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gallup school district ABUSES AMERICAN VETERAN In Conspiracy of Political Correctness


From Across The Oceans, philippines, Africa, Wherever

Though the administrators at gallup-mckinley school district HAVE ABUSED An American Veteran in an ongoing conspiracy of political correctness, they continue to hire Non-Americans from the philippines, Africa, and who knows where else. All you have to do is investigate, or will ANYONE EVER investigate this matter. I can tell you who, what, when, where, how and why, BUT I ALREADY HAVE. I didn't bother to mention that they hire lots of Non-Americans from across the oceans because that's not my obsession, but the district administrators needlessly hire Non-Americans and Abuse American Veterans. What reminded me of this is that I called the district business office a day or two ago to request a w-2 from 2016 that I haven't received. I just asked them to please mail it to me but they insisted I log on, which I was not able to do and then they directed me to a filipino in the office who was rather rude and seemed to be calling me a criminal for trying to get a my w-2. Eventually I had to call back and they said they'd mail it. Why they couldn't do that the first time, I don't know. I was left with the impressionn that the district has flagged my name and has directed their personnel to direct any call from me to a person who has been directed to provoke me. Anyway, it seemed that way. Anyway, the abuse heaped upon abuse made me decide to report the issue and the fact that

the district needlessly hires non-Americans from across the oceans to fill positions that Americans can fill while it continues to abuse American Veterans