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Abuse of Veteran

Veterans' Day Weekend Hype Disgusts Me

Veterans, because of their training, or because of the values they already had before they entered service, are not the type to make claims to victimhood. Veterans know that some veterans "gave all" (their lives) and others came back badly injured. So, in that sense, veterans feel blessed, not victimized. And yet, that's not a good attitude when you ARE victimized or when you are sold short. So, I will have to step in here into the role of lawyer (because I can't afford one right now) and make some of the points that she or he would make for me. 1. The gallup-mckinley school district administrators who have so outrageously abused me, have abused a Veteran, the way they terminated me the day after the Veterans' Day weekend. You know, it would have looked bad to fire a Veteran just before Veterans' Day weekend. Everything that they did was outrageous, as I have described on these web pages, but that was spitting in the face of this Veteran, and ALL Veterans. The hype and praise for Veterans is always hyperbolic in the buildup to, and during, Veterans' Day weekend, but the gallup-mckinley school district administrators once again showed their deception as they joined in verbally praising Veterans while they put this Veteran through hell. It would not be unrealistic to say that I was under constant attack by the school district administrators or even to say that I am a casualty of a war there. ********* 2. The VA is an active shooter in the problem. That is, they are part of the problem, actively. Though I happen to qualify for medical care at VA hospitals because of my Viet Nam era Veteran status, I don't go to them any more. I'd rather get my medical care in Ciudad Juarez. After my VA doctor at the Mather Clinic near sacramento suggested that I file a PTSD claim because I showed PTSD symptoms I've tried more than once to file for PTSD, but they've gone as far as to dramatically redact my service file, leaving out the good and keeping in anything negative. It was all began engineered by U.S. Senator barbara boxer in sacramento, and then, by inertia, took on a life of its own. Now, the useful idiots in the VA deep state do it for her while she and her 1970's bratty girlfriends must chuckle and snicker at how stupid boys are. I know. I ordered by complete service file a few years ago, after being told I should do that as part of the process of filing for PTSD. I was "Man of the Month" for the Engineering Department on the USS Enterprise for the month of April, 1976. No mention of that in the file. That's Unbelievable. The Engineering Department had over 600 men, and that was the only month they awarded a "Man of the Month" award during the time that I was there, as far as I know (but they did award a "Man of the Year" award to a fine, deserving fellow). The REASON I was awarded "Man of the Month" was because of the courage and professionalism I showed (That's what they said.) as I was harassed by moron, bully non-commissioned-officers (They didn't say that. I'm saying it.) during 1974 and 1975. That included abuse and threat in the main engine lube oil sump, but they continue to maintain the fiction that "I haven't provided evidence." How do I provide evidence from over 40 years ago? I was brought for a hearing before the Chief Executive Officer of the Enterprise (the number two man, under The Captain) after the lube oil sump incident, and that's when I finally spilled the beans about the pattern of abuse and the abusive, dangerous situation in the lube oil sump. So it all has to be documented, I'm sure, when you go before the Executive Officer with your officer and other officers attending. It was a traumatic, life-threatening incident. So that's the Veteran's Administration for you. Useful idiots for the Left. When I go to a VA Hospital or Clinic for medical care, I expect to interact with medical personnel ONLY! Not with cia or national security boys who insult and try to terrorize me! Being angry because you've been wronged is NOT a mental illness! Not being angry in such a situation might indicate mental illness, or a lack of character or self-respect. America's military/cia apparatus is just mad because I finally took my story to Russia because nobody over here would listen, but rather just pound me down. Though I gave some, not all, I served. And the rhetoric I hear from President Trump and other officials rings hollow and is sickening to me, because it is never backed up with meaningful action. It just devolves into a good job program for VA employees. That's All. The officials in the U.S. highly tout employment programs for Veterans, and they smile and take great credit for training Veterans for warehouse work, landscaping, trucking and the like, like they buy into the liberals' lie that Veterans are dangerous, mentally ill idiots fit only for such menial jobs. Me? I wrote the limbaugh script and started it all and was the spark that roared into the fire that is today's political and cultural tv/radio/internet talk shows. I've been a politically sanctioned, blacklisted teacher for 31 years. I'd be a multi-millionaire now after 31 years of teacher employment and full retirement. And you're going to insult me with a room in a rooming house that I can't even take my dog into? And make me do household chores on your schedule and have a "mental health" case worker, and STILL have to pay for it, after all the insults. (This is a program they have in El Paso) I'd rather live in a tent under a bridge, which in fact is what I've been doing, basically. *********

Extremely Blatant Abuse of Veteran by State of Pennsylvania deep state employees

It's getting late in the day and I have much to do, so I will make this as brief as I can. I have an old duplex a 10-minute commute from my front door to the downtown Harrisburg state office buildings and The State Capital. So, I took civil service tests and I ranked in the top 3 on three civil service lists. One was for a position in Statistics and two in Real Estate. There is a state civil service law in Pennsylvania that is called "The Rule of 3." It states that if a person is on a civil service list and has Veteran's Preference status (and I did) and ranks in the top 3 (i.e. 1 or 2 or 3) and a department hires from that list, THEN that department MUST hire that person, that Veteran, FIRST, before hiring anyone else. While on the lists and waiting to hear, I took a trucking job (still needed money, you know), so I did a phone interview while I was in Texas. I was enthusiastic and I prepared the night before by parking in a large truck stop where I could get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast. I woke well rested, stretched and had my coffee and was about to eat, when the phone rang. It was the interviewers and I greeted them and said I was ready but I said I was surprised they called an hour early. Then I realized that I must have crossed a time zone from eastern to Central and my phone clock moved back an hour, so I said that and that I was ready to interview. I was enthusiastic and responsive during the interview because I believe that the purpose of an interview is to communicate, not to stonewall. It lasted more than an hour, but, of course, they could have hurried it along at any juncture by moving on to the next question. To make a long story short, instead of obeying the civil service law of the State of Pennsylvania, they avoided hiring me by doing a cheap hit job. They complained about the fact that "I didn't know what time it was." They complained that I talked too much. (It was an INTERVIEW, duh. I was SUPPOSED to answer their questions). Then the zinger. The outright lie. This was pure evil on their part. They said that I said, during the interview, that "I wouldn't rent to the negroes" in Middletown!!!!!! If you're curious, and you probably are, I'll tell you exactly what went down. They asked me why I wanted to work for the State of Pennsylvania. I could have been short and legalistic and said, "Good pay and benefits. next question please." But I felt that the right thing to do was to communicate and tell them why. I told them that I was going to The State Capitol frequently to try to find state workers to rent rooms in my duplex, a very convenient 10-minute commute from downtown Harrisburg because the duplex is across the street from Amtrak. I told them that I was trying to find better tenants, like state workers who were educated and could hold down a job, because all the renters I'd had from Middletown had been problems. I said that the pool of potential renters in Middletown wasn't good, and then I added that I wasn't referring to blacks, or African Americans, who only make up about 5% of the population, according to Wikipedia, but to the entire pool of renters. I said that because discrimination in Real Estate is illegal and I was applying for a Real Estate job and I wanted them to know that I knew that and would not violate that law. I could have said that the problems I'd had were all white trash prostitutes, drug sellers, bar flies and ex-convicts, but it was a professional interview, and I didn't think it was necessary. In fact, at that very time of the interview, I believe, I was renting to a black person from Africa who was a student at Penn State. He was not a problem, though in general students were not good tenants, either. I have 4 rooms to rent and for the past 5 years or so I have rented the 2 rooms upstairs to two Chinese gentlemen, one ABC (American Born Chinese) and one CBA (Chinese Born American). That's their humor, not mine. So I was just giving an informative answer to why I was drawn downtown in the first place, which made me think that there must be a job for me in downtown Harrisburg. THEY SAID THAT I SAID IN THE INTERVIEW

"I won't rent to the negroes"

!!!!!! Despicable. That's all. Despicable.

THEY LIED !!!!!!!!!!!!

They just made it up. First of all, it was ridiculous because NOBODY SAYS "NEGRO" ANYMORE! This is where they got it from. In my 2010 ebook www.davidscully.com/TheTruthOurGraduateStudent.htm I wrote sort of an autobiography about my life, and I talked about how, when my mother would get upset, she would sing the first two words of an old song, "Nobody Knows . . . " I wrote in the ebook that the name of the song was "Nobody Knows The Troubles I Got" but I've found it on the internet and its title is, "Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen" Also, I wrote that my mother said that it was from a genre of music called "Old Negro Blues Songs." In fact, the internet now says that it is from a genre called "Negro Spirituals." Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen So these white trash deep state state workers actually used my ebook against me in the civil service hearing, LIKE IT WAS A BAD THING! I DESTROYED them at the civil service hearing, but it didn't matter. The fix was in. The Veteran wasn't getting hired. the west pointer saw to that. Yeah, that's right. The punk who was the appointed head of the civil service commission was a west pointer, a useful idiot. You know, they have a thing at the service academies called "The Honor Code." It means "knowing when and how to lie." Like Ollie North testifying, "I lied to Congress." The governor soon replaced him but did nothing for my case, so I wandered off to live under the train tracks in Chicago, because I couldn't afford a team of lawyers to fight it. I actually met Governor Wolf on the stairway to his office, and I thought that was quite unusual. It was shortly before the civil service hearing and I was passing out flyers to as many offices as I could in The State Capital Building to make sure it was well attended. Finally, I was making my delivery to The Governor's office up on the second or third floor, and I was plodding up the beautiful marble stairs, tired and with my head down looking at my feet so I wouldn't trip, and I encounter a whole bunch of shoes and I look up to see Governor Wolf smiling at me with his hand extended. Now, I had recently gone to his inaugural party in Hershey PA, a few miles away, thinking I might encounter him, but there were like ten thousand, maybe a hundred thousand or a million people there. The event center parking lot was overflowing and I had to park a few miles away and take a shuttle bus in, so I wasn't expecting to ever meet the governor, and even when I saw him eating in the cafeteria in The State Capital with a bunch of Secret Service around him, I figured it was best to just leave him alone so he could eat in peace. There were enough creepy people lurking around him. I'm not a schmoozer, anyway. I like to think about what I'm going to say, and put it in writing. I shook his hand and responded, saying it was a pleasure, but, again, didn't want to bother him, so I just delivered the flyer to his receptionists, even though I had it in my other hand when we met. I was just trying to follow what I thought was the right protocol. Then when I was back resting in the rotunda, a Capital policeman almost arrested me, saying that a state senator had complained about me. Then I saw The Governor who appeared to wave him off. So, I don't think it was just coincidence that we met on the stairs. He came down to meet me, to check me out. All the politics of it! But, anyway, Govenor Wolf never got me the state job that Pennsylvania law says I should have, even though

the state workers FLAGRANTLY LIED.

so I wandered off to live under the train tracks in Chicago and now I'm living in a vehicle storage yard in Odessa TX.