Responding to some muck stirred up by the less than 0.2 % (middletown's political junkies of anger and rage),

Whenever I have taken the required TB tests and Criminal Background Checks,
I have always passed.

To the best of my recollection,
I have only one conviction, a misdemeanor in CA in 2005 for screwing up signature collection
during the 2003 Recall Election that recalled Gray Davis.
In 2017, I had to pay $100 fine for missing a court date that I didn't know I had.
Just before I left gallup, I texted a man some information, and I was cited for that communication. Charges dropped.
But my middletown political junkie opponents found a mug shot taken in Las Cruces for missing that court date I didn't know I had.
There is a group of political junkies in Middletown PA who are addicted to anger and rage, and who are not representative of the roughly 8,500 residents, who just work hard for their family and themselves. I currently have placed before the Governor of New Mexico a Whistleblowing Complaint against gallup-mckinley school district. All investigationa of me have been concluded and dropped long ago. I worked there in the second half of 2016, and I wrote and submitted the Whistleblowing complaint two years later, in 2018. A few weeks later, in 2018 a RETALIATORY ATTACK HIT PIECE against me was produced that has been completely discredited. It's effective, professional drama, but totally misleading, and largely completely false. I will not respond to it further than that. (because it simply confuses people) My teaching credential in New Mexico is current and valid, with no actions taken. Nothing more need be said about it really. If the hate-addicted, anger-addicted small group of Middletown political junkies wish to obsess on it, they can.
It speaks much of their simple-minded rage mentality that they do not focus on my important accomplishments, like Writing the script for the Rush Limbaugh Program in 1982. That changed America. Being a highly-qualified Math, Physical Science, and Social Studies Teacher. My service as a Veteran. My service as a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

What On Earth Is Wrong With Gallup School District Administrators?