Bookstore. Almost every subject is summarized one or two plastic sheets. Now, I can't remember what subject it was, some kind of branch of philosophy or something, I think, and it stated that the modern theory or opinion current in America was that

All Intercourse Is Rape.

Now, that's pretty high bar to hurdle. I can imagine a couple agreeing that their relationship should be sexually intimate. They took all the precautions. They went to the doctor and both were tested for std's. They remained monogomous and he wore a condom. They even wrote up an agreement and had it notarized, stating that they mutually agreed on having frequent, erotic, physical, energetic sex, and yet, every time they did, according the modern feminist philosophers, he was committing rape. I don't know if she was though. Once, a woman I didn't know showed me a pornographic film on her phone. The woman was sitting on top of the man, straddling him with her long, sexy, fit and trim legs. He lay prone on his back, motionless, save for heavy breathing and and occasional moan. I was concerned that we were witnessing a violent assault as she jumped up and down on top of him with great energy. And yet, he, I feel sure, would be the one guilty of the crime of rape according to modern American feminist philosopers. An apology, however, I think (at least this is how I mean it here) means that I believe that it is wrong to make lighthearted comments about rape. I intend to never make any lighthearded commments about rape ever again in the future, and I encourage you to chastise me and set me straight about it if I ever slip up. You know, drunk or something, but I don't drink any more, but maybe I could slip up on that. Or, maybe I'd work really hard and go without sleep for a couple of days and become irrational and say it, so work with me. I apologize sincerely. I raised a loveable daughter. I like girls. I think we should all respect one another. I apologize.

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